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7 Tips for Taking Baby to Get Haircut


Taking Baby to Get Haircut Tips

When babies are younger, and the hair on top is a little thinner, haircuts are often a source of distress for them. And that’s understandable. Your little one doesn’t have experience in the great big, wide world yet. Everything is brand new to them, and just like adults, sometimes what’s new can be scary to them. If your baby is having a difficult time handling haircuts, then maybe it’s time to consider things from their perspective and find ways to cut out the stress.

Many things about the haircutting experience might distress your child. These things include:

  • Dealing with a stranger (the person cutting their hair)
  • The commotion in a busy haircutting business
  • The feeling of the physical haircutting instruments touching them
  • The sights and smells of the place they get their hair cut

If you think of it in this way, you might even begin to see why your little one might be more than a little anxious about getting their hair cut. Taking baby to get haircut doesn’t have to be a catastrophic event or one that causes stress for you and your child. Like anything else you do for and with your baby, it can become a time of bonding, love, and comfort. Here’s how to take the stress out of the equation when you’re taking baby to get haircut.

1. Be a Part of the Experience

Your baby will feel safest and most secure when they are connected to you in some way, such as sitting on your lap during the haircut. If you’re having a hard time getting your baby to cooperate during haircuts, maybe it’s time to have you or your partner become a more intricate part of the experience. Next time, make sure that your child is safely anchored on your lap and become a part of the haircut process yourself. Instantly, you’ll be bonding with your child during the experience and you’ll find that your child is calmer when taking baby to get haircut.

2. Go When Your Baby Feels Well

Before taking baby to get haircut, make sure that your baby is in one of his or her best moods. Has he or she been fed? Have they been changed? Do they seem playful and ready to take on the world? Just like any other human being on earth, your baby is most accommodating to new experiences when they’re in a great mood. Don’t haul your baby off for a haircut when they’re irritable, sick, or just plain feeling rotten. You want a happy, smiling baby when you head out the door taking baby to get haircut, not a baby that’s fighting sleep or hungry. It’s convenient to pick a salon that lets you bring your baby in as a walk-in client so that you can take advantage of those blissful moments they feel great.

3. Toys Work Wonders

Your baby might be the opposite of contrary. Maybe they just plain get bored when they’re getting a haircut and start to get antsy. If this happens, it can be difficult to keep them focused and allow the hairdresser to do a good job. When taking baby to get haircut, take either a favorite toy or a new toy with you so that you baby will have something to occupy their very active mind during the sometimes mundane haircutting process. Fighting off the boredom and keeping them distracted from the haircut is the job of their toy. Pacifiers and comforting blankets can also work wonders to calm a stressed out baby.

4. Start Slowly

Baby’s first haircuts usually aren’t massive, lengthy ordeals. They’re probably just going to need some trimming around the edges and a touchup. Your first trip, you can do everything possible to keep things brief and uncomplicated so that they’ll have a good first trip to the hairdressers. When you are first taking baby to get haircut, remember that a pleasant first experience will often lead to them being comfortable thereafter (or more likely at least). Start with a small haircut, nothing too complicated, and move from there. It’s often easy to follow this rule because younger babies often have very little hair to cut. Take things slowly when you’re taking baby to get haircut. It’s easier for all involved.

5. Choose a Baby-Friendly Salon

Not all salons are used to having especially little ones roam in. They may handle toddler haircuts, but they only get the occasional baby cut. Interview your potential salon before heading out the door with your child. Preferably, make sure that you ask them a few questions about how they handle baby clients. When taking baby to get haircut, you want to know that you’re heading to a place that has many baby clients and many toys on hand while you’re waiting. Perhaps they’ll have treats as well that a bit older babies can enjoy. You also want a hairdresser that has worked with babies, not one that is seeing their first one year old (or younger).

6. Be Comfortable Yourself

The calmer you are, the calmer your child is going to be. Be all-out prepared for a tantrum. There are times when your baby may be overwhelmed by something and simply unable to control the tantrum. Be prepared for this, and have a game plan! If your child gets like this, it might be better to save the haircut for another day or to see if there might be something about the environment that’s making them become this way. It could be as simple as a chair that scares them, or a person making them uncomfortable. A quick time out, some cuddle time, and then returning to the salon may help, or postponing may be your best option. Whatever you do, stay calm yourself, no matter how flustered baby gets.

7. Prepare for the Worst

Whether you’re taking baby to get a haircut for the first time or 100th time, there will always be challenges that arise along the way. Babies are volatile beings. They have their mood swings just like the rest of the human race, and you can’t always anticipate everything that may upset your baby when taking baby to get haircut. What you can do is be prepared for every worst case scenario that may arise. Extra toys, extra patience, and extra amounts of knowing your baby on that day can go a long way in making everyone more comfortable.


Not every baby likes getting a haircut, but fortunately, there are some lucky parents who find that they have a baby who actually enjoys the process. If you’re one of those lucky parents, that first trip won’t be so bad. If you’re not one of those lucky parents, things may get ugly along the way. Fortunately following the previous 6 tips will go a long way in helping you get through those rough trips taking baby to get haircut. The more times you go, the more likely your child will adapt to the surroundings and be more cooperative.

Once in a while, there a child who just has an almost maniacal aversion to salons and the professional hairdressing environment. In the early days, no one is going to blame you if you choose to trim that little baby mop up top at home. Many new parents find it more convenient to do this in the beginning, especially when they have very young babies that sprouted their hair earlier than most others do. If your baby isn’t yet capable of hanging out in a salon for a half hour or an hour, it’s perfectly fine to trim at home. The day will always come when you’re taking baby to get haircut. Prolonging that day a bit is okay.

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