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Help! My Teenage Son Is Going to Be a Father!

It may seem as though just yesterday, you were raising a baby boy. Before you know it, your teen son is no longer a baby and is growing up quickly. Now, your teenage boy is about to parent his own child.

While there are countless questions parents have in the scenario, the most pressing one is, “What do I do now?”

How should I feel about my teenage son having a child?

Though most parents don’t expect their teenage children to get pregnant, it happens often. If you’re just discovering that your child is becoming a father, you’re likely feeling overwhelmed.

From feeling disappointment and sorrow to worrying about the future, it’s normal to experience a range of emotions. Whatever you’re currently feeling, it’s important to acknowledge what’s happening.

Though some parents react badly once they learn their child is having a baby, try to avoid this. Getting angry and lashing out doesn’t change the situation.

Accepting that you’re having a grandchild is the first step in preparing for what’s to come. Find a way to get past your disappointment to empathize with your son’s situation.

How do talk to my son about this unplanned pregnancy?

In this difficult situation, your son’s girlfriend is facing an important decision: to keep the baby or not. While you can weigh in on this decision, it’s not ultimately up to you.

Make sure your son knows you’re supporting him, whatever choice he and his girlfriend make. Try your best to prepare him for either outcome. Give your son the resources to make an educated decision. Whatever they decide to do, make sure they get the proper medical care needed.

If the teenagers decide to keep their child, make sure your son knows how his life will change. Explain his responsibilities as a parent and what steps he needs to take to raise a family.

Understanding your teen’s feelings

Your teen is likely to experience a range of strange emotions. It’s unlikely your teenage boy was planning to start a family so young. Now he’s worrying about how to make a living and support his child.

While you may be angry that this is happening, try to understand how your son is feeling. Your son needs stability now more than ever.

Keeping your cool makes it easier for your son to talk to you. Many teenagers are so afraid of how their parents will react, they never tell them.

Avoid the complications that come with a secret pregnancy by encouraging your son to be open with you. Though something unexpected is happening, it’s something you can all get through together.

Concerning topics about teenage pregnancy

When it comes to teen pregnancy, proper medical care is important. Take action early on to make sure your son and his girlfriend are as healthy as possible. Teen mothers are especially at risk without the right medical care.

If she intends on keeping her child, make sure she starts taking prenatal medicine and has regular appointments with an obstetrician. Likewise, help her put together birthing plans so she’s fully prepared for the big day.

In addition to addressing physical health concerns, make sure your son’s emotional and mental wellbeing are stable. Suggest that your son seek counseling during this stage in his life. This way, he can address concerns regarding college, his career, and his relationship.

What do I do about my son’s girlfriend?

Your son’s pregnant girlfriend is likely terrified. While her parents may be willing to support her, this may not always be the case.

Support your son by supporting his girlfriend to the best of your abilities. While this may not mean moving his girlfriend into your home, being available emotionally is important too.

Through the ups and downs of this journey, your son’s relationship may suffer serious blows. Be the emotional sounding board for him as he makes big decisions about his future.

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