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Piercing Baby’s Ears: Pros and Cons


Infant Ear Piercing: To Pierce Or Not To Pierce

Moms and dads face a host of challenges in all phases of a child’s life, but one of the earliest of those challenges is ear piercing. Many new moms, and even dads, love the thought of a cute little baby’s ears pierced, and who can blame them? Pierced ears are undeniably most adorable when it’s an infant’s little ears you’re looking at. Even in this modern era, though, people face a moral dilemma when deciding if ear piercing is right for children so young that they won’t remember the experience. Most importantly, parents generally worry most about health in general. The implications of piercing a baby’s ears need to be looked at first and foremost through the lens of health.

A host of reasons exist for wanting to pierce a baby’s ears. First of all, it begins them off in life with a common beauty practice that they will be more comfortable with when they’re exposed to it earliest in life. Believe it or not, some teenagers even struggle with the idea of ear piercing and whether or not they should do it. Making the decision for them early in life can make it easier for them to decide, and of course just because ears are pierced doesn’t mean a child has to keep them that way when they’re old enough to make their own decisions. This decision is a lot like many others you’ll make for your child. If you decide to pierce baby ears, we’d like to tell you’re not alone out there! It’s actually a much more common practice these days than people realize. The Internet connects so many of us so that we can explore the ups and downs of issues, and that’s one of the most helpful and beautiful things about it. Like anything else, piercing baby ears will have its pros and cons.

baby ear piercing Pros

If you’re reading this article, you’ve obviously taken a fancy to piercing your infant’s ears and want to do the right thing in this situation. It might even be an exciting thing for you to think of and a wonderful thing you want to share with your infant daughter. Sure, she won’t have a memory of it, but that’s what pictures are for! If you’re hooked on the idea of piercing your baby’s ears, there’s great news for you. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) official stance on the matter is that piercing a baby’s ears is perfectly safe, so long as you follow a few simple rules. They recommend waiting until two months of age. The reason for this is simple: Your child will have their first mass of vaccinations around this same time, including the critically important tetanus vaccination.

We’ll get into the cons when we discuss those all important rules you should follow when you take the plunge and pierce baby ears, but as you can see there’s a host of good reasons to pierce a baby’s ears.

  • As long as it’s after 2 months of age, it’s a lot of fun and safe!
  • Parents and daughter will have pleasant memories to look back on in pictures
  • You may have fond memories of pierced ears and want to share that experience with your baby as early as possible
  • When you pierce baby ears, you decorate what amounts to some of the cutest ears in the whole world and make them even cuter
  • You introduce pierced ears to your child earlier in life, making it feel more natural to them as they grow

infant ear piercing Cons

When you pierce baby ears, you are piercing ears that you and society as a whole are especially protective of. Babies are sweet, especially when they’re your own, and you don’t want to do anything that could bring harm to your baby. That’s understandable and natural. Even the cons of piercing a baby’s ears, though, are pretty minimal when you look at the advantages. And while those advantages are mostly cosmetic, they may eventually be some of the fondest memories you have of your child’s childhood. It all depends on your parenting style and what’s important to you.

The primary concern parents will have about piercing a baby’s ears is that an infection is possible when you pierce ears. This is why it’s highly recommended for you to have your baby’s ears pierced in a doctor’s office, where everything is most apt to be sterile and hygienic. When you pierce baby ears, there is a small chance that the child will fiddle with the earrings and potentially cause an infection, and it can be almost impossible to monitor a child 24 hours a day and keep them from tugging on those ears. If the child is in the neighborhood of 5 or 6 months, it’s even more likely that they will be active at tugging at the ears. It’s important to remember that while an infection is possible, it’s highly unlikely, and thanks to vaccinations and a good doctor’s care, you can address those problems should they arise.

If you decide to pierce your baby’s ears, always keep the infection con in mind. Just because it’s an overall con doesn’t mean it can’t be dealt with. Most infants will not develop an infection, but for those that do there’s compassionate healthcare to take care of the issue. It’s like many things in your child’s growing life. Even the cons can be dealt with like the obstacles they are. Obstacles don’t have to keep you and your child from enjoying the experience.

The Decision Is Always Yours

Parents are likely to get a lot of advice about whether or not to pierce baby ears. All those folks are well-meaning, but the decision is ultimately yours and yours alone, as it should be. Parents have the right pierce baby ears whenever they feel the time is right, but once again, remember that 2 months is the general rule because of the timing of first vaccines. You do want to make sure that baby has their first tetanus shot first. Once you’re passed the 2 month mark, though, it’s time to weigh those pros and cons. Pierced ears are a huge part of many cultures, a cosmetic issue for most, but for babies it’s also a health issue. With their more fragile immune systems and overall helplessness, it’s all up to parents to make the right decisions for them.

The general consensus is that it’s okay to pierce baby ears as long as the child is 2 months old or older. Once you hit that milestone, it’s time to consider where to pierce their ears and how best to prevent infections. That’s one reason it’s so important to have the child’s ears pierced in a doctor’s office. Your doctor can help you share a wonderful experience with your baby while at the same time doing it in the healthiest way possible. And of course you’ll get that great doctor’s advice along the way. Raising a child is in some ways sharing life with them, and if your beauty routine includes picking out the latest fashionable earrings, this is more than just cosmetic. It’s also a connection from your heart to your baby’s heart, an experience you’re sharing with them before they’re quite old enough to remember it. They’ll still see all those snappy family photos of themselves, though, in the cutest little baby earrings ever, and that’s sure to bring a smile to both of you in later years.


If you’re still concerned about whether to pierce baby ears, it’s okay. If you’re all psyched up and ready to get to it, rest assured that you are not the only person in the world who wants to pierce baby ears! Thousands of parents make this decision every year, and it’s always an exciting decision to make and one that you obviously take very seriously, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. Sharing life with your child is what it’s all about, and ear piercing was a huge rite of passage for many women. It signified womanhood. By piercing your infant’s ears, you’re changing the experience for them a little bit, but you’re sharing something you love just the same. As they grow older, they’ll pick out their own earrings. It’ll be like second nature to them instead of a huge deal.

Now it’s time to make the decision. To pierce or not to pierce? Ultimately, that decision is yours as the parent (lucky you). Carefully consider the pros and cons, perhaps talk to your doctor about the procedure, and then look at your child. Even if they can’t say a word yet, it’s likely that in their eyes you’ll find the answer to your question. Always search your mind for logic and your heart for answers, and you’ll generally always come up with the right answer for both you and your child.

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