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8 Unique Nursery Ideas for Boys

Few things prepare new parents for the tumult that’s soon coming to their world. There are, however, plenty of steps you can take ahead of your little boy’s arrival to help ease the transition for the whole family. Taking time to prepare your child’s room can be a fun and exciting event, but it can also be yet another item to be crossed off the to-do list. To help make that task a little easier, here are some great nursery ideas for boys.

Animals, Animals, Everywhere.

Animal themed baby rooms are popular for a good reason. They give parents plenty of space to get creative while still keeping the charm and whimsy you expect in a child’s room. Within the broad theme of animals, parents can choose any number of variations: barnyard animals, sea creatures, winged animals, woodland critters, and more. A fun idea for parents who also love to travel is to incorporate the native fauna from a favorite destination into your baby’s nursery.

Into the Woods and Beyond.

Another perennial favorite for parents deciding on a theme is the nature-inspired decor. Unlike with animals, you don’t have to stay on Earth to find ways to get creative. Pictures of a starry evening sky or a sunset scene on the wall are warm and comforting; don’t forget you will also likely be sending plenty of time in the baby’s room. The sky is far from the only source of inspiration found in nature. Forest themes complete with mountains, trees, lakes, or rivers are serene and soothing but still lend plenty to a child’s growing imagination. Don’t count out the peace and calm from the beach or desert vistas as well.

Trees, Leaves, and Things that Grow.

Children love things that grow-because they’re growing too! Trees of all kinds are great choices for decorating your boy’s room. A large mural filled with trees is a striking focal point for a baby’s nursery. However, several smaller decorative items showcase the theme just as well and can be easily adjusted as your baby boy grows and their tastes change. Fauna comes in all shapes and sizes, so much like the animal world, there are many different options to choose from and a diverse range of habitats you can select.
Four walls in a room, four rooms in a season; it sounds like a room for all seasons. A fun take on the nature angle is to dedicate each nursery wall to celebrating a different season.

Colors and Patterns.

If the idea of trying to choose only one single adorable theme from all the choices available sounds daunting, feel free to keep it simple and stick to a basic color palette or pattern. These are great nursery ideas because they can be as temporary or as permanent as you like. Most home and garden stores have all the tools and material you need to paint an entire wall or room in a soothing (or bold) color scheme, or if you are interested in adding some dimension, you will also find all the necessary items to imprint a sleek and stylish pattern to the walls. ( Some popular color palettes to choose from include:

  • pastel
  • primary
  • earth tones

Sentimental Favorites.

Trusted favorites are always a solid go-to if you find inspiration failing to strike. Cartoon characters are fun and whimsical for all generations, and many retailers are savvy to the nostalgic consumer, so it’s not difficult to find your childhood favorites to incorporate into the baby’s room. Long-beloved classic like trains and teddy bears will long stay in fashion, as will the magical and awe-inspiring world of fairy tales. Take a trip down memory lane and see what long-forgotten wonders you can re-create for your child.

Music, Art, and Literature.

Do you have a favorite band? A favorite author? A favorite artist? It bears repeating that you also will be spending a lot of time in your boy’s nursery, so take the opportunity to make sure it’s a place you enjoy being. Avid readers may choose to emphasize bookshelves and reading baskets ( or select your favorite character or series by a particular author. Musicians can share their love of music early and often with a framed favorite piece of music, musical decor, or some actual instruments (if you’re feeling bold).

Go Global.

Welcoming a new baby has many parents find themselves nesting, but some may also start to feel a strong sense of wanderlust thinking about settling into an entirely new way of living. If you find yourself in the latter camp, embrace your inner vagabond, and create a nursery that enchants the imagination with trinkets and decorations from across the globe. Maps are a great nursery item to instill the spirit of a travel bug young. You can further personalize it with maps of the favorite places you’ve been or those places you’re still itching to go.


No, you don’t need to plaster the nursery’s walls with french fries or pizza. There are a lot of places for the gourmand parent to find inspiration in the world of food. Consider herbs and spices as decorative accents or use their shades and hues for inspiration with a color palette. Food all comes from somewhere, and some of the best food for us grows right in our gardens, so take a look in your backyard to help spur your creativity. Fruits and vegetables have nice, bright, and vivid colors, which are easier for baby eyes to see; plus, it doesn’t hurt to start those healthy eating habits early. (

Getting ready for baby’s arrival is exciting, if stressful, time for new parents. One of the joys is creating new space for your baby when they finally come home. With all the ideas out there to choose for a baby’s room, it can be hard to know where to start or how to narrow down your options. These nursery ideas for boys can help you get started in the right direction.

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