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8 Tips for Taking Baby to Funeral


8 Tips for Taking Baby to Funeral

Taking baby to a funeral is one of those awkward situations that new mothers may not know how to deal with entirely. This is because individuals and groups have different views of passing away and their own lists of social faux pas.

For some families, the passing on of an elderly loved one is a chance to reflect on the good times together and to celebrate life. When a loved one or many loved ones are taken unexpectedly, however, in accidents or other strange events, there is often a sense of regret that more could have been done or that they didn’t get a fair shot at life.

Dealing with such dichotomy and the ethnic and religious views of those mourning at a funeral can be confusing. Luckily, we have compiled a list of tips for parents who are taking baby to a funeral. Hopefully, you will find some wisdom to prepare for such an occasion without feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable. Let’s consider the tips below for taking baby to a funeral.

1. Find Out About the Tone of the Funeral

If you are invited to a funeral, you may want to contact those hosting the funeral, beforehand, to get an idea of the tone. Find out if there is going to be a liturgy, a funeral procession, and lots of dramatic mourning or just a quiet little family get-together? Taking baby to a funeral may mean more than a simple viewing at a church.

Although Americans are taught to hide their emotions and to keep their political and religious views to themselves, many other cultures are serious about last rites, solemn mourning, or parading through the streets in large funeral processions. Because the United States is made up of many cultures and immigrants, it is always best to get an idea of how to dress your baby and what to expect.

2. Show Solidarity and Respect

No matter what the tone may be, you should always ensure that you show solidarity and respect. For many people, this is a special event that they do not want to be tainted with negative comments or experiences. You should never publicly joke or make light of the fact that someone died because it may offend others.

Do what you can to help your baby keep a straight face and show empathy. If the affair is a lighter atmosphere, it doesn’t hurt to smile and to celebrate the company of friends and family. Taking a baby to a funeral can even lighten up the atmosphere and remind people of the circle of life.

3. Dress Baby for Success

This is usually a time for family members and friends to catch up with each other on what they’ve been up to all these years. It is not often that someone dies. A family reunion is a reason to dress up in your best outfit and to make sure that baby is equally impressive. When you are taking baby to a funeral, you want to ensure that they have the correct formal attire for the event.

This is a great way to help relatives and friends remember that you have a baby and that you are taking good care of him/her. You don’t want people circulating rumors that may question your status in life or competence. Bringing a baby that has a slovenly appearance and that is not dressed up in a cute outfit suitable for church may take away from the reverence of the memories and ruin the vibe.

Patrons of the funeral may even feel less tolerant when the baby is crying if he/she looks out of place. If everyone is dressed up in suits and dresses, it is pretty awkward to mingle with them if you are wearing a disheveled jogging suit. You want your baby to look as pretty and as formal as you are during any special occasion.

You never know when you might need help from friends or family members and always want to keep a good image and make a good impression. And the attention that the baby gets at the funeral can quickly make them a focal point.

If they aren’t dressed for the event, it can spoil the ambiance. You want everyone to remember how cute your baby’s outfit was and what little angels they were rather than to speculate and imagine negative things.

4. Attend to Baby Before the Funeral

If you want to ensure that baby is not attracting too much negative attention at a funeral, you should try to attend to their needs before it begins. Feed them, change their diapers, and put them to sleep for a nice nap with music before the event. This will ensure that they are fresh for the funeral event rather than colicky.

Taking baby to a funeral is also a lot easier if they slept well at night. Although there is no sure advice for parents who have colicky babies, they should try the following methods to appease the pamper wearer.

  • Vibrating the baby
  • Rocking them back and forth
  • Swaddling them
  • Massaging them to sleep
  • Warm baths
  • Peddling legs to ease baby fidgets
  • Walking baby kangaroo-style
  • Eliminating dairy or switching to other formulas

5. Bring a Stroller and Carrier

Although you may feel confident that you can carry your baby throughout the funeral, the reality is that your arms can get tired. You will have plenty of other people who won’t mind holding your baby. However, you can make things easier by having a cozy stroller to set your baby down.

If you have twins or multiple babies, things can get a little trickier as you try to navigate through tight spaces. In this case, you can manage by keeping a baby carrier. You can set it down on a seat next to you and attend to baby with greater mobility.

6. Be Prepared to Step Out

If baby starts whining, for whatever reason, you don’t want to ruin the funeral for the others in attendance. It is always best to politely scamper away into a hallway. If baby is annoyed by the funeral or simply needs to escape for breastfeeding, you have to respect the comfort of others.

7. Make the Best of It

Taking baby to a funeral can be a positive experience. This is especially true if there are other babies there for you to meet and greet. It is a good opportunity to discuss child-rearing with other mothers and to support each other with helpful tips.

Babies usually want attention and entertainment that is on their level. Adult events can seem unfriendly and larger than life to the point of being overwhelming. You have to see things from the baby’s perspective.

Babies can start to tell the difference between ugly and attractive faces at a young age. When you surround them with younger people, they are more likely to feel comfortable. They will see other children and feel like they belong. Letting other young girls play with your baby is a good method of helping your baby to relax.

Taking baby to a funeral can be like a birthday party if you surround them with other children and try to limit the time that they spend exposed to adults. Adults don’t have the same vivacious spirit. Young children are looking for adventure but also peace and quiet to sleep off the blues when it is not around.

8. Take Lots of Pictures

While taking pictures at a funeral may seem morbid, you can do so tactfully. These photos will help your baby to reflect on the event and to see familiar faces of friends and family members. This allows you to go through the event and their memories with snapshots of people who they may recognize.

And because they are family members, they will have a familiar look to them. This genetic link can help them to understand that there are many people who have common appearances and genetic features that resemble each other. They may start to recognize ethnic features and traits even at a subconscious level.

And because your baby will only shed off brain cells after they reach the age of five years old, any learning experience at a young age can help to build stronger mental health and intelligence as they grow. Therefore, use the funeral as a growing opportunity.


Taking baby to a funeral doesn’t have to be boring but should be like any other formal occasion. If you find fun faces and people to interest them along the journey, they will look forward to attending other formal events. If people seem disinterested or are too old for them to relate with baby, it may not feel so comfortable.

And by following all of the above tips, taking baby to a funeral can be a stress-free and healthy experience for the whole family. Everyone will be proud of the baby and will think well of their family for putting a little thought into the event.

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