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8 Tips for Taking Baby to Concert


Tips for Taking Baby to Concert

Music fans might be disappointed in having to give up going to concerts often as it can be expensive and hard to find babysitters that will sit through an entire night while you’re at a concert. Many concerts, however, can be acceptable for babies as long as you know the tips and trick around taking them successfully.

Before you start taking a baby to a concert, learn carefully on what you must do to prepare them before and during the concert as you can have an unpleasant time if you don’t.

1. Earplugs

Bringing earplugs for your baby is arguably the most important thing you must do if you bring your baby to a concert. You’ll want earplugs since the audio levels used at concerts are very often blasted at unsafe levels that can permanently damage the hearing of your baby.

To find earplugs, look into ones that are specifically made for concerts and that are the right size for your baby. Without going for concert earplugs, you can still have dangerous audio levels go into their ear. No matter what, always make sure that you are bringing earplugs to a concert.

2. Time

No matter what type of earplugs you get for your baby, chances are they are going to be awake for most, if not all of the concert. You need to make sure that the timing of the concert is right that they won’t be cranky during it. The reason for this is that they could start crying during the concert which will make you get kicked out if you don’t fix the issue.

To make sure that your baby is fine before the concert, think about slowly adjusting their sleep schedule the week ahead so you can time it perfectly during their peak awake time. Ensuring that your baby is good on time is important to have a good concert experience.

3. Food

A hungry baby is a fussy baby that will cry all through your concert even if they napped enough and aren’t having their ears damaged. While you should think about feeding them before the show, you might have issues where the baby is hungry in the middle of the show. A good way to alleviate this issue is to bring small portions of food that the baby can quickly eat. Foods that are great to bring include

  • Graham Crackers
  • Apples
  • Yogurt

Think about more foods that your baby likes to eat so that you know the right food that you should be bringing when taking your baby to a concert.

4. Space

As your taking your baby to a concert, you need to think about how much space you’re going to have. This means that if you go to a more packed concert, you need to find the most open part so nobody bumps into you or the baby you’re holding. First, see if the venue you’re going to has a bar.

If it does, try to find barstools you can sit on so you don’t have to worry about standing up for a couple of hours. If you can’t find a bar, talk to an employee at the venue to see if they have an area for parents. When the venue has an area for parents, that generally means that you can find chairs that you’ll be able to sit on during the whole concert. Ensure you have enough space when taking a baby to a concert.

5. Friends

You may end up in a situation where you are taking your baby to a concert while hanging out with friends. While your friends might be cool with your baby, there might be times where your friends want to split up while you are taking care of your baby. To do this successfully, make a meetup point before you all go off and do your own thing so you can find each other after the show.

This means that you won’t have to worry about fumbling with your phone when you should be looking at your baby and the show. Make sure you have plans with your friends settled when you’re taking a baby to a concert.

6. Stroller

Many venues are known to be hard to maneuver when taking a baby to a concert due to not having much space to walk around. You’ll have to think about options regarding strollers vs carrying your baby. While you can bring a small stroller in some venues, smaller venues usually won’t have space for you baby so that’s when you would want to carry your baby.

If you’re unsure how the venue is going to be like before going to your concert, make sure to contact someone who works at the venue so you can get a good idea of what other customers do when they are taking a baby to a concert. Only then you’ll know what you should do regarding bringing a stroller.

7. Consideration of the Artist

When you’re taking your baby to a concert, you need to be considerate of the artist on the stage. The people around you might not care about the sounds being made from your baby every once in a while, but the artist on stage can be distracted enough that they try to get you out of the venue for interrupting the show.

A good way to make sure that you are being considerate to the artist is to go somewhere farther back in the crowd or where you would be unseen by the artist since they aren’t going to notice random people further in the crowd. No matter what type of concert you’re at, make sure that when you are taking your baby to a concert that you’re doing it in a considerate fashion.

8. Getting Out After The Show

Depending on how much time you get to the venue before the show, you might not have to worry about crowded lines to get in. However, getting out can be trouble since you’re likely having to deal with large crowds all tucked together, trying to reach the parking lot. To get away from this rush, you have two options.

First, think about leaving early during the encore. By leaving during the encore, you should have enough time to get either in the front of the crowd leaving or miss it. Second, look into additional exits that might not typically be used such as those in the back of the building. Either way, look into alternate ways of getting out of the show when you’re taking your baby to a concert.


Once you’ve taken in mind all of these tips, you should be good to go on taking your baby to a concert. Before you go to a concert, make sure that you plan everything ahead of time so you aren’t rushing once you get to the venue. Always keep looking into ways that you can make going to a concert with a baby better so you can enjoy yourself more every time.

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