My Professor Makes Me Feel Stupid

The majority of students will feel hurt when a professor makes intimidating remarks. Students are bound to ask countless questions in the course of learning, some of which may not make sense to a professor. Your professor needs to respond appropriately to you if you are a hard-working student who asks relevant questions.

Your professor may feel overwhelmed by students who ask too many questions in a short time. Even so, it is unprofessional to respond to students in a rude and patronizing manner.  It is not expected for your professor to make you feel stupid because of your desire to get answers to your questions.

Why Your Professor Will Make You Feel Stupid

Sometimes professors get overwhelmed with students who interrupt lectures with questions. This can happen if you have not done your studies or lack attention in class.

If you are lazy and do not research or read as expected, a professor may have no better way to address your lack of commitment to your studies. Your professor’s remarks about your shoddy work may make you feel stupid though it may be an effort to help you think further.

Dealing with a Professor Who Makes You Feel Stupid

If your professor continually makes you feel stupid in class, you can develop low self-esteem. You may even be withdrawn and stop being proactive in class. A professor who makes you feel this way should be confronted.

It may not be appropriate for you to pick up the matter, but it can be handled through your class representative or your college administration. Your class should take responsibility to address the situation to avoid similar incidents in the future.

Besides your class, your parents can also confront a professor who makes you feel stupid. However, your professor may not respond positively to the confrontation if you are a lazy student. It is not wise to confront your professor if you do not submit your assignments or if you do not study as expected.

Is It Normal for Your Professor to Make You Feel Stupid?

Your professor’s job is to teach you what you do not know in your area of study. However, it is your duty to read wide when asked to and to research more as directed by your professor.  Your professor is required to respond without making you feel stupid if you ask reasonable questions.

The majority of student-professor conflicts often arise when you fail to study as directed. Asking questions that are not reasonable is wasting your professor’s time. It makes your professor feel overwhelmed to respond to what you should have understood if you did your homework correctly. If you ask your professor two questions in three minutes, you will receive a remark that will make you feel stupid.

How Can You Feel Better After Your Professor Made You Feel Stupid?

Sometimes a professor may say things that sting a student’s ego.  It helps to stay calm if your professor’s remarks make you feel that your personality has been abused.  You can think about how to rephrase your question or how to do better in your assignments next time.

You may have to check to see if there is something you would do differently to improve on the subject. Decide not to take it personal and work hard to get better, not bitter.  View your professor’s remarks as an opportunity to study hard. It is wise to learn early how to divert criticisms into learning opportunities.  After all, you’ll get such kind of remarks as you go higher in your career.


Professors have the responsibility of teaching and directing you in your area of study. It’s improper for your professor to make you feel stupid just because you don’t know certain things even after studying.  Professors may sometimes be boggled with students’ questions, which may trigger humiliating remarks.

If your professor makes you feel stupid all the time, you may need to review yourself.  You’re obviously aware that  if you are asking questions because you didn’t study or lack understanding. You can try asking your classmates to help you with the same question.  You may also ask your parents to confront your professor, or you may choose to move on and work at becoming better.