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My Teenage Daughter Is So Mean!

At times, teenage girls get a bad rap. Known for being catty and callous, teenage girls often give their parents a hard time.

If your teenager is making life difficult for you, chances are, she’s just growing up. Mean teenagers, while annoying, are simply experiencing the worst of adolescence. While teenagers mean teenagers make living with them uncomfortable, this won’t last forever.

Are all teenage daughters rude to their parents?

While their words are hurtful, teenage daughters’ outbursts are more about them than you. Parents are frequently the recipients of their teenage daughters’ hurtful words. Whether your daughter gives you the silent treatment or she is just rude, it’s probably her lashing out.

When your teenager is being rude, it’s important to say something. Highlight the mean or rude behavior when it happens. Make it a point that she should behave appropriately and treat you with respect.

In your efforts to correct your teen’s behavior, ask them why they lashed out. If your teen is open to talking, they may tell you the cause of their anger. If not, keep the lines of communication open while letting them know being mean isn’t okay.

Why is my teen so mean?

As teens aim to discover who they really are without their parents, they may try to push them away.

Though the process of establishing emotional autonomy, teens develop their own set of limits and values. In her efforts to find herself outside of you, she may challenge your values and rules. Through confrontation and conflict, she uses her meanness as a way to assert her independence.

How do I discipline my rude daughter?

A rude teenager is challenging to deal with. While their being rude to you or others is hurtful, it’s not personal. Your teenager’s meanness isn’t reflective of how they feel about you. Oftentimes, teens are rude to their parents because they see them as an authority figure in their life. This rudeness indicates how important you really are to them,

Separating your child’s actions and behavior from their true feelings is certainly easier said than done. However, as a parent, it’s important to avoid taking this mean attitude to heart.

Understand that your teen is trying to find her voice. While this isn’t the best way to go about it, they’ll eventually change their behavior.

Don’t let rudeness slide

While it’s important to be understanding of what your teen is feeling, it’s just as important to call them out. Teenagers have to find appropriate ways to deal with their feelings.

Teach your teen to find better ways to express themselves. Never let rudeness slide when interacting with your teen. The next time your teen is mean, stay calm. Your teen is likely hoping to get a reaction out of you.

Speak deliberately and stay focused. Highlight the fact that you’re calling them out for being rude. While your teenager may sigh loudly or roll their eyes, continue to demand that they behave respectfully.

When disciplining your child, keep it sharp and short. Tell them what you expect and what type of behavior you don’t like. Make it a habit to end the conversation if they continue to be mean. Until your teen can speak to you respectfully without being mean, there’s no reason to continue talking.

Connecting with your teen

Relationships with teens are often fraught with emotion. While your teen may be rude one day, they still need their parents.

Despite your teen’s burgeoning sense of independence, they need to know that you’re always going to be there. Try your best to foster a sense of connection with your teen. While she may try to push away from you, fight hard to keep your connection.

As your teen continues to grow, try to give them more independence. While you’ll still need to correct their rude behavior, let them know that you see their growth. Continuing to love and believe in them will go a long way in fighting their mean attitude.

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