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My Toddler Hates When I Sing!

    Why Does My Toddler Hate When I Sing?

    In many cases, some toddlers are not interested when their parents start to sing to them during the day. Many toddlers might even get upset or walk away when their mother or father starts singing. To get your toddler to start enjoying hearing your voice singing, try using one of the seven tips below to see if it helps any. Sometimes, even just exploring new music with them or dancing while you sing will be enough to get their attention. Before giving up on trying to get them to enjoy the moment, try multiple tips to ensure that you and your toddler get to have fun singing at home. If they do not enjoy one, hop to the next and cross your fingers, they start to smile.

    Explore new music with your toddler.

    If your toddler just isn’t having it when you start singing songs they used to love, try exploring new music with them. A great way to accomplish this is by sitting down together at the computer or on your phone to start searching. All you have to do simply is type in children’s music and start sifting through different genres and artists. Although it may make multiple songs before they find one they like, it is most certainly worth the time spent.

    Dance a little with your little!

    Even though you may try over and over again to get your toddler to enjoy your singing, sometimes it doesn’t work. Instead of just singing to them and expecting them to sing along, try adding some dance moves into the mix. Once your toddler starts to see how much fun you have dancing and singing, they may want to join in. To make sure they can follow along, be sure to make your dancing simple so they can copy you and start in on the fun.

    Get your toddler to sing along with your singing.

    Instead of just busting out a tune for your toddler to listen to, try getting them involved with the activity. If you’re singing a new song, try to say the first verse a few times so they can get the hang of it and sing along as well. Even if they are just humming the tune to match your words, it will surely help them enjoy you singing to them. Even if they only enjoy it here and there, at least it allows them to sing or hum along beside you.

    Let your toddler pick the song.

    Before you start singing to your toddler, try letting them pick a song first. By letting them choose a song to sing, they are more likely to join in as they know exactly what they are singing. When a toddler enjoys a song, he or she may even start dancing around with joy as they are familiar with the lyrics and verses in that particular song. Hearing their favorite song will also help them come to terms with what type of music they like, which helps mold their personality while you watch and learn as they find themselves. Toddlers are starting to become their independent little person, so letting them discover music is a beneficial activity for you and them.

    Watch children’s music videos while you sing.

    To get your child to interact better while you sing to them, try turning on a music video. When you are picking out the video, be sure to give them options so they can take part in the activity. When they can choose a song they enjoy, they are more likely to join in and start singing along with you. Always be sure to save every video your child likes to have them sing along with you every time. Once you have a little list going, you will notice their excitement when the singing time comes around.

    Sing softly around your toddler.

    If you are singing your toddler to sleep at night or before a nap, try singing more softly to them. Sometimes your toddler may act as if they don’t want you singing because it may be too loud for them to fall asleep to. Once you start humming a tune or singly softly, you will notice your child paying more attention to you as they fall asleep. When you choose a song you will be singing to them, be sure to pick something with a slow pace and memorable lyrics so they will look forward to hearing it at the end of every day.

    Use songs from your toddler’s favorite cartoons!

    If you have exhausted all ideas to get your toddler to listen to you, sing to them, try a song from their favorite cartoon. Once they notice what you are singing, they may jump right in and start singing along with you as they already know the lyrics. To find out what songs interest them the most, sit and watch them as they are in front of the TV and wait for them to start dancing. By picking out their very favorite, you are bound to get your toddler to start smiling the moment you start singing that song to them.

    After you are done exploring the tips provided to you above, you may have found the perfect fix to your problem. Many toddlers will become frustrated or easily annoyed when you sing, which is completely normal for that age range. Instead of getting frustrated yourself, use one of the seven tips to try and ease them into singing along with you. It may take time to find something that works for them, but in the end, you will have your little child singing and dancing throughout your home. Even if you cannot find relief in the situation, remember that all children grow out of these stages, and sometimes you just have to give it time.

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