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My Toddler Hates Getting Dressed!

How to Dress Your Toddler When Ever They Hate Getting Dressed

As an adult, the process of getting dressed is probably so ingrained you do not even need to think about it. However, it was not always this way for you, and it will not likely be quite that easy for your children. For whatever reason, it seems that many toddlers simply are obstinate whenever it comes to getting ready in the morning. This has caused many parents headaches as they struggle with their children to try and get out of the house on time. If you have been suffering from a child that has been stubborn about getting dressed and you are ready to break, then some of these tips will be useful for you.

Turn It into a Game

You are never going to win over your talk work by treating them the same way that you would an adult. Instead, a much better strategy is to put yourself in their shoes and get on their level. Children love to play games, and while they hate getting dressed, you can convince them that it is a game, you can probably get them to be much more cooperative. Just remember to sell it because you want this to work more than one time. If you can do this right, then every morning, your children will get ready and compete to see who can be ready first.

Get Them Involved in the Decision-Making Process

Although it is tempting to make every decision for your children as they get into their toddler years, they can become resentful for not having any kind of autonomy. If you have found that your child was cooperative in the past, but no longer is there’s a good chance, they feel that they have no role in the decisions. You can try to experiment by allowing them to choose between several options. That way, they at least have some part to play in choosing out their clothes for the day. This could seriously save you and your partner some stress over the years if you can implement it effectively.

Reward Them for Cooperation

Punishment is much less effective at creating new styles of behavior then rewards are. Instead of getting angry at your children anytime that they are not cooperative and you have difficulty getting them dressed, simply reward them whenever they make it easy for you. Over time this will build an association for the children between cooperating while they are getting dressed and receiving a reward afterward. If you are about ready to tear your hair out because of how difficult it is to get your children dressed in the morning, this could be a serious game-changer for you.

Divert and Distract Their Attention

Luckily, adults are much more capable of maintaining their train of thought then children are. If none of the tips that have been listed so far have been effective, then you may need to change your tactics to something a little more devious. Instead of letting them know what is going on, you can try to distract them. This can be done in several ways. You could give them a TV and have them watch cartoons while you take care of getting them dressed or give them some other type of game. Either way, the goal here is to simply get through the process of getting dressed as quickly as possible because as soon as they are no longer distracted, they will likely be incredibly uncooperative.

Implement Reverse Psychology

Instead of pleading with your children to behave and begging them to get dressed so you can go ahead and get on with your day, trying the exact opposite. Tell them that they cannot get dressed because they must stay home today. Reverse psychology can be effective on adults in the best of circumstances, and it is possible to use it with incredible efficiency on children. They are not developed cognitively enough yet to recognize what exactly is going on. Many times for children that are uncooperative simply because you told them that they could not do it, they will do it. This means that by telling them not to get dressed, they will end up getting dressed.

Use Clothes That Are Fresh Out Of the Dryer

Sometimes children do not like to get dressed because they are sensitive to items that are touching their skin. If your work clothes are fairly cold because of being in the closet all night, this could be a deterrent for your children.

It may feel very uncomfortable as you are putting the clothes on and cause them to seize up and resist cooperating. Instead of putting clothes from the closet straight onto your child, if they have been defiant lately when it comes to getting dressed, you should consider putting them inside of the dryer first. If you put clothes that are fresh out of the dryer on your child instead of quotes feeling cold, they will be very warm and comfortable.

Most of the time, children will be much more excited about getting dressed if the quotes are more comfortable for them to put on. This is a great way to help alleviate much of the suffering that you have been dealing with as you struggle to get your kids dressed.

Make a Song to Sing along with about Getting Dressed

Children love to be involved and are always excited whenever their parent or guardian is also involved. Parents have made songs to get their children to cooperate with them for several different activities over the years.

You can apply this same concept to getting dressed. Write your original song that is fairly simple. It needs to be something that the kids can remember easily. The next time that you are ready to get them dressed to make sure that they are familiar with the song and sing it along with them as you are getting them ready. They will most likely be much more cooperative as you put their clothes on.

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