Someone Called My Boyfriend Ugly

How does it feel when someone disrespects the love of your life? That’s the same way they feel if you do so to them. Imagine that every person telling you how ugly your boyfriend is. Will you keep your cool, or you’ll let your emotions take charge? It’s so mean to call someone ugly because no one is responsible for their looks. We are all created entirely and uniquely that you shouldn’t allow critiques to kill your self-esteem. Suppose you love someone because you have a soft spot for them; you won’t major on their loaded pockets or looks. 

For someone to call your boyfriend ugly, you should probe to know there must be a reason behind it. But for whatever reason, you won’t be happy with that person calling your boyfriend ugly. Here are tips you can use to deal with someone who calls your boyfriend ugly.

Ignore the Ugly Comment

Most probably, the person might call your boyfriend ugly to trigger your reaction. The best medicine to give to such a person who seems disrespectful is to ignore their comments. Pretend as if you never heard their comments and go on with your life as usual. Someone calling your boyfriend ugly is hurtful and disrespectful. But take charge of the situation and avoid commenting back because you’ll meet their expectations if you do so. The person, maybe after a fight or verbal exchange. By ignoring them, you won’t be showing whether they hurt you or you did take offense in their abuse.

Trust in Your Beliefs

Your boyfriend is your own choice, so no one should have a say over their looks because you know the reason for choosing him. Just as you had hopes in him and couldn’t resist his sight because he is a charm, continue viewing him as the perfect guy for you. Don’t let naysayers make you lose someone you adore so much. However, that person might not stop calling your boyfriend ugly trust in yourself and see his beauty. 

Approach the Person to Sort Out the Issue

When someone calls your love ugly, you’ll be hurt, and as a result, you can hate them. In case this is your friend calling your boyfriend ugly, don’t ignore them. Sort out the issue because your hate can escalate into something else. Approach the person and ask them why they call your boyfriend ugly. If it’s a genuine reason, hear them out and warn them not to repeat it. But if it was a mockery, let them know you’re not into games and give them a piece of your mind. Tell them your boyfriend’s ugliness doesn’t concern them, and you love him for who he is.

Accept That Your Boyfriend Is Ugly

The fact that your boyfriend is ugly won’t change your love for them because he’s your choice. To flatter the person who calls your boyfriend ugly, tell them you’re aware of his ugliness. You can even make fun of his ugliness to avoid being negative and kill your self-esteem. Build the love between you two to make them know you’re comfortable with him. Someone calling your boyfriend ugly also doesn’t mean everyone also sees him as ugly. So, why worry about just one person. Accepting your boyfriend’s ugliness is never easy, but fake it until you make it. 

Build on Your Love

Focus on building your relationship instead of the negative comments that someone might be using to put you down. Spend more time with your boyfriend; go out for fun activities and walks. Let the person know that the relationship between you and your boyfriend is beyond looks but pure love because of their character and uniqueness. Look beyond negativity and prove that you have a special person like your boyfriend. Please don’t rush into breaking up with your boyfriend because someone feels he’s ugly to them.

Seek Help from Your Real Friends

If someone calls your boyfriend ugly, don’t die with the anger alone. Seek your close friends’ opinion about it to help you forgo the remarks you know a problem shared is a problem solved. Because it’s your close friends, you can tell them your disappointments and how you feel. Only real friends will understand your feelings and can advise you on the right actions to do.


Someone’s opinion about your ugly boyfriend shouldn’t let you stop your relationship. You can choose to ignore the comment, sort out the issue, or accept he’s ugly to please the person. Never let negativity control your life because you’ll end up with frustrations.