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Should My Baby Always Wear Socks?

Having a newborn baby is an exciting time for all parents. For new parents, you may have thousands of questions that concern your baby’s health. One of those questions can be( Should my baby always wear socks?) Well, that depends on the weather and the type of socks that’s right for your baby.

When should your baby wear socks?

Your baby’s hands and feet are naturally cold, so some parents may always keep socks on their babies. If your newborn goes without socks, you may see a change in color in their feet and hands, which may be a blue color giving you an indication that they’re cold.

 The benefits of your baby rocking some socks:

Socks can protect your baby from sunburns, weather conditions, and believe it or not, sharp objects. It doesn’t matter if your baby was born in the Summer, Winter, Spring, or Fall, so it’s best to protect your baby’s feet covering them with the appropriate socks. You most definitely should put socks on your baby when you’re traveling and taking your baby to visit the doctor.

The most comfortable socks for your baby:

Experts say that it should be a finger length space between your baby’s skin and sock so your baby can have room for comfort.

Having socks that are too tight on your baby will cause scarring (sock-line hyperpigmentation). So you have to be mindful of the type of socks you get your newborn baby. Your newborn should have a healthy blood circulation at all times. Visit for more information. Here’s is a list of some highly recommended socks that experts and mothers approve of:

  • Luvable Friends baby basic socks.

These socks come in a pack of eight with different colors. It has a cotton/spandex blend that gives your baby a level of comfort against your baby’s skin. These socks can be worn tall or folded down, so you don’t have to worry about your baby losing his or her socks. It comes in sizes up to 24 months.

  • Touched by Nature Baby Boys’ Organic Cotton Socks

These socks are for boy infants, and they’re made of organic cotton, making it very soft on your baby’s skin. It’s stretchable to form the perfect fit. It comes in different colors and patterns, and you can match them to the clothes that your baby is wearing. It has a medium thickness and comes in sizes up to 24 months.

  • Amison Anti Slip Non-Skid Ankle Socks With Grips

Your infant will grow fast with each month that goes by, so with these socks comes in a six-pack for girls and boys. It’s made of cotton and spandex with breathable material that can absorb sweat and keep your baby’s feet warm. The beaded material at the bottom of the socks gives it that non-slip feature. This will protect your baby from sliding around that floor and also prevent them from falling. These socks are sizes six to twelve months.

  • Hudson baby essential socks

These socks are made for boys and girls. The thick cushion will give your baby a comfortable feel and will feel very soft against your baby’s feet. These socks also come with different colors and patterns so they can easily go with any outfit your baby has. These socks come in sizes up to 12 months.

  • Infant Thick Cozy Cotton Crew Anti Slip Socks

These socks are made of non-slip material and can be worn by girls and boys. It has adorable printed animals on the front and has the double cuffing giving your baby that extra warmth. These socks are definitely for winter months. They come in sizes up to twelve months.

Should my baby wear socks to bed?

It all depends on the temperature of your apartment or house. Some older houses have cold drafts coming from who knows where so more likely you will put socks on your baby to keep them warm and snug. If you live in an apartment on the upper level, then you know that heat rises. So naturally, you’re not going to put socks on them because believe it or not, if your baby starts to sweat with too many clothes on, then that can also make them sick as well. So you can use your better judgment based on your surroundings if your baby should wear socks to bed or not.

Should my baby wear socks going on walks?

If you wrap your baby with a thin layer of blankets and it’s a cool temperature outside, then you might want to put socks on your

baby. If you wrap your baby with thick layers of blankets and it’s cool outside, then you may not want to overdress your baby by putting socks on them because, as mentioned before, they can sweat and get sick because their pores are open and they’re vulnerable to the elements in the air.

Now, if it’s spring or summer, you shouldn’t put socks on your baby, but a lot of factors come into play as far as how hot it will be or if it’s raining. If it’s really hot, you should put socks on your baby to avoid sunburn or have some type of shade to protect their skin. Sometimes rain brings cool weather depending on where you’re located, so you should put socks on your baby if you are stepping outside into the rain.

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