Snoo Review: Too Good to Be True? Is It The Poo?

Snoo Review: Too Good to Be True? Is It The Poo?

For this Snoo review, I spent 3 months (90 days!) using the Snoo Smart Sleeper from Happiest Baby in our household. Due to the massive popularity of this product, I decided to document my entire experience with this high-end bassinet that promises a restful sleep in your baby. If your baby won’t sleep, our Baby Sleep Workshop can also help.

So what the heck is a Snoo?!

Imagine an Apple product. When you think of Apple products, you likely think of revolutionary things like iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, etc. Now imagine if Apple were to get involved in the crib or bassinet industry. If Apple were to design a crib or bassinet, it would certainly look a lot like the Snoo bassinet.

The Snoo is like a small crib which will allow your baby to sleep next to your bed during his/her first 6 months. Except The Snoo isn’t just any old bassinet. The Snoo comes fully equipped with WiFi, sound sensors, speakers that project various white noise, and even a robotic motor that rocks your baby at varying levels of intensity! The robotic motor rocks your baby based on whatever noises your baby makes – amazing! The Snoo literally has sensors in it that make sure your baby is being rocked at the perfect level, based on the sounds your baby is (or isn’t) making! WOW!

How does The Snoo work?

Great question! The Snoo works with ease (go figure) and it goes something like this:

Step One:

You begin by swaddling your baby with a Snoo Sack. Don’t worry, the Snoo Sack is included with the Snoo so it won’t cost you any extra money. The Snoo Sack comes with wings. These wings are essentially clips which protect your baby from rolling over or sleeping incorrectly. These clips attach your baby to the Snoo Sleeper. This feature is super important because it’s commonly believed by health experts that a baby who sleeps on his/her back reduces the risk of SIDS and SUID

Step Two:

Once your baby is comfortably positioned, The Snoo will begin working it’s magic. To start, The Snoo will gently rock your baby and begin playing white music via its amazing speakers. Unless your baby gets upset, this gentle motion and white noise will continue throughout the night uninterrupted. However, if The Snoo’s sensors recognize that your baby is upset, it will adjust and attempt to calm your baby with more intensity. For example, The Snoo will automatically increase the intensity of both the white noise and the rocking. The goal is for your baby to be calmed and go back to sleep without you having to get out of bed – you simply can relax and let The Snoo do all the work to make sure your baby is having a restful sleep… and if your baby isn’t sleeping well, The Snoo will recognize that your baby is awake and will adjust its settings until your baby is relaxed and sleeping once again. Truly amazing!

Just remember, the Snoo can’t replace the one-on-one care your baby needs.

This includes changing diapers, feedings, needing a new pacifier, etc. For things like this, an adult will have to step in. But for everything else, the Snoo does the rest and to me, this is truly standout feature in my Snoo review.

If you made it this far in the article, your mind must be blown. And if it isn’t, you must be one of those lucky people with a partner who takes care of his/her fair-share of the work. I’m not judging you because my spouse was super amazing and supportive during this phase with our son. However, I was still tired a lot! I bet you’re feeling somewhat skeptical of this crazy robotic crib, and I totally understand. I was too… so let’s address some of the most common questions and concerns regarding The Snoo:

We are going to address the following and more:

– Does the Snoo actually work?

– If so, how does it work?

– We don’t need to reinvent the wheel, so do we really need to reinvent the crib? Can you trust a robotic night nurse to take care of your newborn throughout the night?

– What are the pros? What are the cons?

– How much does it cost?

So to dive right in, my spouse and I spend 90 entire nights with this 22nd-century Snoo baby bed. Like a crazy person, I diligently tracked down the happenings during this experiment in order to give you the best Snoo bassinet review that I possibly can. So, my fellow parents, shall we begin?

Oh and PS – I’m going to use the term “night nurse” throughout the next portion of my Snoo bassinet review. For those of you who don’t know, a night nurse is a caretaker who arrives at your home at night to tend to your baby’s every need (calming, feeding, keeping an eye on the baby throughout the night, etc.) – If you have some extra cash laying around, it’s a pretty amazing deal.

The incredible, the blah, and a life-changing decision.

