My Professor Got Me Pregnant

Most learning institutions have rules and guidelines that students must obey. They also have a code of conduct that professors need to observe. Sometimes, these regulations can intentionally or accidentally be broken.

How to Move on When You Are Pregnant by Your Professor

If you consent to the initial act that got you pregnant, you need to accept that you displayed a lack of appropriate judgment and common sense.  By realizing and accepting the consequences of this action, you can have peace of mind to think clearly about the next step.

Moving on when you are pregnant by your professor starts with being at peace and loving yourself.  Being pregnant and single is not good news for most students. Sometimes your friends and critics can worsen this situation. Always avoid people who will release negative vibes to your emotions. It is wise to let your parents know about your pregnancy before the news gets to the school rumor mill.

If Your Professor Got You Pregnant, Can Your Career Derail?

It is common knowledge that the majority of students who get pregnant and choose to keep the pregnancy are bound to experience career derailment. If your professor got you pregnant, you will experience the challenges of pregnancy and feel awkward attending your professor’s class.

For the nine months of your pregnancy, you skip classes once due to scheduled or unscheduled prenatal appointments. Some colleges will give you extra time to complete assignments.  Others will require you to take a break until you can fully attend all your scheduled classes.

If your professor got you pregnant and became a single mother before you graduate, you may have to request a deferment in order to take care of your baby. Single mothers often don’t have sufficient resources for child care, and you may have to do it yourself. This long break from college derails your career and can make it difficult to achieve. 

Can You Attend Class if Your Professor Got You Pregnant?

Professor-student relationships are discouraged in the majority of universities. It is unethical and against professional morals for a professor in a position of power to get you pregnant. 

You may not be denied to attend class, but it can be uncomfortable for you and the professor who got you pregnant to be in class with other students. This can get complicated when your relationship becomes evident to your classmates.  Criticisms, stares, and gossip among your classmates can cause you to be stressed, affecting your concentration in class.  Eventually, other faculty members can start questioning your grades and academic performance.

However, if you are confident and comfortable, you can attend all your classes for as long as your pregnancy allows you. Though it is rare for pregnant women to graduate from college within the initial set time, you can minimize the delay in your career by staying in class for the longest time possible.

What to Expect of a Professor Who Got You Pregnant

Besides looking bad for your professor to get you pregnant, it is also a breach of professional conduct. It lowers your professor’s self-esteem, and other faculty members may start to distance themselves socially.  The moral character and integrity of your professors become questionable. Your professor can also lose the ability to be a role model among the students.

Some colleges end the tenure of professors who get students pregnant.  To avoid this action, your professor may try to get you out of college.

When to Worry About a Professor Who Got You Pregnant

You need to be concerned if you note that your professor is avoiding you intentionally or is asking you not to come to college. It is worrisome if you suspect that your professor is sabotaging your grades to get you discontinued from college.

You need to seek expert advice if your professor threatens you or tells you not to reveal your pregnancy to anyone.  It is worrisome if your professor puts extreme pressure or demands on you about the pregnancy. You will need counseling and expert help should your professor deny any involvement in the pregnancy.


Besides derailing your career, being pregnant by your professor is embarrassing and causes you to have low self-esteem.

However, you can stay in college and take a break when it is necessary. The majority of colleges will not deny you access to your class because your professor got you pregnant.  Should you take a break, you will be allowed to complete your assessments and course work after giving birth to your child.