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6 Tips for Taking Baby to Football Game


Tips for Taking Baby to Football Game

Football is a huge part of life for many families, and that doesn’t change just because a newborn is in town. High school, college, and pro football remain a staple in many households, baby or not, so when a newborn or infant is in the mix, sometimes it’s necessary to bring them into the pigskin loop. Many parents worry about how to bundle up that little bundle of joy without disrupting their peace, while still letting the folks get in their football time. As a result, new parents often wonder how to successfully make a football game bearable with a newborn or infant.

Whether you’re looking at two halves of a college football game or four quarters of pro-action, there’s another game plan you should have in mind, and that’s taking baby to football game. Your little one is never too young to enjoy the exciting atmosphere of competition and fun that coincides with frantic football action, but like most other things in life, you can’t just bundle your bundle of joy up and head off without any real planning. You’ve got to be like a good football coach and have your plan in mind. Here are a few tips that will help make taking baby to football game even easier.

1. Check Gameday Weather

When taking baby to football game, baby isn’t aware of what football is yet, or the conditions of the game. As an outdoor sport, the weather is going to prove your most challenging obstacle. Football games often take place in cold weather, with rainy or snowy conditions that may prove a health hazard to your baby. As a parent, it’s your job to know the weather outlook for game day, and whether it will prove harmful to your little one. If it’s going to snow or rain, it might be best to find a babysitter for your baby, and if you can’t find a babysitter, you yourself might have to stay home and skip the game. Sure, football is great, but taking baby to football game in freezing cold temperatures or rainy conditions can harm your baby. Skip taking baby to football game if it’s a bad weather game.

2. Take Plenty of Food

Babies don’t stop being hungry just because a football game is going on. In fact, they don’t even know what a football game is yet, but they are going to know that it’s time for feeding. If you’re breastfeeding, then you might want to have a pre-pumped supply ready to go for the big game, or you might want to just do what’s natural for you and breastfeed right there. Many women do that these days, and there’s no shame whatsoever in it. Just remember before you head off that your baby is going to need to keep to his or her regular feeding schedule, even if a touchdown just went up on the scoreboard. Have your diaper bag filled with feeding supplies for the big game.

3. Bring Toys

Your baby is like any other human on earth. Since they’re unaware of the ensuing football action, they’re likely to get bored. And a noisy football game isn’t the ideal time for a baby to get shuteye, so you’re facing the very real possibility that when taking baby to football game, they’re going to be wide awake during the entire fiasco. If your baby doesn’t have a host of toys to occupy them, and plenty of attention from you during the game, they’re very likely to spend much of the game crying their eyes out, and that’s one thing you’re trying to avoid. Dollar Store toys before the big game can often be a blessing during those times that are exciting for you but boring for your little one.

4. Playtime Before the Big Game

Nothing is quite as pleasant as a baby that is worn out by the time the game starts. If you make a play time before the game, your baby may very likely indeed sleep when taking baby to football game. How? Well, that’s one of the mysteries of life, but rest assured, there are children who will sleep through entire football games if they are young and tired enough. Playing with your baby, getting them to laugh, or getting them to move around and have fun before the game may give you one of the most peaceful outings ever. Depleting pre-game energy of your baby can make for a more pleasant game. Some play time ideas include:

  • Stimulating baby with story time
  • Letting them play with a rattle
  • Practice fundamentals like rolling over
  • Placing them in a walker

5. Take a Sling or Stroller

Your infant doesn’t stop having endless needs just because a football game is going on all around you. There may be times when you need to step out to the bathroom, and it’s during these times you may have to take your little one with you. Trips to the concession stand are also going to be a rule of the day, too, and someone might have to take the baby with them during this trip. If they’re crying a lot, you may even have to leave the bleacher area to console them in the bathroom (or you may have to do a diaper change). Be prepared to be mobile when taking baby to football game. A stroller or sling that directly attaches them to your body makes this a lot more convenient to do.

6. Prepare for Fun and Mayhem

The first time you take your baby to a football game may be hectic and full of surprises, just like the game itself. Taking baby to football game is of course going to be a challenge, as they’re prone to crying fits and have endless needs, even if full-fledged football excitement is going on all around them. Being prepared and having all their needs on hand will make for an easier game. Anticipate every conceivable catastrophe and have a plan to counter it with quick on your feet thinking and actions. For example, if your child needs a diaper change, do you have everything on hand in the diaper bag or tote?

When taking baby to football game, anticipating needs ahead of time is going to save you a world of trouble during the game. Many a parent has likely gotten to the game only to discover that they forgot an essential need, essentially meaning they have to leave the game entirely and miss out. Don’t be the parent who doesn’t double check the diaper bag and make sure they’re able to be mobile with baby, safely, during the game. Football games can get rowdy, too, so it’s essential to be protective of your baby when taking baby to football game.


The more football games you attend with your baby, the easier the routine will get. Football fanatics with children become old pros at making sure everyone of all ages can enjoy the game, even their babies. You’ll become an old pro at packing up your baby during football games and making sure that their needs are met and don’t necessarily keep you from enjoying the game itself. Practice makes perfect in all facets of parenting, even taking baby to football game. Just like your favorite team has a game plan, you need to have one, too. Following these essential tips will help you enjoy the game and keep your baby safe and loved.

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