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My Son’s Favorite Color Is Pink. Is This Normal?

    We are living in an age where there is nothing you can overlook as a parent. Now that is good since you are after the wellbeing of your children. For this cause, you will prevent them from watching movies before they are of age. And even when they are ready, you want to control what they watch. These are all excellent concerns. Who would not want their children to have good morals? That’d be absurd.

    However, it gets more confusing when you have to confront the issue of color. We all know that color is essential. And when your child can identify something using color, that is a delight. It’s also not difficult to recognize your child’s favorite color. You will see it all over their face when they come into contact with an object of that color.

    What if your son fell in love with the pink color? That would disturb you since you know that the pink color is associated with girls. So, should you worry or not? That is the answer this article gives. We are going to do better than that. We also give you some inside information about colors. So, please take a deep breath and learn with us.

    Pink Color and Gender Identification

    As we all know today, pink is a color associated with girls or the female gender. But how is that? Well, let’s take you back. Before the 1940s, there was no such thing as associating color with gender. 

    Parents dressed their children in every array of colors. Parents also dressed their babies in white until the children were about the age of six years. In the 1940s, however, parents began dressing their children in different colors instead of white. Today, the U.S has made no official statement that color signifies a specific gender. 

    The girls then took the pink color as the boys took the blue color. However, in the 70s and 80s, the women’s liberation movement brought this idea to a stop. It was not long until fashion brought the subject up again.

    According to the little history you now know, no color is gender-specific. Any person is free to choose any shade of their choice.

    Pink Color Once Belonged to Boys

    If you look at the color pink, to what color is it similar? You can say that it is a cousin to the red color. The red color, on the other hand, is associated with blood, signifying war. Now before world war II, the pink color was a boy’s color. Simultaneously, the blue color that is said to be a boy’s color was a girl’s color.

    Your Son Doesn’t Know What You Know

    Before you overreact, you should know children are not aware of how we classify color. Furthermore, children love bright colors, and pink is one of the bright colors. So, naturally, your son may find the pink color attractive to him.

    Therefore, you should not judge your son by the mere act of choosing a specific color above others. Furthermore, as your son grows up, he will change his preference for color. That means that he may end up loving the blue color. So you don’t have to freak out thinking that your son is gay or something. If he is, you will be able to see the signs in his actions rather than color.

    Let Your Son Be

    When it comes to making choices of a harmless nature, you should let your son make such choices. That will help them in the developmental stages. Don’t you admire a child who can think for themselves and act without you having to ponder for them? Well, that is how it starts. You have to let your son be.

    Let’s Wrap It Up

    Colors have nothing to do with the gender of children. So don’t get worried about your son being gay. If your son likes pink today, check him after a year or so. You will notice that his choice of color will have changed then. However, if you feel you should do something about it, you can think of buying him toys in different colors. By doing that, you are slowly weaning them off that “girlish” color.

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