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6 Tips for Taking Baby to a Party


Tips for Taking Baby to a Party

Baby’s first party is an event in itself, a celebratory time when you’ll be able to introduce your baby to the big, wide world of fun, games, and human camaraderie. Whether it’s a birthday party for another baby or an adult party celebrating a friend’s promotion, you’ll find a host of solutions to make the whole affair go more smoothly. Today we’re going to learn how to make baby’s first – or 100th – party a successful venture. Taking baby to a party may feel stressful at first, but it’s actually a wonderful opportunity to cement the parent-child bond.

Parties for babies come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes there might be a baby shower you’re invited to that you need to take your little one to. Other times, another baby might be having a birthday birthday that your child is invited to. Other types of parties may include:

  • Church parties
  • Other children’s celebrations
  • Adult get togethers

What are some ways you can make taking baby to a party more successful? Let’s count the ways.

1. Gather information about the party

Before deciding to attend a party, make sure that you have all baby-friendly not baby-friendly details. If there’s a party that’s going to be held in a location that’s potentially dangerous to your baby, it’s time to reconsider the invitation or find a babysitter for the night. Some party points to consider include finding out whether the house or location is baby safe, how many people will be there, and if it’s outdoors, what kind of weather you can expect during the party. Based on all the information you gather, you can decide whether or not it’s a party for you and your baby.

2. Gather your resources

Your diaper bag has always come in handy when traveling with your baby. At baby’s first parties, it’s going to be an intricate tool in your and baby’s survival. Gather up everything your baby might need for the evening and pack a diaper bag like you’ve never packed a diaper bag before. Grab baby bottles, blankets, indispensable baby toys, and everything else your child needs to be comforted and feel at home. Packing the diaper bag will be one of the keys to taking baby to a party in a way that’s successful and fun for all.

3. Don’t forget the stroller

Baby accessories aren’t negotiable when going to a party with baby. They should be an overall part of your arsenal against unforeseen circumstances that might arise during the party. Keeping your baby entertained and mobile will make the evening easier for both baby and you. If your baby gets antsy and needs a short stroll, you’ll be able to soothe them or keep them entertaining, plus you’ll be more mobile yourself thanks to having a stroller in tow. Some parents even get lucky and have a baby that loves the atmosphere and comfort the stroller provides, being able to navigate through the party entirely with just the stroller alone. Make sure to check on your child often, even if they’re content in the stroller. Taking baby to a party should always include plenty of entertainment for your baby.

4. Take extra clothing

Your baby will sometimes have mishaps during a longer outing. They may spit up or spill food on themselves or get into all kinds of other undesirable situations that you might not even anticipate. Anticipate ahead of time! Make sure that you have a change of clothes for your baby or even a couple of changes of clothes so that if a mess ensues, you can change your baby and make them all comfortable again. Babies often don’t like messes anymore than you do. When taking baby to a party, remember that if they get soiled or dirty during a party, they’ll appreciate the extra set of clothing you took along.

5. Beware of larger crowds

If your baby is uncomfortable in social situations, or it’s a first party, the noise alone may cause discomfort for your child at first. You don’t want to get stuck in the middle of a large crowd with a crying baby, so it’s vital to navigate through the party in a way that’s okay with your child just as much as it’s okay with you. For example, if there is a large crowd outside, you might find a place indoors that’s soothing and calm for your baby. Scouting out the party location beforehand will make you more aware of potential comfort spots your baby and you can retreat to if things get too loud or uncomfortable when you’re taking baby to a party.

6. Expect the Unexpected

A parent’s first foray with baby into the world of parties will always be a nervous time for most parents. You haven’t ventured out with your little one yet and seen how they react to the big, wide world of human interaction, so it’s difficult to anticipate what to expect or exactly what you might need. Depending on how your baby feels, moods may come and go, and some of them may prove embarrassing or even disruptive to a party atmosphere. Just remember that everyone knows that babies are volatile beings in the beginning. Taking baby to a party is just like any other trip out with your baby. You’ve got to anticipate everything that might possibly happen and then take the tools to deal with it.


As many parents learn, everything surrounding baby’s life gets easier when you practice it. Practice makes perfect, even when taking baby to a party. As you learn the ins and outs of appeasing your little one during large social outings, you may even find that your baby begins to enjoy the celebrations, and there will be less timidity and more joy during each trip out. These little ones are seeing everything for the first time, learning how the human world works. As you practice and take your baby out more, taking baby to a party will soon become second nature, with all your tools at hand.

Everything will be ok

If you’re facing a first time taking baby to a party, you’re right to be reading any advice you might need to handle things. As a good parent who wants the best for your baby, you want taking baby to a party to be exactly what it is: a celebration! Just remember that there are times when things might get stormy, and that’s okay. You and baby are learning how to navigate the world together, how to appreciate socializing together, and how to anticipate the storms that might arise. The first party may not go great. The second time you’re taking baby to a party, things will go a little smoother.

Final Tips

Additional tips offered from family and friends can really help. For example, they may have tips on how to soothe your baby if they get upset during the party (and they surely might). Rocking the child, soothing as needed, will be indispensable advice those first few parties, especially if your baby is having a rowdy day mood wise. Don’t be afraid to reach out to family and friends for advice. Sometimes it’s your mother or another family member who faced this situation before that will know the extra bit of advice you need to make the evening a success. Above all, view the party as a chance for you and your baby to bond in a fun, social environment.

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