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One Month Old Baby Milestones

one month old baby

One Month Old Baby Milestones

As a new parent, you are likely questioning everything you do and everything your baby is doing. There is likely a never-ending stream of questions and concerns racing through your mind. You aren’t alone with this, as everyone goes through this when they have a one month old baby.

To be honest, you’ll continue doing this despite how old your child gets. It is noticeably worse, however, when you have a one month old baby. Parenting is still relatively new to you at this point in your baby’s life, and your baby will be changing and growing like crazy.

The most important question most new parents have is whether or not their baby is developing and behaving normally. Chances are, everything is fine, but, to ease your mind, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about your one month old baby.

One Month Old Baby Behaviors

When your baby is one month old, the baby will still be communicating through crying. At this point, however, your baby likely has different cries for when they are hungry, tired, uncomfortable, or in pain. Figuring out what each of your baby’s cries means could make life easier for both you and the baby.

Your baby is likely venturing out a bit more away from being in the fetal position. Instead of tucking their legs up under their butt, you’ll notice that the legs are being stretched out more all the time. The same goes for their arms.

One Month Old Baby Senses

You may be curious about the development of your baby’s senses, and you are not alone in that. Many parents wonder about how far the baby can see, how well they can hear, and about many other aspects of the 5 senses.


Hearing is the first of the 5 senses your baby will develop, and it is actually developed around 35 weeks in utero. This is why a baby can come out of the womb and already recognize their mother’s voice.


At one month old, your baby’s eyesight still isn’t the greatest. You may notice that they have a wandering eye or that their eyes still cross sometimes, and this is entirely normal. Your baby will likely be able to see anywhere from 8 to 12 inches in front of them.

One month old babies tend to prefer contrasting colors, with black and white patterns being their favorite. These colors are easier for them to focus on and differentiate between. Their favorite thing to look at will still be human faces, however, so just hold them and talk to them when you don’t have toys nearby.


In the beginning, a baby is still working on the development of smell. Around one month, however, your baby will likely have a preference of sweet smells over bitter smells. Your baby will also be able to pick up the scent of your breastmilk, so don’t be surprised if they start feeling hungry the minute you walk in the room.


Your baby will like soft material at this age, so they may show a preference to softer blankets and cuddle items. At one month old, your baby will also prefer that movements are gentle rather than rough or sudden.

One Month Old Baby Growth Progress

When your baby was first born, you probably noticed small imperfections such as a flat nose or a cone-shaped head, but, one month in, those imperfections are likely disappearing. If they haven’t started to go away yet, you can ask your doctor but, chances are, you’ll see the changes very soon.

Your baby has likely gained a decent amount of weight by now, as well. During the first month, your baby will gain right around 6 to 8 ouches each week. That means that when you have a one month old baby, your baby will have gained about 1 and a half to 2 pounds. It is important to remember that every baby is different, however, so the best thing to do is listen to your child’s pediatrician about what is normal for your baby.

Aside from weight gain, your baby will also be gaining inches in length. By one month, your child will have grown about 1 to 1 and a half inches. Between gaining weight and inches, your baby will go through a few growth spurts where they eat more.

Another thing you might notice about your one month old baby is that their head is bigger than their body. This is normal and will eventually even out as your baby grows more. You may also notice your child’s senses developing, and by one month your baby may start tracking toys or people with their eyes as they move past.

It’s also important to discuss the umbilical cord or belly button. By now, the stump of the umbilical cord has probably fallen off but, if it hasn’t, it will fall off any day now. Chances are, however, that it has already come off and the belly button has healed.

One Month Old Baby Milestones

When you have a one month old baby, your baby will be hitting milestones all the time. One month is an especially busy time for your baby, as they are learning new things all the time. Some of the milestones you may notice include:

  • lifting their head for a short time during tummy time.
  • moving their hands to their face.
  • focusing on the faces of loved ones.
  • stretching arms out away from the body.
  • kicking their legs.

It is important that you remember each child is different. If your one month old baby hasn’t hit these milestones yet, that is perfectly fine. Some kids start later than others but will catch up without a problem.

What to Expect Next

During the next month, you’ll notice even more changes in your baby. Soon, the baby will begin to focus for longer periods of time on faces, toys, or scenery. Your baby will also begin to track people or moving objects with their eyes.

During the second month, you can also expect your baby to begin reaching for toys or other objects. This includes cups (be careful!), toys, plates, and any other object they can get their little hands on. You should try to keep rattles and other toys that are easy to hold nearby so the baby can reach for them whenever they want.

Another thing that you can look forward to in the coming month is your baby communicating more effectively, including through smiling and cooing. The cooing may take a little longer than smiling, however, so keep that in mind.

How to Help Your Baby Progress Normally

The best way to help your one month old baby is by offering plenty of tummy time. Your baby may not enjoy tummy time in the beginning, but they will quickly learn to love it.

Starting with just a minute or two at a time may be wise at first, but let your baby gauge the length of tummy time. If they begin getting upset, pick them up and soothe them. You don’t want them to begin hating tummy time, after all!

As time goes on and your baby learns to enjoy tummy time, you can start letting your baby have tummy time for up to 20 minutes. The more often they have tummy time, the stronger they will become.

Final Thoughts

As the parent to a one month old baby, you are still pretty new at this. Your parenting instincts have likely kicked in, however, and you’re beginning to become more comfortable and settled in your new role. You may still question your parenting decisions, and that is completely normal.

While there are expected milestones, growth developments, and other events that occur right around the time your baby is one month old, every child is different. If your baby hasn’t reached any of these steps yet, don’t worry. Mention it to your child’s pediatrician, and leave it up to the professionals to evaluate.

Many children don’t hit their milestones right on track, and then they end up passing the children who hit those milestones sooner. Just make sure to work with your baby to build their strength and development progress, and continue being the best parent you can be to your one month old baby.

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