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My Son’s First Breakup and Broken Heart

Your teen’s break up may seem like the end of the world for your son, but it’s not. While your teen is sad right now, this breakup is the perfect opportunity to help your teen through a difficult time.

While it hurts to see your teen in pain, it’s part of life. Parents should try their best to give their teens the support they need right now.

How Do I Help My Teen With His Breakup?

Your teenage son is experiencing his first breakup. Likely sad and withdrawn, he may wonder how he can go on without his first love.

Before you share how sad or angry you are for him, put yourself in his shoes. Your son doesn’t want to hear how better off he is or that his feelings won’t last. Right now, this breakup is the most important thing happening in his life. Take this into consideration as you do your best to validate his feelings.

Really listening to your child is the best way to start talking about his breakup. As you give him a listening ear and shoulder to cry on, he’ll feel comfortable continuing to be vulnerable with you.

What Is My Son Feeling Right Now?

Though we’ve all had our share of breakups, it can be hard to relate to what your son is feeling. All breakups are painful, but the very first heartbreak is like no other.

Feeling the rush of young love only to have it taken away is tough. Teens often have very idyllic ideas of love, believing that their first love is their last one. While parents know this isn’t likely, heartbroken teens don’t know what to believe.

Your son needs to grieve this loss. Though he will eventually get over losing his teenage love, his relationship meant a lot to him. Parents must be sympathetic as their teens go through the motions of getting over a heartbreak.

How Can I Help Him Believe In Love Again?

There’s nothing quite like the end of a relationship to make a teen’s self-esteem plummet. After a breakup, it’s easy to feel as though no one will ever love you again.

Help your teen see that this isn’t true.

While your teen may not be ready to hop into another relationship, he needs to believe that it is possible. After you give your teen time to grieve, remind him how lovable he is.

Remind your child of all their unique qualities. Telling your son how strong, handsome, smart, and compassionate he is will help him feel better about himself. Over time, your son will start to believe in himself again.

Helping Your Son Find Himself Again

Your son needs to see that being single again is a new opportunity. It’s easy to get caught up in a relationship, so much so that many teens lose themselves in the process.

Remind your teen of all the things they love by encouraging them to try their favorite hobbies again. Getting out and having fun with friends and participating in activities he loves will help your son find himself again.

As your teen gets his bearings back after his breakup, you may want to suggest counseling. In our best efforts to heal, working with a therapist can help us overcome our relationship-related anxieties and insecurities.

As he works to get over his headache, therapy will also help him improve his emotional and mental health. With regular counseling, your son will have a better idea of who he is and what he’s looking for in future relationships.

Life After a Breakup

Just as grieving a breakup is important, it’s essential to start looking towards the future. Make sure your son has time to do both.

Give your son a heavy dose of optimism as you discuss his future goals. Talking about his dreams will help him see there’s more to life than teenage love. Though it will take some time, with your constant support and care, your son’s broken heart will heal.

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