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Tips for Taking a Toddler to Chuck E Cheese

You might as well go ahead and expose your toddler to the wonderful world of brand marketing. And what better way to go about it. A road trip to Chuck-E-Cheese! Chuck-E-Cheese is nothing more than a cartoon rat selling the whole pizza/games/sing-a-long experience. But will your toddler embrace it or be petrified? If you prepare them for the ‘big show’ properly, you may just save you and your toddler from a really bad day.

The purpose of our guide is to prepare them. Guide you through preparing both you and your toddler to step into the arena of retail prowess cleverly disguised. So get ready for a road trip! To the mighty Chuck-E-Cheese

Plan Your Trip Way in Advance

Perhaps you are looking for a good birthday venue for your toddler. Maybe one of your friends has a toddler approaching a birthday. Actually, what if you just want to plan a day for you and your child to bond?

Birthdays are great, and so is bonding with your child. But you don’t need any specific reason to take a trip to Chuck-E’s place. You do, however, need plenty of notice. Your precious angel needs to be properly conditioned for an event of noises, excitement, and other stuff. Being prepped will make all the difference.

By planning your trip well in advance, you will have the time to prepare them properly. Sometimes as parents, we are required at a moment’s notice to take such adventures. If so, good luck. You have a fifty-fifty chance for success.

Going to Chuck-E-Cheese is like anything else in life. The better prepared you are for any reaction, the more pleasant the outcome.

Watch Plenty of ‘Mouse’ Cartoons

For the sake of the guide, let’s say you have two months to prepare. Great. You have some time to comb the yard sales and the internet for used ‘mouse’ cartoons. Perhaps you already have quite the library of ‘mouse’ oriented entertainment for children. You will start the process with these.

Most toddlers seem quite content to watch cartoons or children’s movies. Embrace that and optimize it to your advantage.

Exposing the child to as much rodent related entertainment as possible will make actually ‘seeing’ one a bit easier. Search for videos on the internet of Chuck-E-Cheese. YouTube has Chuck-E-Cheese promotional videos. And there are a few feature-length videos to get your child accustomed to seeing Mr. Pizza himself.

These types of videos will be pleasant for the toddler to watch. Why is it all kids seem to like ‘mouse’ cartoons? Or video in this case? It could be a lot worse. You could be preparing for a trip to a spinach patch!

Crank Up the Noise

Beginning the daily regimen of videos, you can also prepare them for the noise level. I thought mice were quiet.

After a few days of normal volume levels, try cranking it up a bit. Don’t rupture any eardrums, however. Start with a small increase every third or fourth day. After all, it is a process.

Maybe you have never been to the “Greatest Show on a Pizza!” You may find the noise level overwhelming, even for your adult ears. So prepare yourself as well. Just keep prepping your toddler day by day in both videos and how loud they are viewed.

Once you have begun to really start making noise at home, introduce a few electronic sounds too. The play area at Chuck-E’s is alive with electronic bells whistles and the like. Some of the smaller toddler type attractions can be scary just from the noise level. But be confident. You and your toddler will be ready!

The production people who created all of the entertainment at Chuck’s must have realized who their audience is. It’s a safe bet that careful attention was placed on the noise not being harmful, especially to small children. But it IS LOUD.

Check Out The Menu

Again it’s safe to say the entire menu at Chuck-E-Cheese is geared for children. But check it out anyway. There is no need for you and your toddler to have a bad eating experience at the Pizza Show. Be prepared.

Also, be prepared for your toddler to pass on the food. Don’t force them to eat just because you are. There is a lot to see and do, and eating might not be on their list of scheduled events.

Load Up and GO!

The day has finally arrived. You have mixed emotions. You don’t know if you’re happy about the trip or happy tomorrow may be mouse-free TV day. Either way, more preparation is needed.

Toddlers will be toddlers. Your toddler may or may not be potty trained. Either way, be ready. Be very ready.

If your toddler is potty trained, be prepared for accidents. Perhaps multiple accidents. When your child makes eye contact with Chuck-E, he or she may lose bladder control with all of the excitement!

Maybe the cup of soda they are drinking is now in their lap because something caught their eye. And there is a lot of eye-catching to be had at Chuck-E-Cheese. Wardrobe changes could be the order of the day. So bring plenty.

On the other hand, if it all goes as planned, a great time will be had by all. It is all up to how well conditioned the child is for their new experience.


Do not be one of those parents who says, “when I was a kid, I loved Chuck-E-Cheese so my child will too.” Never assume your child will like an event just because you did. Children are people too. And everybody is different.

Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to the staff at Chuck’s Place as they may have further ideas that were not even mentioned here. After all, they are the experts on the whole mouse, pizza, entertainment business.

Go ahead and let your kid be a kid. And for what it’s worth, go ahead and be a kid right along with them!

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