Even though The Snoo is rather pricey, it’s still a pretty amazing deal considering all you get. During my 90 days with the Snoo, I kept meticulous notes during the first month. I’m a total nerd when it comes to things like note-taking, so I compiled a list that would’ve been VERY helpful before I purchased The Snoo myself. So if you’re an information junkie like myself, this is going to be perfect for you. If you’re not an information junkie and want to skim the incredible, the blah, and my final decision, this is for you:

The breath-taking moments.

During so much of the 90 days, I was left in complete awe at the magnitude of thought that went into the design of The Snoo bassinet. I was so impressed that at one point I was breathless and had tears in my eyes. As someone who runs a blog, I teared up when I was thinking about how much The Snoo freed up my schedule and allowed me to do so much. I was so incredibly thankful that The Snoo was rocking our son to sleep and taking care of him… if it wasn’t for the Snoo, I’d have to be there tending to his every need. It was amazing to spend more time with my husband because of The Snoo — so amazing, in fact, that I’m tearing up just thinking about it right now! We Netflix and chill now guys, for real.

Your little one’s safety matters and Snoo knows it.

Yes, the Snoo is EXTREMELY safe. In fact, the creators of Snoo (Happiest Baby) are so confident in the product that they call it “the safest baby bed ever made!” Wow! What a claim. But guess what? After spending just the first night, I could immediately tell how safe it is. The logic behind their safety is due to the fact The Snoo ensures your baby falls asleep on his/her back. This is the absolute SAFEST sleep position for most children and I was very comforted knowing The Snoo ensured the best sleep style possible.

The Snoo Sack (swaddle)

OMG. Wowza. This is quite the impressive swaddle if I do say so myself… and I do say! I was quite surprised. In fact, I was so impressed by the Snoo Sack that I left the following review on the company’s website: “I’m a Dad who is embarrassed to admit that I fumble all the time trying to swaddle my little guy with a blanket. Don’t tell anybody, but I sometimes even have a hard time with some of the Velcro and zipper swaddling solutions I’ve tried in the past. With the Snoo Snack, I am not nervous about swaddling my baby in front of my wife now! My little guy looks cozy, safe, happy, and can’t escape! I love it.”

The White Noise feature

It’s a well-known fact that using white noise can help with getting your baby to fall asleep and stay asleep. But, it’s often very hard to find white noise that isn’t annoying after 5 minutes, let alone an entire night. The Snoo has solved this problem with white noise and delivers absolutely incredible sound through the Snoo built-in speakers. I’ve tried white noise in the past, but this works SO much better. I’m not sure how the company got their white noise to use on the Snoo, but I’m so glad they did! I leave the white noise playing for up to 12 hours sometimes and it doesn’t bother me a bit.

Customer Service

As I explained before, Happiest Baby, is the creator of the Snoo smart crib. I’ve had to contact them a few times for a variety of questions. I didn’t have any problems with their product, but I did wonder things like:

What about warmth? The swaddle is made of mesh, so won’t my son get cold?

Nope! Actually, most babies are usually wearing wear more than necessary. Also, you can simply touch your child’s ear if you begin to worry that they’re getting cold, but I never had a problem with that.

Help me! How do I do x, y, and z on the app?

They helped my wife figure out the app. She said they were extremely friendly and didn’t make her feel stupid which she really appreciated. It seems like the folks over at Snoo realize that not everybody was born with an iPad in their hand and some people need a little extra help with technology. They are the perfect people to ask.

Is the rocking too intense?

There were times I was wondering if the rocking was too intense or not. Obviously, it wasn’t, but I was a paranoid parent who was still struggling with giving up control and trusting in the Snoo bassinet. I was shocked that within a week of calling them with that question, they released a software update regarding how vigorous the Snoo Smart Sleeper rocks.

The Snoo is cool.

Let’s face it. The Snoo is cool. Just like we talked about earlier with our Apple comparisons, you can tell the Snoo is revolutionary. Remember when you used the Internet for the first time or when your jaw-dropped with the first touch screen cell phone? The Snoo brings out the same reaction in its users. Even the packaging was impressive.

