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8 Reasons Why Nannies Quit

Working in a place that you are not comfortable with is hard not only for nannies but for everyone out there. Everyone needs his/her place of work to be favorable in all aspects of 100% productivity. Therefore if you are planning to have a nanny working for you, this information is for you. Some of the reasons as to why a nanny would decide to quit working for you.

Dysfunctional family

Once you get a nanny to work for you, she/he becomes part of the family. Just like any other member of the family, the nanny gets to know of all the happenings in the family. Some spouses fight so frequently in their homes and also misbehave right in front of the children and the nanny. The fights go to the extent of neglecting their children. The children also follow their parents’ footsteps.

Whereby they keep conflicting over different small things because the parents always make such an environment a normal situation. The nanny may feel that it is not right to work in such a home and decide to quit working for you.

Untimely Payment

The nanny at your home is trying to make ends meet just like anyone out there. He/she has bills to foot by the end of the month. He/she might be having people who depend on her for food and everything else. He/she has personal plans that depend on the end of the monthly payment. Again, everyone enjoys receiving his/her hard salary on time. Unfortunately, the employer does not prioritize paying him/her first. He/she can remain unpaid weeks or even month or months. Such treatment may become unbearable to the nanny, and therefore she decides to quit working for you.

Zero support in parenting

Just because some parents have a nanny at home, they quit participating in the child’s parenting. You find the parents’ day and night schedule are full of other activities to do. The child’s responsibility is entirely the nanny’s task to carry out. From cooking, doing laundry, folding clothes, helping the child with the homework, and taking care of the child when sick. Even when the parent is at home, he/she cannot help the nanny with a single task. The nanny also needs a parent who is a little bit attentive in parenting. Where they can be advising each other on what to do in different situations concerning home matters. Unfortunately, the co-parent is never available. The nanny will quit working for you.

Better paying employers

Every worker hopes that he/she will find better pay, so do nannies. If he or she happens to come across a better offer than what you pay, he/she may have no reason to stay. Work is about money, so unless you relate with the nanny differently, for example, a blood relative. Once he or she finds a greener pasture, she will quit working for you.

Additional duties, no additional salary

When looking for a nanny, you write a list of duties and responsibilities on a piece of paper. Alternatively, you discuss them by word of mouth with the potential nanny. Therefore by the time the nanny is hired in his/her mind has all the details concerning his/her job. It, therefore, becomes unfair when the employer starts adding duties on the list for the nanny to meet. The employer pays no additional salary matching additional duties. For instance, a nanny whose role is to take care of two children in a home strictly. Later, the employer wants him/her to start doing the laundry for him/her without payment. The nanny might decide to quit if such acts persist.

Unappreciative Employer

A nanny commits his/ her days and nights to take care of your child. Ensuring the child takes all the meals of the day. Ensuring the child’s clothes are clean, watches the child’s health closely. In short, does everything to ensure your child is safe. Therefore dedicate a part of your time to appreciate his/her great works. You can always use words of mouth to express gratitude. You can, from time to time, buy him/her small gifts. You can give him/her a token of appreciation on top of the monthly salary. Also, you can give him/her a day off to interact with others. Give him/her a chance to celebrate the special days in life like; birthdays and national holidays. Failure to recognize all he/she does for you can be a factor causing him/her to quit working for you.

Micro-managing employer

Most of the nannies have a great experience in taking care of children. Since this is their field of specialty means they are probably better at parenting. Therefore, it does not feel alright when you question every little thing they do. Everyone makes mistakes, and if a nanny makes a mistake, it does not mean she has zero chances of doing anything right. We should, therefore, give them space to do things their way without questioning them. Since they are at your house for co-parenting. All you can do is share whatever information or exchange ideas helpful in parenting. Failure to give them a chance to display their expertise can frustrate them and decide to quit.

Over monitoring

Watching what is happening in your home is not a bad thing. Although when you are with someone in charge, give him/her a chance to feel free(by not watching her). For instance, take your eyes off your CCTV camera. Most especially if the purpose of having the camera when at work is to make sure the nanny is not idling in the house. Also, when the nanny brings a friend over to your house for small talk, do not blow a big deal out it. Nannies are humans too. Therefore, understand they need friends apart from the children. They also need to move around, see new stuff, make new friends, and whatever else. So do not nag them with calls just because you can see they are moving around. Otherwise, you will give them a reason to leave.

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