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10 Tips for Taking Your Baby to Disney

baby playing with her disney toys

Taking Baby to Disney Tips

Disney is a magical place for families including babies. Some families put off taking a baby to Disney until their children are old enough to walk on their own. But, with the right preparations, you can feel great taking baby to Disney and enjoying each minute of your trip. For the very best vacation possible, it’s important to start planning your trip as soon as possible. The best way to prepare for a smooth trip to Disney with your family is to take the advice of parents who have already done it.

1. Leave Your Stroller at Home

The best way to transport your baby or young toddler around the parks is a stroller. But, you don’t need to bring yours from home when you are taking baby to Disney. Who wants to struggle with a stroller at the airport and waiting for it to get unloaded after the flight is over.

Instead, you can rent a stroller, even a double or triple stroller, at your resort or one of the parks. If you want to rent it at the park, you can begin your rental when you arrive and return it before you leave. There are strollers to rent that can be brought back to the resort. The best thing about long term rentals is the longer you rent the stroller, the cheaper the overall cost is for you.

2. Overpack Your Diaper Bag

If you’re not renting a car, you’ll definitely want to overpack your diaper bag when taking baby to Disney. Your hotel concierge can help you find anything you might need, but it’s going to be expensive. There are no department or chain stores at Disney resorts or within walking distance, so you either have to pay the asking price for things you forgot, or avoid the whole situation by bringing enough diapers, rash cream, formula, and anything else your baby needs to be happy and healthy.

3. Bring Lots of Extra Clothing

When taking baby to Disney, you should plan on going through quite a bit of laundry. Baby and toddler clothes are small, so there’s no reason not to bring lots of changes in clothing. As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to plan for at least three outfits a day. If you start to run low on clothing, you can find a laundromat near the pool at most resorts.

4. Stay on Disney Property

Babies, toddlers, and tired parents often need breaks when taking baby to Disney vacation activities. If you stay on a Disney property, it’s easy to catch a tram back to your resort. You can hold baby on the bus and then put them down for a nap as soon as you get back. When you’re ready to head back to the park, you can catch up with the rest of your group.

Staying on the Disney property will also allow you to get the best view of the fireworks! Read our article about taking your baby to a fireworks show.

5. Take Advantage of Disney Hopper Passes

The Disney Hopper Pass allows you to hop between one park and another throughout the day, which is a great idea when taking baby to Disney. With the Hopper Pass, you can leave one park and head to another for a special event, or to spend time with other members of your group.

6. Locate the Baby Changing Stations in Each Park

Disney dedicates a great deal of their time catering to parents and making the park as friendly as possible. In each of the four, main parks, there is a Huggies Baby Changing Station. At these stations, Moms and Dads can feel good taking baby to Disney and find everything they need to take care of baby. The state-of-the-art changing stations offer plenty of space to nurse, change, or calm baby down. If you have other children with you, there’s plenty of space to tend to everyone in these spaces.

7. Opt for the Disney Dining Plan

Did you know Disney has an awesome dining plan. They do! Not only do dining plans save you a ton of money, but they also offer opportunities for character dinners too. Even better when you bring kids under 2 with you, they eat for free. You also get a ton of snacks and adult meal options with the plan when you’re taking baby to Disney, so you’ll have lots of extra food to share with your baby or toddler.

8. Get Fast Passes and Companion Passes

Disney has an interactive app that you can use while you’re at the park. It makes taking baby to Disney so much easier than without it. With this app, you can check the wait times for your favorite rides and see when parades or special events are going on. Even better, you can sign up for fast passes, which will let you get on your favorite rides at a pre-determined time without having to wait in super long lines. Remember the baby changing stations we mentioned earlier, you can locate these spots super fast when you use the resort maps.

Young children and babies won’t be able to go on some rides, but that doesn’t mean you should worry about taking them to Disney. Disney has a super program for parents called companion passes. A companion pass must be prearranged, but it lets the one waiting with the child get right on the ride after the other parent waited with the child. It’s a great way to make sure both parents are making the most of the Disney vacation.

9. Use Disney Transportation

Disney has a fantastic transportation system. There are regular routes from the resorts to the parks and vice versa. There’s also a few ways to get there, you can take a boat, take a train, or ride the bus. Each of these means of transportation is kid-friendly even for the park’s youngest visitors.

10. Order a Convertible Crib for Your Room

When your reserving your room at a Disney resort, it’s important to order a convertible crib for your room and to let the resort know your taking baby to Disney with you. The easy to set up crib is provided at no cost, but is available on a first-come, first-serve basis, which means it’s important to request a crib as soon as you make your reservation.

If there is anything else, you need to make taking baby to Disney easier while you’re at the park, you can contact the concierge or front desk. All Disney employees are trained in ways to make guests trips more memorable, which means they’ll do their very best to help you.


If you’ve been putting off taking baby to Disney because you thought it would be too complicated for you, especially if you have other kids going, you’ll be surprised on how easy it can be when you prepare properly. Use all or just some of the tips mentioned above to make your vacation smoother for you, baby, and everyone else in your group.

In addition to the tips mentioned above, you should feel free to talk to other Moms and Dads that have had great trips with their babies and toddlers. With the right amount of preparedness and the ability to make changes on the fly, you’ll have a great vacation that your entire family create amazing memories.

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