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6 Tips for Taking a Baby to Niagara Falls


Taking Baby to Niagara Falls Tips

Taking baby to Niagara Falls is a great idea because everyone will enjoy the mist, splash, and lots of water. If you have plans to travel with your baby, here are some of the best tips to keep the entire family entertained:

1. Take a Baby Carrier

Visiting Niagara Falls means that you will need to do plenty of walking if you really want to enjoy the falls. If you’re taking a baby to Niagara falls, you will definitely need a baby carrier.

While strollers are also a reasonable choice to move around, they may not be practical in the long run. There are too many things to consider when taking a stroller. For instance, you will need to deal with transport requirements and it will always difficult for you to find the perfect spot to leave your stroller.

A baby carrier is much more convenient as you are free to use your hands to do other important chores. In fact, your baby will likely sleep easier in a carrier because infants feel more secure close to their parents.

Not all attractions in Niagara Falls are stroller accessible, which means you will need to properly care for the strollers all the time. If your baby gets irritated for some reason, holding the baby in your hand is difficult; instead, a baby carrier will prove to be a lifesaver when taking a baby to Niagara falls.

2. Buy a Rain Poncho

Walking along the pathways on either side of the Niagara Falls will quickly get you wet. While the misty water has always a surreal effect on babies, you don’t want your baby to get soaked with water.

Parents who are taking a baby to Niagara Falls must understand that it’s very easy for the baby to get sick if they remain wet for long periods of time. In the middle of all the misty action, it’s easy for the parents to forget that overexposure to water can ruin the entire holiday.

To protect your baby from getting wet or dosed in a splash of water, it is necessary to buy a rain poncho. Raincoats and rain ponchos are easily available everywhere in Niagara Falls; however, if you require a rain poncho of your baby’s size, then buying it at Niagara Falls is almost 50% expansive compared to buying it at your hometown. If you don’t really care about the size or the fittings, then you can find plenty of simple rain ponchos for sale at numerous outlets in the city.

3. Stay in a Family-Friendly Hotel

Since Niagara Falls is a family-friendly destination, there are a lot of hotels near the falls that offer baby-friendly facilities. If you are taking a baby to Niagara Falls and don’t plan to rent a car, it’s better to stay near the falls.

On the Canadian side, there are a few good brand name hotels on the main strip overlooking the falls. Hotels such as Embassy Suites, Sheraton, Hilton, Radisson, and Marriott have kid-friendly environments and lots of facilities for parents.

For instance, Embassy Suites, Sheraton, and Hilton near the Falls offers 512 suite rooms that are perfect for families who want the baby to enjoy the sleep in an adjacent room. If you’re taking baby to Niagara falls in a car or you’re renting a car, then Days Inn, Country Inn, and Best Western Plus offer basic but kid-friendly environment just five minutes’ drive from the main strip.

In these establishments, you will easily find a cot, vaporizer, childproof sockets, nightlight, baby tub, and other facilities. In fact, you can also find baby carrier rucksacks, prams, age-appropriate toys, waterproof nappies, and laundry facilities. Perhaps, it will not be an overstatement to say that Niagara Falls is one of the most baby-friendly cities if you know where to stay.

4. Take Your Time

Niagara Falls is a unique destination in the sense that almost every major attraction is located within walking distance from most hotels in the center of the city. However, miles will add very quickly as you walk up and down the Clifton Hill, along the Niagara River, and visit major attractions. If taking a baby to Niagara falls, it’s better not to rush to different places because the baby may get irritated, quickly.

Unlike other major cities, you will need to walk to most of the places such as Journey Behind the Falls, Butterfly Conservatory, and Niagara Sky Wheel.

All of these places require an ample amount of time to view them and enjoy the experience. If you’re just taking a baby to Niagara Falls for a day or two, it’s better to stick to attractions that are closer to each other.

By focusing on a cluster of attractions that are closer, you and the baby will not get tired. Instead, take a break to enjoy many family-friendly restaurants located along the river.

5. Visit Baby-Friendly Attractions

While there are a lot of great attractions near Niagara Falls, certain attractions will always fascinate you and the baby. For instance, the Butterfly Conservatory at the Botanical Garden is a treat for the baby.

As babies are good observers, they will love to see colorful butterflies flying everywhere. The peaceful environment adds to the vibe creating an amazing environment for your baby.

Taking baby to Niagara Falls without visiting the “Journey Behind the Falls” will be a costly miss. As its name suggests, the attraction takes you behind the plummeting waters of the falls. Instead of the thunderous sound, the cave absorbs the noise to offer a soothing environment to babies who love the misty environment and the sound of rushing water. Parents who were not sure whether to take their babies frequently talk about the peaceful environment that lulls their babies to sleep.

Similarly, if you want to get the bird’s eye view of the entire area without drenching your baby, the Niagara Sky Wheel and the Whirlpool Aero Car are a must. Taking baby to Niagara Falls to visit these adventures will surely put a smile on your baby’s face as both the baby and the parents will enjoy the breathtaking scenes and the environment.

6. Take Lots of Pictures

If taking a baby to Niagara falls, keep in mind to buy protective water-proof gear for your camera because a lot of cameras will malfunction due to the mist and water particles in the air.

Similarly, you’re not allowed to take cameras on certain attractions; therefore, it’s better to budget your expenses as you will be required to pay an extra amount for a picture of yourself with the baby.

Taking a tripod is also a nice idea as you can leave the shutter open to take a beautiful picture of the baby as it will also cover the actual movement of the rushing water. If staying at a hotel with falls view, leaving the shutter open at night for long periods of time will expose the light of the surrounding city and colors of the fall, which will act as a great background to take a picture of your baby.

Babies have a tendency to drool and spit-up. They also have snotty eyes and dried milk around the mouth, which is the reason why you should keep a wet face washer to wipe away those things when taking a picture.

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