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My Son’s Teacher Is Bullying Him!

Adults aren’t supposed to bully children, but this can happen in some situations. Teachers especially should be there to help guide your child through school, but sometimes they take things too far.

In some cases, teachers turn into a child’s bully. How do you stop your child from getting bullied by their teacher?

My son’s teacher is a bully.

Some teachers are ill-equipped to run their classrooms. In their attempts to manage their students, they may lose control and try to manipulate, ridicule, or condemn students. In doing this, teachers can hurt their students’ sense of self as they turn into a bully themselves.

While it is easy to call someone a bully, many parents don’t recognize the traits of bullying at first. It’s important to understand and believe your child when they tell you what they feel. If your son’s teacher is verbally or emotionally bullying their students, it’s important to take action as soon as possible.

What do I do to stop the bullying?

Speaking with the teacher is an important step in stopping the bullying. Whether it’s a parent-teacher conference or a meeting with the principal, it’s important to address the situation immediately.

In addition to having a conversation about the bullying, don’t hesitate to document and report all incidents. Whenever your son tells you about another bullying experience, write down the time, date, and description of what happened.

In the situation of a teacher bullying a student, other adults may not always be willing to believe the story. Make sure your child knows that you think they’re telling the truth about the bullying. Go out of your way to make sure other adults believe them as well.

Should I move my child to a new school?

In a serious situation of a teacher bullying a child, the school should punish the teacher. While some schools will take quick action to discipline bullying, others may ignore it altogether. If this is the case, you may need to take drastic measures.

If there isn’t a way for your child to get a new teacher, consider moving to another school.
Your child should grow up in an environment where teachers will nurture them as they learn. Private schools and homeschooling are always other options for parents hoping to give their children positive learning experiences.

How can I protect my child from a mean teacher?

Supporting your child after an incident of bullying is very important. Especially if your child has to see their teacher every day at school, help your child understand what bullying is and identify it when it happens.

Your child’s self-esteem may take a serious blow after bullying. Help your child work through feelings of insecurity or inadequacy. Make sure they’re well aware of their strengths and talents as you shower them with praise.

As you help your child work through the emotional trauma of bullying, help them move on from it. Spent more time focusing on the positive aspects of their lives. By getting your child to pay attention to their favorite hobbies and activities, they’ll build up a resistance.

Your child won’t be afraid of all teachers.

Whether or not you put an end to the bullying, it’s important to teach your child how to handle themselves in this situation. As they go through their lives, they’ll likely encounter other people that don’t like them. Learning to be resilient will help them ignore these hateful people as they continue to believe in themselves.

Adults shouldn’t bully children, but sometimes they do. If this happens to your child, make sure they know they’ve done nothing wrong. Teach your child that certain adults have their issues and mistakenly take them out on others.

As you fight for your child to have healthy classroom experience, keep this information in mind. Not all adults will treat your child as they should, so never hesitate to fight for what’s right.

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