30- Day Risk-Free Guarantee!

This is quite possibly the best benefit of all. Snoo believes in its product so much that they want you to do your own honest Snoo review! They’re aware that their price tag is quite high, so they’ll give you a full refund within the first 30 days. Wait, there’s more! The company foots the bill for the return shipping, too! So what more reason do you need? To me, there being a 30 day guarantee spoke volumes as to the quality of their product.

The following is directly from the company’s website: “And remember, if you don’t totally love it, contact us within 30 days of receiving your SNOO and we’ll give you a full refund and pay for the return shipping,

The Blah:


The Snoo will cost you a pretty penny at $1,295. Mhmm – I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Is this fool seriously telling me about a $1,295 baby bed?!” Yes, yes I am. But before you completely write me off, Snoo does offer a rental program as well that you can look into if you don’t want to buy it outright. While buying it outright is certainly the best option, renting works too. I personally bought my Snoo from Amazon and had a wonderful experience. The shipping was very fast and everything worked out flawlessly, which is usually the case with Amazon.

Here are 6 important points to consider about the price of The Snoo:

Yes, it’s a high price.

But walk into any high-end store and you’ll easily drop a similar amount on any quality crib. Also, don’t cheap out when it comes to the health of your child… that’s something I often tell myself when it comes to financial decisions like this.

You can use the Snoo for a long time!

You can use the Snoo for approximately 6 months before you have to graduate to a crib. Conversely, if you’re the parent of a newborn without a crib, you’ll have to buy a Snoo… and then once your child turns 6 months, you’ll have to get a regular crib.

The night nurse!

Remember when we talked about her earlier? That’s what the company uses as a comparison to their product. So obviously, when you compare the cost of a night nurse to the cost of a Snoo, then the product suddenly seems like a huge bargain! While it’s not an actual human night nurse, during my Snoo review, I did find that it was pretty much like having a robotic night nurse in the home tending to my baby’s needs while I did other things.

You can finally Netflix and chill!

Seriously though, imagine all that you can do with the massive amounts of time you’re going to free up. You’ll no longer be rocking/soothing your baby all the time because The Snoo will do it for you. Yeah, it’s difficult to calculate exactly how much that time saved is worth… but for most people, it’s a lot. Also, the price tag I put on getting more sleep (and extra time) is PRICELESS!

The rental program

The rental program from the creators, Happiest Baby, is something to keep in mind.

      Resale Value

Because of the high price, you can easily resell your Snoo Smart Sleeper. When you’re finished with it, selling it can be very easy and can significantly offset some of the cost.

Some more useful 411. Ok, so you know men get a bad reputation for never wanting to read instructions? It’s like we just want to open the box, throw away the instructions, and figure it all out ourselves. Well, with the Snoo, this is SUPER easy to do. Seriously… and pardon my French, but it was so darn simple to set up that we pretty much started using it straight away.

Hmm… but can I take it places? Yeah, it’s big. Yeah, it’s heavy… the Snoo isn’t some lightweight feather, but the features it’s packed with have to weigh something, right? During our trial with the Snoo, we had a hard time fitting the smart sleeper in our Malibu, but it fit into our SUV. However, don’t let that scare you! The Snoo white noise sounds are available on iTunes, so as long as you bring that exact white noise with you on trips, your baby will sleep fine outside of the Snoo for up to 7 days.

What does the Snoo come with? I’m glad you asked. Every purchase comes with the Snoo Sack we talked about earlier. For sizing, you get one small, one medium, and one large Snoo Sack swaddle… but wait, there’s more! (Sorry, please forgive my cheesy infomercial jokes). You also get one fitted sheet!If you want extra Snoo Sacks, you can buy them on Amazon by clicking this link right here. You’re going to need extras if your child spits up or throws up on the swaddle. You’ll either be buying more or doing more laundry. The Snoo Sack swaddles are a very similar price to regular swaddles. Think of it this way – you’d be buying multiple swaddles with or without the Snoo, right?

And as I pointed out before, I’ve tried many, many, many swaddles and the Snoo Sack was by the far the best.

