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8 Tips If Your Toddler Is Waking up Too Early

If you are like most parents, sleep is a very precious part of life. If you don’t get enough sleep, you might find that you are tired or irritated throughout the day. Some toddlers wake up so early that it can easily frustrate parents. There might be a few reasons why your toddler is waking up too early. Determining why your toddler is waking up too early can help you fix the problem and sleep later.

Check the Bed Time

The first step you need to take is to determine what time you are putting your child to sleep each night. If you put your child down too early in the evening, he isn’t going to sleep as long as you want him to the next morning. Simply pushing your child’s bedtime back by 30 minutes or an hour could make a huge difference. Start by pushing the bedtime back in 30-minute increments until you find the perfect sleep schedule for your little one.

Be Consistent

Toddlers need to get enough sleep each night. This is essential for their health, growth, and overall well-being. When you find a bedtime that works for your child, you must follow it consistently. For example, if your child’s bedtime is 8:30, your little one should go to bed each night at that time. Do not deviate from this time because it will be detrimental to your child’s sleep schedule and cause your child to wake up too early or too late. Consistency is key when it comes to sleep!

Check the Room Temperature

Another good idea is to check the temperature in your toddler’s room, which can be different from the temperature in your bedroom. Your toddler could be waking up too early because he is too cold or too hot. If the sun starts to shine through your toddler’s bedroom window and warm the room, your little one could be waking up to get the covers off of him to cool off, or your toddler could be waking up because there aren’t enough blankets on his bed to keep him warm. Check around the window to see if cold air is coming in around the seal. These are easy problems to solve once you know they are happening!

Conduct a Comfort Check

As an adult, you understand that you can sleep better and longer if you are comfortable in your bed. Be sure to conduct a comfort check to determine just how comfortable your child’s sleeping space is. Start with the mattress to make sure it isn’t too hard or sagging in the middle. Then, check the sheets and comforter to make sure they are soft and clean. Next, check the pillow to make sure it supports your toddler’s neck and is the appropriate size for your toddler. It is also a good idea to make sure that all toys are removed from the child’s bed. You don’t want a falling toy in the middle of the night to wake up your sleeping child!

Check the Light

One reason many toddlers wake up too early is that there is a lot of light coming through the window in the morning, so they assume that it is time to get up no matter how early it is. Check to see how much light comes in from the window in your toddler’s bedroom in the early morning hours. If this seems to be an issue, you can purchase black-out curtains for your child’s bedroom to keep the light from the rising sun out of the room. Your child may sleep longer each morning simply because it is darker in his room.

Create Opportunities for Exercise

It is a good idea to make sure your toddler is tired when he goes to bed at night. Toddlers need physical activity daily. Therefore, take the time to create opportunities for exercise and physical movement. For example, take your toddler outside to ride his tricycle in the driveway, dance with your child in the living room while playing fun music, or take your toddler on a walk around the yard. You can even schedule a time for physical activities in your day. Your little one may sleep longer because the physical activity of the day simply wore him out!

Conduct a Sound Check

Have you ever conducted a soundcheck in your child’s room early in the morning? If not, it may be time to do a soundcheck to see if there are loud sounds that may be waking up your toddler too early, even if you can’t hear those same sounds from your bedroom. Some toddlers wake up when they hear other members of their family get up and turn on the shower in the morning. Some toddlers wake up when they hear the garbage truck outside their windows in the morning. A few toddlers may even wake up too early because birds are chirping outside of their windows in the morning. The only way to know what’s happening is to listen for these sounds while you are in your toddler’s bedroom. Once you know what’s making the noise, you can figure out how to fix the issue.

Buy New Pajamas

Choosing the perfect pajamas can help a child sleep more peacefully and longer. It may be worth it to purchase your toddler, a new pair of pajamas. Some children simply don’t like their legs covered at night, so they sleep better in gowns that allow more movement. Some children who tend to get hot under the covers at night might sleep better in pajamas made of thin fabric. Some toddlers do not like pajamas with feet on them and like to sleep with bare feet. Determining your child’s preferences can make a big difference in how long they sleep each night and what time they wake up in the morning. Toddlers who wear comfortable pajamas may not wake up early because they are cozy and comfy in their beds.

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