My Pregnant Daughter Hates Me

Feelings of intense dislike during pregnancy can be linked to fluctuating pregnancy hormones. Your daughter may start to hate you because of erratic mood swings and ultra- sensitivity caused by hormonal changes. Besides, the mood disorders in pregnancy make a woman temperamental and uncomfortable.

However, some of these hateful emotions can be traced to an incident that may have occurred earlier in life. Your daughter may lighten up in mid-pregnancy, but the sentiments can shoot again towards the end of the pregnancy. All that you can do during this period is to be patient and supportive.  

How Being Pregnant Affects Your Daughter’s Emotions

When expectant, most women may experience pregnancy symptoms that can be difficult to cope with. This may cause feelings of anxiety, which can lead to extra stress. During pregnancy, your daughter will encounter mixed emotions of highs and lows caused by pregnancy hormones.  This anxiety and drifting in-between emotions trigger feelings of dislike, not just to you but to other people or even some types of food.

In pregnancy, a majority of women are affected by the estrogen and progesterone hormones released in the body during this time. Your daughter may feel uncomfortable and irritable, which may cause insomnia and a bad temper.  Your sweet relationship with your dear daughter at this time may be met with intense dislike. This apparent rejection that seemingly looks like your pregnant daughter hates you resolves typically after the pregnancy term.

Dealing with a Pregnant Daughter Who Hates You

Your beloved daughter is already having a tough time going through pregnancy. Though you may find it difficult to offer any support, you can lovingly let your daughter know that you can help. Your emotional support will help lower your daughter’s stress levels and enable her to experience a comfortable pregnancy.

Let your daughter know that negative emotions can affect the unborn baby. If the hatred is intense, it may negatively affect the psychological well being of your daughter. During this time, you can offer to take your dear daughter to seek expert help.

Be patient and avoid nagging your daughter. During pregnancy, a woman’s brain and body go through physical adjustments. These changes play a significant role in a pregnant woman’s emotions that affect relationships. Just remember that your pregnant daughter may not even be having a reason to hate you.  This reaction is not intentional, and neither is it your fault. With time, the situation will be resolved.

What Not to Do When a Pregnant Daughter Who Hates You

Do not criticize your daughter’s pregnancy or behavior. Even though you may feel sad about your pregnant daughter hating you, it is wise to avoid any form of criticism during this period.  The best thing to do is to focus on the positive things about your daughter’s pregnancy. 

Respond to the hateful emotions with positivity and avoid giving negative feedback. Be patient and take some time before responding to your daughter’s hateful reactions. It helps you think through how to respond positively.

What Else to Expect from a Pregnant Daughter Who Hates You

The estrogen produced in pregnancy gives your daughter a sense of well-being.  Your daughter will tend to be excited at first, especially if it is the first pregnancy.

Pregnant women can sometimes be teary and irritable.  You may realize that your daughter cries over trivial matters or may even cry when watching a TV show.  The tearing and irritability go away after a while.

The perinatal mood disorders whose symptoms include anxiety and grumpiness show more in certain periods of pregnancy. This is because of the changing levels of estrogen and progesterone in your daughter’s bloodstream.


During pregnancy, the hormones involved in making ready your daughter’s body for birth may affect her emotional levels and trigger hateful feelings towards you. As estrogen and progesterone levels fluctuate, your daughter may experience mood changes ranging from irritability, anxiety, or excitement.

It is during these changes that a previously loving daughter can start hating you when pregnant. 

In extreme cases, negative emotions may affect the unborn baby. However, you need not worry because, after the pregnancy period, the hormones normalize, and your daughter’s emotions begin to be stabilized. If the mood disorders persist after birth, your daughter may need to seek expert help.