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My Teenage Daughter Is Always Tired!

Does your teenage daughter need more sleep?

Sleepiness is common among teenagers. According to the Sleep Foundation, nearly 69% of high school students don’t get enough sleep.

My Teenage Daughter Is Always Tired

Is your teenager constantly yawning? Does she drag herself out of bed late every weekend? If so, something is keeping her tired. She’s probably not getting enough good, deep sleep. She also might be running herself ragged with studying, working, or taking part in after-school activities. Fortunately, these are problems you can fix easily.

Is Your Teenager Getting Enough Sleep?

If you’re used to your teenagers sleeping late, it’s not because they’re lazy.

We used to think teenagers needed the same amount of sleep as adults. In fact, they need a lot more. Studies have found that teenagers need at least nine hours of sleep each night.

Teenagers also experience a shift in their circadian rhythms, which are the natural impulses that help us stay awake or asleep. It is usually a shift of about two hours. That means a teen who normally fell asleep by 10:00 pm won’t feel sleepy until midnight. Getting up for school at 6:00 or 7:00 the next morning creates a chronically sleep-deprived, tired teen.

Is She Involved In a Lot of Activities?

Many teenagers have packed schedules. They go to school, have homework and might have part-time jobs. Your teenage daughter might be involved in sports, band, after-school clubs and other activities.

It’s also likely she has a rich social life. If she’s like most teenage girls, she probably has friends she talks to several times a day by phone, text and social media. On top of all that, she might be dating.

It adds up to a full schedule that is keeping her up too many nights in a row.

Sleep Deprivation Is Dangerous for Teenagers

Losing sleep is dangerous for everyone, and it’s particularly bad for adolescents. A drowsy teenager can be in danger of the following.

  • Irritability: Teenagers aren’t good at controlling their moods under the best circumstances. If your daughter is tired, she’ll be even more angry and moody than usual.
  • Schoolwork: Your daughter’s schoolwork will suffer if she’s always tired. A tired teen can’t function at full mental power.
  • Risky behavior: Teens who are chronically exhausted are more prone to try artificial stimulants. This frequently leads to smoking, using other drugs and drinking alcohol.
  • Driving dangers: Teenagers are the drivers most likely to fall asleep at the wheel.

Help Your Teenage Daughter Get the Rest She Needs

There are things you can do to help your teenager get enough sleep. She may resist some of these steps, so you must be firm.

Set a regular sleep schedule. This is the most important step you can take. A regular sleep schedule will help your teenager regulate her circadian rhythms. Don’t let her oversleep on the weekends because this will make it hard to get back on her schedule.

Consider naps. Napping for 20 or 30 minutes in the afternoon can help your daughter feel more rested.

Turn off all electronic devices. Turn off electronic devices and social media before bedtime. Staying glued to a blue screen will disrupt your daughter’s sleep. She should stop using these devices at least 20 minutes before her bedtime.

Cut down on caffeine. Your teen should stop drinking coffee, cola and other caffeinated drinks in the afternoon.

Develop a relaxation routine. A routine can include a cup of herbal tea, a warm bath or relaxing music.

Better Sleep Is Good for Both of You

A regular sleep routine will make you and your daughter happier. You’ll worry less when you know she’s getting the sleep she needs.

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    Most nights I get my 8 hours of sleep and it’s just wonderful! I really feel like I understand her little body and mind and can address her sleeping holistically. I can’t thank you enough, Kacey and the team!

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