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My Son Is Obsessed With His Girlfriend

Dating as a teenager is a tumultuous time. As teens experience their first real relationships, they go through many ups and downs. From feeling truly in love to deeply devastated, young love is a rollercoaster.

If your teenage son is currently dating, he may be experiencing aa wave of emotions. It’s easy to feel head-over-heels when you’re young.

While it’s natural to be happy and in love, becoming obsessed is another situation.

Is my son overly obsessed with his girlfriend?

There isn’t always a line when a relationship becomes too serious. However, if your teenage son gets more involved with his partner, there might be a problem.

Even though relationships are important at this age, spending too much time fantasizing about one’s relationship is unhealthy. Teens that get too wrapped up in their partner may miss out on time needed to study or spend with friends.

Likewise, teens’ brains are still developing. Getting attached too quickly to the wrong person can cause them to have serious baggage in the future.

As your child continues to experiment with romantic relationships, they need to develop healthy boundaries. If your child is too obsessed with his relationship, it may be time to step in.

How do I tell my son he is too serious with his girlfriend?

Getting too serious too quickly with anyone in a relationship is a setup for failure. Rushing into love may have serious consequences for teens. From unplanned pregnancies to broken hearts, moving too quickly is a bad idea.

Help your son press the brakes in his relationship by giving him a chance to step back. With the opportunity to come up for air, your son will have a better shot at a healthy relationship.

What limits can I set for my son’s relationships?

As you explain to your son why he should be careful in his relationships, show him by setting certain guidelines. Help your son understand his dating boundaries with rules to help him move at a slower pace.

Though your son can date, the time, duration, and location should be parent-approved. Likewise, offering to chaperone all dates can be even more incentive for your son to improve their eating habits.

Making sure you’re present for every date is a great way to slow things down. While your son may not be happy with it, you’ll make sure they aren’t taking things too quickly.

When is it too serious?

All parents have their idea of when a relationship is too serious, but it helps to look for warning signs.

Teens tend to move too quickly in relationships if they try to date several nights a week. Likewise, spending significant time on the phone is another red flag. If you catch your child sneaking out or spending the night with their partner, your son is moving too quickly.

Another sign your child is moving too fast is that they’re completely consumed with the relationship. If they’re bringing up subjects like marriage and children, it’s time for a serious slow-down conversation.

Talk about taking a break.

As teens grow up, it’s their parents’ job to remind them of the future. While it’s important to make memories as teenagers, thinking about life as an adult is also important.

Give your teenager a big picture view of reality. Point out the fact that they’ll have plenty of time later to fall in love. For now, focusing on their schoolwork and spending time with friends is an important part of growing up.

If your son is truly obsessed with his partner, you may need to encourage a break. While you can’t force them to break up, encourage some alone time. Whether that means hanging out at home or spending time off the grid, help him enjoy being a kid.

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