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My New Niece Was Born Today!

Babies are fascinating creatures, aren’t they? Having a newborn one in your family is exciting, although it can overwhelming to the parents. As an aunt or an uncle who is welcoming a newborn niece in the family, you should find ways to make the welcoming a flawless occasion. If you do not know what activities to conduct to welcome your newborn niece’s home, here are the perfect tips. The article will take you through the preparations for the newborn niece’s home welcoming.

Counter-check the nursery items

In most of the cases, the parents get the baby’s nursery ready before he/she is born. However, you should counter-check just to ensure all the necessities of the newborn’s nursery are set. The basics of a newborn nursery include;

  • A wardrobe big enough to accommodate all the newborn’s clothes and other belongings.
  • A station made specifically for changing the newborn’s diapers.
  • A comfortable chair for the mother to sit on while nursing the newborn.
  • A crib for the newborn to sleep in

You can also add some pink colored decorations. Also, ensure the room has enough ventilation for fresh air and enough natural lighting.

Organize for a homecoming party

It is a big day for you and everyone else in the family. Invite them to come over for you to celebrate all together. Make some exterior and interior baby decorations, with some balloons and flowers hanging. You can choose a theme color for the event. Get a cake with the niece’s name on top and make enough food for everyone to eat. Make an event out for everyone to enjoy. Make sure that you document the moment for future reference.

You can take videos of the whole event of receiving your newborn niece. Invite a professional photographer to capture all the moments perfectly. You can also take photos and make sure you find a way of storing them safely.

The newborn’s parents might be shying from the attention, but they would appreciate that you have something for their newborn.

Clean up the entire homestead

Most of the time, when labor calls, the parents are expecting the baby to rush to the hospital. The parents might have left behind a very untidy homestead. It would be the best decision to make if you help them with cleaning up before the newborn is brought home. Empty the trash bins, dust the seats, open the windows for fresh air, take care of the laundry, clean dirty utensils. Also, ensure that the walls and the floors are clean. Clear the compound and ensure that the entire homestead is a safe environment for a newborn.

Talk to the niece’s siblings.

If the newborn is not the first child to her parents, you will be helpful if you discuss the baby’s homecoming with the siblings. You should prepare them mentally about the newborn’s arrival and the likely to occur changes. You should talk to the siblings about the following;

  • Diversion of the parent’s attention. You should make the newborn’s siblings understand the newborn needs more attention from the parents. Therefore, a better percentage of the parents’ time will be spent on the newborn, but the parents still love them equally.
  • Need for the siblings’ cooperation. You should make the siblings understand babies need a calm environment. They should therefore minimize the noise from the activities they carry around their home such as; playing TV programs. The siblings should understand the nature of newborns whereby the baby will be crying from time to time, including late-night, which may distract their sleep pattern.
  • Show acceptance and love to the newborn. You should make the siblings understand the baby, a new member of the family. Therefore they should pay attention to her just like any other member of the family. They should help the parents in the babysitting of the newborn.
  • Change in daily routine. A newborn alters the whole family’s routine. Therefore you should advise the siblings on how to adjust to the change in their daily routine. For example sleeping earlier than usual, having dinner early, and other changes that might occur along the way.
  • You make the siblings understand the importance of the newborn’s homecoming event and let them actively participate in the preparations.

Help with shopping

Being a close member of the family, you know all the sorts of food the parents to the newborn stock. Also, you should get all the stuff the baby needs. For instance; diapers, baby wipes, among many others. By stocking all the necessities, you help the parents to your niece minimize the in and out of the house movements. Therefore the parents get a chance to focus fully on your niece.

Make gifts for your niece.

Its always thoughtful, making gifts for your niece. As an aunt or an uncle making gifts for your niece is a way of expressing love. Making gifts like clothing attire with your name on it and love quotes is beautiful. Gifting a newborn niece on the homecoming day makes the event colorful. Examples of gifts for your niece are; baby photo album, silver jewelry items, rattlers, and musical toys, and baby clothes.

Help with preparing the pets.

In case you have pets in the house, do not wait until they start messing with the newborn baby. Instead, you should find a way to prepare them to expect a newborn in the family. For instance, you can introduce the baby’s scent to the pet before the baby gets home. Having made the baby’s scent familiar to the pet, they get in a position to treat her nicely.

Smooth every edge

While waiting for your newborn niece’s arrival, make sure you remove every sharp object in the house. It is too risky to display any sharp object near any baby. You should also make sure all the breakable utensils are well kept far from the baby.

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