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My Toddler Gets Tired Quickly

Sometimes kids get exhausted, and that is okay. Perhaps they are ever busy, with too much play. The only concern is if your child continually depicts weird tiredness, and consulting a physician can help rule out an underlying condition. Even if the reason is due to lifestyle and diet, it would still be practical to seek extra advice to help your child.

Some of the Common Reasons for Extreme Fatigue in Toddlers

One of the typical signs of fatigue in kids is dehydration. If they are out playing most of the time, you could forget to have them drink that essential glass of water. And a human body cannot function appropriately, sans additional water intake. Another critical reason could be due to sleep issues. Does your child have an irregular sleep pattern? If they do not get enough slumber or get up most of the night, the body system doesn’t get the rest it deserves to generate enough energy for the next day. Hence the tiredness you see in your toddler.

Mental Health Can Also Affect Your Child Energy Levels

A few mental and mood-related conditions such as stress and anxiety can be why your child has low energy. For example, if they are anxious in any way, it also means their little bodies go into an adrenaline rush. At this point, everything becomes heightened, leading to a crash in their energy levels. Whether it’s short-lived or goes on for more extended periods, any apprehension can be the onset of tiredness. Mood altering conditions such as depression can affect your kid, too, for various reasons.  It will mostly cause an imbalance in their brain, leading to a certain sluggishness in their disposition.

These Adjustments to Your Child’s Lifestyle Can Enhance Energy

As much as your toddler may enjoy their busy daily schedule, ensure they also have some downtime. Of course, they will nag you about being bored, but it is for their benefit to have some rest to recoup energy. Then, of course, stick to a bedtime routine that allows them to have a night of adequate sleep. Is your child experiencing overstimulation, perhaps with computer games and noisy TV programs? Whatever it is, keep it a minimum, especially when they should be getting to bed. This allows their mind to calm, for good sleep and regeneration of the body functions. 

In the meantime, an immediate assessment of fatigue is usually diet habits. It is because gut health and digestion determine your kid’s overall energy output. A low diet can cause tummy aches, bloating, and sometimes diarrhea. Then, digestive issues are a leading cause of gut inflammation and conditions like Coeliac disease. Addressing your child’s nutrition deficiencies by ensuring they have a balanced diet means you are also taking charge of their gut health.

Professional Advice on Nutritional Deficiencies 

According to experts, various deficiencies in your child’s food composition can be the real cause of low energy. Upon assessment, the likelihood of limited amounts of magnesium, Vitamin B13, NS Omega 3 fatty acids can be the reason for your child’s problem. Then, if your little one is a fussy eater and avoiding such iron-rich foods such as red meat, the result is low iron levels. You can check for signs such as lack of appetite, frequent infections, paleness, and the tendency to get tired so quickly after a few activities. Your child might be diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia. As you may discover, blood is the primary supplier of oxygen throughout the body. If your child is anemic, then this function is compromised, hence the lethargy and weariness.

Useful Tips to Avoid Iron Deficiency

Assuming a low iron level is the underlying cause for your child’s fatigue, a little know-how can help amp their energy. For example, animal food has some of the highest iron sources, so provide your child with meat, poultry, and fish. But some kids dislike meat, and so you can opt for plant foods such as lentils, hummus, and any others that your nutritionist might suggest. Dairy products also carry sufficient iron, so let your child have that crucial cup of milk. 

Generally, be observant if your toddler is lethargic. Anything could be the cause, and it requires you to investigate any commissions and omission regarding daily lifestyle, sleep habits, hydration, and nutrition. You can  also incorporate your doctor’s advice for your child’s overall health.

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