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My Toddler Sleeps on My Pregnant Belly

    Most pregnant mothers have a challenge when pregnant is getting their toddler to avoid sleeping on their pregnant belly. There is the constant worry of when a toddler sleeps on the pregnant belly there might be some repercussions thereafter.

    At times having a toddler who is too clingy can prove to be hard to have them stop, sleeping on your pregnant belly.

    You are probably in constant worry about what step you have to take to avoid upsetting your toddler and, in the same light, not end up hurt.

    Here are some facts which you deserve to know about toddlers sleeping on a pregnant belly.

    Gentle hugs, snuggles, and petting of the belly is fine

    Toddlers find it difficult trying to detach from their mother even when she is heavily pregnant. If you are pregnant and your toddler does not want to let go, pushing them away all the time is not the right move.

    You can always let your toddler snuggle, hug, and even pet your belly. One of the ways through which toddlers get to bond with their siblings is through bonding with your belly.

    Also, such times prove good to spend time with your toddler so as they do not feel like you are deviating the attention you often give them and spending all day taking care of your belly.

    Kicks and blows might hurt you and not the unborn baby

    Some toddlers are very strong, and a single blow to your pregnant belly can cause some serious hurt. You can talk to your child to avoid hitting your belly had. Let them know the belly is carrying their future sibling, and hurting your belly will hurt them too.

    Some toddlers love the idea of a sibling, and the moment they realize your pregnant belly is carrying their sibling, you will realize they become gentler.

    Also, the blows and hitting which your toddler does depend on the phase of the pregnancy. During the late months of your pregnancy, kicks and blows from a violent toddler can cause serious pre-term labor issues.

    However, during the early semester of your pregnancy, everything is fine. All you have to do is establish communication with your child, so they are aware of their actions. If your toddler is an understanding toddler, they will give you an easy time.

    One of the facts which you have to be aware of is when your toddler kicks and lands blow on your pregnant tummy. The repercussions are more likely to hurt you more than hurting the baby inside your tummy.

    Consult with your Obgyn

    If you have back problems, you might be worrying yourself sick whether when you let your toddler sleep on your pregnant belly, there will be any repercussions.

    Sometimes you can fill your worries with beliefs which you have come across somewhere, but at the end of the day, the right answer to your constant worry lies with your ob-gyn. These professionals will tell you what is acceptable when it comes to your pregnant belly and what is not.

    Staying on the knowledge side of pregnancy will enable you to know how to deal with your toddler. If your back problems won’t worsen with letting your toddler sleeping on your pregnant belly, you will be well aware of the same.

    Also, if you have to keep your toddler away from your pregnant belly for your health sake, you will know.

    Despite the above, your toddler just sleeping on your pregnant belly if you are in perfect health, will not in any way harm the unborn child.

    Change your sleeping position

    If you sleep on your back and your toddler in return sleeps on your pregnant belly, the position might be uncomfortable for you. What you have to do is find a sleeping position which is comfortable for you.

    When you are sleeping in a comfortable position, even if your toddler sleeps on your pregnant belly, you are unlikely to end up with great discomfort.

    Let your toddler bond with his or her unborn sibling the right way by finding sleeping positions that will be comfortable for you and your small bundle of joy who loves spending time with your pregnant belly.

    The toddler is trying to be affectionate

    If you are the type of mother who is always sleepy when pregnant, your toddler might be missing his or her mum, and they just want to be there for you.

    Toddlers can be affectionate and for them showing their affection means being close to you all the time. They probably think the popping belly is an ailment, and you could be in wanting attention and affection.

    Also, there is some level of comfort which a pregnant belly provides to a toddler. Some toddlers will completely abandon all other ways of soothing themselves to sleep and turn to your pregnant belly as the new place to derive their sleep from or just relax.

    There is no cause for alarm at all here. Let your toddler love on you unless their sleeping on your pregnant belly results in discomfort; you can keep letting them sleep on your pregnant belly.

    It is their way of coming into terms with your pregnancy

    If your toddler is aware of what pregnancy brings forth, they could be in denial and curious at the same time wanting to know why another baby is coming into the family. Letting them sleep on your pregnant belly might help them come into terms with the impending reality.

    The more the toddler bonds with your pregnant belly, the more their attachment to the unborn baby grows. Thereafter they will even begin being anxious about the arrival of their baby brother or sister.

    Finally, when the baby arrives, you will realize you don’t have to try too much to make your toddler bond with the baby because they were already waiting for the day they will arrive.

    With these facts, you will realize your worries drifting away, and you no longer have to worry about your toddler sleeping on your pregnant belly.

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