Other important considerations:

You might feel guilty when you use the Snoo. I wasn’t expecting this to happen, but I did start to feel guilty at times after using this product. The Snoo worked very well for me, so I could’ve easily stopped rocking and calming my son altogether. I put him the Snoo and he’s getting much-needed rest and my wife and I get a bit of a break, but at what cost? Was I missing bonding time? I did feel guilty at times, but overall, I stopped feeling guilty because of the fact my son simply stopped crying as much. If he wasn’t crying, why should I feel guilty? I needed to stop equating using the Snoo to dropping your kid off at daycare 24/7, 365 days a year. Not the same thing. Toward the end, the guilt 100% disappeared, but guilt is a common theme in many other Snoo bassinet reviews.

The Snoo mobile app. The Snoo mobile app is constantly being improved. At first, I was a bit overwhelmed when using the app, but it got better and better after each update. Also, the folks over at Happiest Baby are happy to help out with any questions, as I mentioned earlier.

The verdict: Make a Life-Changing Decision

Ok, maybe buying a Snoo Smart Sleeper by Happiest Baby isn’t a LIFE changing decision since your child won’t be in the Snoo bassinet for his/her entire life, but that’s how it feels when you first start using it. Imagine opening up the Snoo, setting it up in only minutes, and finally giving yourself and your spouse some well-deserved relaxation.

It’s ok to let the Snoo bassinet take over some of your responsibilities. Don’t feel guilty. Should you get a Snoo? Ask yourself the following:

Can you spend over $1,000 on an item your child can only use for 6 months?

Do you have problems getting your baby to fall asleep and stay asleep?

Are you starting to get sleep deprived? Do YOU need more sleep, or perhaps your partner does?

If you can say yes to any of those questions, then I certainly believe you should get yourself a Snoo, no doubt about it. The Snoo is certain to improve your life nearly immediately. It’s incredible to watch your baby finally fall asleep without you needing to worry or stress.

If you are reading this Snoo Smart Sleeper review, especially if you made it this far into the article, then it’s obvious you do need the Snoo bassinet. Do yourself a favor and just buy it. I recommend purchasing through Amazon. What’s the worst that could happen? You don’t like it and send it back for a 100% refund, plus Happiest Baby will pay for the return shipping. If that’s the worst that can happen, it sounds like an easy choice to make.

And as far as the best thing that could happen? Well, you’d drastically improve your life, the lives of those living in your household, and most importantly, you’d be providing your baby with the safest sleep solution on the market and ensuring your little one stays healthy by getting his/her very important rest.

Remember, unless you have a newborn, your child’s time with the Snoo isn’t going to be very long. If your baby already sleeps quite well, you will certainly still notice the numerous safety benefits the Snoo sleeper provides. Happiest Baby did everything possible to ensure a safe design and it really shows.

One last thing about how much a Snoo costs:

Yes, it’s a lot of money to buy a Snoo. However, consider the following:

1. Are you planning on having more than one child? If you can reuse the Snoo on a second child in the future, the value is actually tremendous.

2. Can you resell the Snoo? Many people are doing Google searches for “used Snoo” based on my research, so the market is definitely there. If you want to buy a Snoo and resell it, you’ll almost certainly find a buyer and you’ll gain back of some of your initial cost. Since you can only use the bassinet for a limited amount of time, you’ll be able to predict about when you’ll need to resell it. That gives you plenty of time to plan that sale!

So, my final thoughts on the Snoo Smart Sleeper by Happiest Baby? It’s the poo (as in it’s the sh*t which is a GOOD thing!) If it’s within your budget to purchase this amazing robotic night nurse, robotic crib, AMAZING contraption, then you totally should.

I don’t regret it one bit and either will you. And if you do decide you regret it, Happiest Baby will return the product for you free of charge for a 100% refund. What do you have to lose?

So, are you ready for your own Snoo?

Optional extras include:

Extra SNOO Sacks – I personally found it beneficial to have some extras on hand.

Extra sheets – If your baby spits up a lot, these extra sheets will be very handy.

SNOO Shorty Legs by Happiest Baby – This is great if you have a platform bed. The Shorty Legs allow you to lower the Snoo so you can peek in and check on your little one easily.