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10 Tips for Taking Baby to Brewery


Taking Baby to Brewery Tips

Many new parents feel as though their lives are over after their babies are born. While the arrival off your precious little one is certainly the beginning of a new stage in your life, this doesn’t mean you have to stop doing all the things you love. Worried about taking a baby to a brewery? Don’t be. With the following tips, you’ll be able to be the best parent you can be while having your baby by your side at your favorite brewery.

1. Be Smart About the Location

Parents taking their baby to a brewery or bar do so as a way to relax while still keeping their kids close by. That being said, any parent thinking about taking their baby to a brewery should be smart when choosing the location.

Breweries should be somewhat family-friendly to allow parents to spend family time together without putting their kids in danger. For example, choosing an open-air brewery that offers board games and non-alcoholic refreshments will always be a safer choice than a late-night dive bar filled with intoxicated people.

2. Don’t Stay Too Long

When taking a baby to a brewery, be sure to never overstay your welcome. Even if your brewery of choice is family-friendly, trying to fit in a marathon trip to the bar with your baby isn’t a good idea.

Start inching towards the exit once you’ve hit the hour mark after taking a baby to a brewery. This is especially important if your baby is prone to crying. Instead of waiting for things to go south, be proactive and leave while the going is still good and your baby is still in positive spirits.

3. Never Get Drunk

While this goes without saying, being in a bar atmosphere may make some parents second-guess the “Never get drunk with your baby” rule. However, anyone that’s planning on taking a baby to brewery needs to stick to the one-drink or less rule. Irresponsible parenting and drinking go hand in hand, so do everything in your power to avoid getting drunk any time you’re taking your baby to a brewery.

Many parents choose to visit breweries for the food or to catch up with friends. If you’re visiting with your baby, it’s a good idea to forego alcoholic beverages altogether. Order a mocktail or a glass of juice during your time at the brewery to stay on the safe side.

4. Always Come Prepared

Going anywhere with a baby is no easy feat. When getting ready to take your baby to the brewery, remember to always come prepared. This preparation includes scheduling a ride back home ahead of time, bringing a change of clothes and diapers for baby, and telling a friend or two where you’ll be to make sure they check-in to make sure you get home safely.

5. Get Home By 7

Breweries and bars alike have a way of transforming into something else when night falls. A venue that may be a great place to meet the family during the day can easily take on an entirely different atmosphere later in the evening. Avoid any sort of seediness by making it a point to get home by 7:00 p.m after taking your baby to a brewery.

To play it safe, get ready to call it a night early on in the evening. Set the timer before taking your baby to a brewery to make sure you leave at the right time and don’t stay past your limit.

In addition to making a timely exit before the patrons at the brewery get too rowdy, parents need to pay close attention to how tired their baby is. As tiredness can quickly become crankiness, the moment you notice your child is yearning for a nap, it’s time to start packing up. Carrying a wailing baby is certainly no fun for parents or other guests at the brewery.

6. Ditch the Stroller

Strollers have their purpose, but the brewery isn’t the right place for them. If you are planning to head out to a place as potentially crowded as a brewery, do all you can to minimize your belongings.

Fit all the essentials in a diaper bag and put the stroller away in exchange for a baby carrier. This way, you and your baby won’t have the difficult challenge of trying to find a space to put the stroller, getting through the crowded brewery, or bumping into other guests as you carry bags full of baby gear.

Wearing your baby on a brewery gives you the opportunity to ditch any bulkier belongings and stay close to your child. With your baby snugly against your chest, you’ll be able to walk around more freely and enjoy your time at the brewery without worrying about how your baby is faring.

7. Sit in the Right Spot

Breweries are popular places for singles, couples, friends, and families. While many parents can have incredible times at their local breweries, it’s important that they pick the best spot to do so. Parents taking their baby to a brewery should aim to sit by the seats closest to the exits and away from large crowds.

In most cases, ideal seating for anyone with a baby is in the corner. This allows for an easy escape and will help parents steer clear of the busiest areas in the bar.

8. Skip Breweries with Dogs

While some parents may be under the impression that dog-friendly breweries are instantly family-friendly. However, bringing young kids and dogs together in a fast-paced environment of a brewery isn’t a good idea. Though many children love dogs, having babies and dogs in the same space can be a recipe for disaster.

Dogs that aren’t used to going out in public may be nervous or unfriendly, especially if they are approached by playful toddlers or triggered by crying babies. By only choosing dog-free breweries, you’ll be able to create a safer environment for everyone involved.

9. Pass on the Brewery Tours

For many families, no trip to a brewery is complete without a tour of the facilities. While tours are great ideas for families with older children, it’s not the best option for a baby. While your child may be quiet during the majority of the tour, there’s no guarantee that they will keep it together for the entire thing.

Instead of risking the chance that your baby will start crying in the middle of a brewery tour, skip it and enjoy yourselves at a table inside or outside. This way, you can give your baby your full attention while hanging out with friends or family at the brewery.

10. Have a Plan of Escape

As a new parent, it’s best to have a plan of escape in mind any time you leave the house. The same should be true when taking a baby to a brewery. While you may be determined to have a good time for as long as you’re there, your baby’s actions are unpredictable.

Whether your baby starts crying, screaming, pooping, or throwing up, you need to be prepared to take action immediately. Ideally, you’ll be able to get in and get out of the brewery with no casualties, but the instant your child starts acting up, it’s time to leave.

As you arrive, locate the nearest exits and determine what path to take if you have to leave immediately. Next, figure out who will gather the baby gear (if both parents go together). Finally, put the plan into action if the time comes, making sure to have your bill settled ahead of time so you can find a way to exit the brewery.


Taking a baby to a brewery is something that many parents enjoy. If you’re hoping to do the same, keep this guide in mind. With these strategies, you’ll be able to enjoy your downtime with your baby right by your side.

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