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Tips for Taking Baby to Six Flags


Taking Baby to Six Flags Tips

Six Flags is an amazing amusement park chain. Each location is unique, but they all offer amazing rides, thrilling roller coasters, fun games, and so much more. A day at Six Flags is sure to be a fun-filled day. If you are thinking about taking a baby to Six Flags, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind to help make sure everyone still has a good day. Just because your baby is too little to ride most of the rides, it doesn’t mean it should stop you from planning a trip to Six Flags!

In the sections below, we’ll share a few tips that will help make sure that you, your baby, and anyone else traveling with you have an enjoyable experience at Six Flags. We’ll share a list of some essential items you’ll definitely want to bring as well as some general tips that will help ensure a smooth and pleasurable day.

What Should I Bring with Me?

The list of items you’ll need to pack when taking a baby to Six Flags will likely be much longer than what you’d pack for yourself. You’re probably already used to all the extra necessities you need to pack for your baby on a day-to-day basis. Many of these will be included in what you’ll need for taking a baby to Six Flags, but there will also be a few other items that you don’t generally use.

Diaper Bag

You probably never go far from home without your diaper bag, so it is probably already on your list to bring to Six Flags. Before tossing it in the car, you will want to make sure it is sufficiently stocked for taking your baby to Six Flags. Some of the items you’ll want to make sure you have include plenty of diapers (more than you think you’ll need), wipes, and diaper cream. You should also make sure that you have at least two changes of clothes for your baby, just in case.


Bringing a stroller will make it a lot easier to walk around. You won’t have to carry your baby all of the time, plus you’ll be able to use the stroller’s basket to hold your diaper bag and some of the other essentials you’ll be bringing along. You may also want to bring a wearable baby carrier, since there may be some sections of the park or special shows where you won’t be allowed to bring your stroller.


Sunscreen is an essential item to pack when taking a baby to Six Flags. Even if you end up going on a cloud day, your baby’s sensitive skin could still get burned. You will want to make sure you re-apply sunscreen about every four hours. Try to put it on your baby before arriving at the park, and then put more on them every few hours. This will help make sure they do not get a sunburn.


Bringing along a hat to keep your little one’s face shaded is also a good idea when you are taking your baby to Six Flags. A hat can keep the sun out of their eyes and protect the tops of their head from getting burned as well.

Stroller Fan

If you’ll be visiting Six Flags on a particularly hot day, consider purchasing a stroller fan. A stroller fan can clip to your stroller and will blow cool air on your baby. This can help prevent them from getting overheated. Keeping them cool will also help keep them in a good mood, which will be good for everyone involved.


If your little one has started eating solid foods yet, you will also want to make sure you pack snacks before taking your baby to Six Flags. Pick snack items that are easy to eat, since you’ll likely be feeding your baby in the stroller or on your lap.


Water is another item you’ll want to make sure you have packed before taking your baby to Six Flags. Bring a bottle, sippy cup, or straw cup to make sure that your baby will be able to easily drink the water you bring. You should also pack extra water for yourself and anyone else who is coming with you. Keeping everyone hydrated is important.

Breastmilk, Milk, or Formula

When you are taking your baby to Six Flags, don’t forget about packing their milk or formula. Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding, you want to make sure that your baby will have plenty of milk or formula to make it through the day. Pack a little more than your baby typically drinks since it is easy to get dehydrated on a warm day and you want to make sure they are getting enough liquids.

What Else Should I Think About When Taking a Baby to Six Flags?

After you have everything all packed and ready to go, there are a few other things you’ll want to think about before taking your baby to Six Flags. Considering the items listed below and making a plan for your day will help ensure that everything goes smoothly and that your baby stays happy and healthy.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Probably the most important thing you can do before taking your baby to Six Flags is to have plans in place. While it may seem like a lot of work, having a set plan will help make taking a baby to Six Flags much easier. You should also be ready for your plans to change or shift, due to unexpected items or events. Nevertheless, having a general plan will definitely be beneficial. Here are a few things you should think about when making your plans:


Think about your baby’s feeding schedule and how frequently they eat. Be sure to think about fitting in these feedings during your visit to Six Flags.
Meals for Everyone Else: When you are making your plans, look at the park map. Pick out a few places to eat that sound good to you so you can make sure you and everyone else in your group gets fed.


Don’t forget to think about helping your baby get a nap when you are out. You don’t have to pause your whole trip to Six Flags for naptime, though. Come up with a few ideas that will help your baby sleep on the go. These may include a stroller cover, noise canceling headphones, or a reclining seat.
Weather: Check the weather forecast a few days before your visit is scheduled. This will allow you to dress your baby accordingly and make a plan if the weather looks like it will be very hot or rainy.


Before heading to the park, talk with the other members of your group about what rides and shows you’ll definitely want to do. Try to plot out your visit on a park map so that you won’t miss anything that is important to you. It may also be helpful to have a plan for who is going to be staying with the baby while the others in the group ride different rides. Planning this piece out can help make sure that everyone will get to go on the rides they are most excited about.

Have Realistic Expectations

Visiting Six Flags with a baby can definitely be fun, but it will not be the same as going without a baby. Set realistic expectations regarding what you’ll be able to do and the rides you’ll be able to go on. You will also want to make sure that anyone else visiting the park with you understands what is involved in caring for your baby, so they aren’t surprised or upset when you need to stop to give your baby a bottle or change their diaper.

Take Plenty of Breaks

When you are at the park, you will want to be sure to take lots of breaks inside. This will give your baby a chance to get out of the heat and get comfortable. These inside breaks could be a good opportunity to breastfeed your baby or give them a bottle.

As you can see, there is a lot more involved with taking a baby to Six Flags than when you’ve visited without a baby. However, don’t be intimidated. Everything listed above is very doable. If you take a little time before your visit to make sure everything is packed and to ensure that you have a plan in place, you’ll be able to enjoy your time at Six Flags.

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