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8 Tips for Taking Baby to Las Vegas


8 Tips for Taking Baby to Las Vegas

A trip to Las Vegas can be fun for the whole family, but if you have a baby, it’s your baby that will take top billing on this vacation. Every travel decision you make needs to be focused on the well-being and safety of your little one. Sure, the adults need to have time to hit the slots and take in the shows, but unless it’s baby-friendly or you have a sitter waiting on you in Las Vegas, it’s not going to be very much fun for a baby. Traveling with a little one can be a challenge in any location, but Las Vegas is an especially difficult location spot with a young baby.

Many people travel to Vegas for practical things like a friend or family member’s wedding, or to visit or meet up with family, and of course, it’s still an ideal adult vacation spot, and even a family with a baby might want to take in the sights. Your question will be how to accomplish the perfect Vegas vacation with a baby as a travel companion. These few tips will help you understand how taking baby to Las Vegas can work out for the whole family. Don’t forget, taking baby to Las Vegas means:

  • A chance to have fun yourself
  • A chance to bond with your baby and get closer to them
  • A chance to see new things
  • A chance to break routine and show them another part of the world

1. Research baby accommodations

If you’re traveling with a very young baby, you’re likely going to have to pay for accommodations that are necessary for a baby. For example, many hotels charge you to have a baby crib in the room. You might not even think of such things before you head out, so it’s wise to know such things before taking baby to Las Vegas. You can purchase a travel crib to offset the charge, but this means paying more money for the luggage on the plane. Taking baby to Las Vegas is likely to result in extra charges for some destinations, as well as extra things you need to travel with. Research thoroughly!

2. Make reservations

Babies don’t like waiting anymore than adults do, but adults know not to scream and cry while they’re waiting. Babies do not. Since almost everything in Las Vegas is going to require you to wait in a line, it’s vital that when taking baby to Las Vegas, you make reservations for just about everything reservations can be made for. Doing so cuts down on the long lines and wait times that often cause your little one to become fussy and frustrated. If you’re staying for three nights, have your meals reserved for three nights. Planning is essential.

3. Decide where to stay

You want your whole family to be safe during your stay in Las Vegas, and some areas of the Vegas are safer than others. Most people recommend staying somewhere on the main Las Vegas strip, even if it means paying more for your stay. These areas have a lower crime rate than similarly sized cities, and that means your baby is going to be much safer in an area like this than off the strip. You can even research which particular hotels are known for their safety and security.

4. Beat the heat

Traveling in Las Vegas with a baby in a stroller is definitely common. You’ll see thousands of other parents during your stay, and many of them will be traveling with that familiar stroller and beloved baby inside. Your particular bundle of joy will benefit from your prior knowledge that certain spots in Las Vegas are especially hot and smoldery. When taking baby to Las Vegas, remember that you will encounter days and areas that are hotter than others. Be sure to keep a good map of the area so that you can find indoor areas that are cooled (shopping malls and areas). When your baby needs a break, take one!

5. Know the rules

Many people don’t know this, but you can walk through the casinos with your stroller or baby in your arms. What you can’t do is stop and gamble while holding your little one. Knowing the rules of the area will really help you when taking baby to Las Vegas. You’ll want to know what areas babies are allowed in, what kind of activities they’re allowed to do, and just what you should or should not do with them while they’re there. For example, babies are definitely allowed in all restaurants, but you might get a few fussy looks if you bring a crying baby into a fancy dining establishment.

6. Pick out shows that are baby-friendly

You’re not going to be able to, or want to, take a baby into a 21+ area of Las Vegas, but there are plenty of terrific shows you can watch that are friendly to citizens under 5 years of age. Whether your baby will want to “watch” any of these shows is doubtful, but mom and dad (or partners or friends) can certainly bring their babies into these shows and let their babies listen to the playful sights and sounds. Planning a baby-friendly itinerary is important when you’re taking baby to Las Vegas because you don’t want your baby to become bored. Rest periods are often advisable, too.

7. Enjoy the Show

Taking baby to Las Vegas is undoubtedly a challenge, but traveling with a baby is a challenge no matter where you’re going on earth. It’s not true that you can’t freely walk through Las Vegas with a baby in just about any location other than 21+ lounges and areas. Other than those few places, you’re free to see anything that Las Vegas has to offer, and we all know that Las Vegas has plenty of family entertainment to offer. And its hotels are more baby friendly now than they’ve ever been before.

8. Plan Ahead

Most of the time parents won’t plan a family vacation to Vegas necessarily. It’s just that something has led you to need to research taking baby to Las Vegas. Maybe you’re going to a friend’s wedding or maybe you’re traveling on business and must take the little one along. In this case, you can have a partner or friend watch your baby while you’re away on business, and then you both can see the sights with your baby when the business is through. It all depends on why you’re traveling to Vegas in the first place.


Taking baby to Las Vegas is easier now than it has ever been before. Plane companies make it easier to travel with babies in general, too, although there may be additional expenses when you’re taking the baby along. As always, make sure that you have everything your baby is going to need for the exact length of the stay. Have feeding supplies, toys, blankets, pacifiers, and anything else that is a regular everyday part of your baby’s life packed along with everything else. Don’t leave anything at home!

If you plan wisely, your baby is going to at the very least not going to have an unpleasant stay, and at best your baby may even enjoy this little vacation to Vegas. Your planning, your devotion to your baby, and your execution of your game plan will make for a trip your baby will endure with you, and if you’re lucky, they’ll even enjoy it and bond with you during the trip. Just like any other travel destination, taking baby to Las Vegas is a matter of extensive planning beforehand and masterful execution during the stay itself. As a parent, you can do it!

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  1. Has anybody ever taken their baby to one of the adult shows in Vegas? I want to take my baby to the Magic Mike show… is that even possible? Someone, please reply before we buy tickets. Thank you!

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