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7 Tips If Your New Nephew Was Born Today

When a new baby is born, it should be a time to celebrate the new little one. Having a new addition come into your extended family is always an exciting season of life. Because the new baby is such a large event, you may begin to feel overwhelmed when trying to pick out the perfect gift for your new nephew. Therefore, below are several tips to assist you in finding that extra special way to honor your nephews’ new entry into the world. Any of these tips are sure to show the new parents the love you have for your nephew.

1. Throw a Shower to Welcome His Birth

This is a tradition that most expecting parents are happy to participate in unless they specifically request not to have a shower thrown. Planning a shower for your new nephew is a great way you are able to help out and express your excitement. By offering this gift you are providing your nephew’s parents the opportunity to celebrate the new life and get spoiled by other family members. This is one gift that is certain to keep giving!

2. Purchase a Small Present for Your First Visit

By the time your new nephew is born bets are that he has almost everything he will immediately need already. Bringing a gift along with you for your first visit though can be the perfect way to communicate your happiness about his arrival clearly. It can be a smaller gift that your nephew can enjoy for years such as a small stuffed animal, book, or sculpture. It can also be larger clothing, a piggy bank, or even his framed birth announcement. This gift is more of a symbol to the new parents verses a tangible item. Providing a small gift during your first initial visit is a simple way to show the new parents that you are ready to spoil and cherish your nephew forever.

3. Deliver a Personalized Birthday Cake

Now, we all know that this personalized birthday cake will not be enjoyed by the little one but is really for the new parents. By delivering such a sweet little treat you are able to clearly show your family how thrilled you are to have a new nephew in your crew. It will be a great simple treat to take to the hospital or your first in-home visit to properly welcome the new addition. Plus, how else do you properly celebrate except with cake!

4. Small Messages to Remember for Eternity

It can be very easy for parents to quickly gather everything they could every imagine needing for a baby. In this situation it can be difficult to find the perfect gift to welcome your nephew that seems to have it all already. This is a great opportunity to provide a gift that is much more sentimental and meaningful than a purchased item from the store. To really convey your true emotions about the brand new baby of the family; you could gather up cards, personalized messages, and blessings from everyone in your family for them to have as a keepsake. This allows individuals to write the perfect little message for the parents and baby to reflect on for the rest of their lives. Sometimes people have a hard time with words so allowing them to write out a personalized note could be very heartwarming for the new parents and baby.

5. Gift the New Parent With Jewelry

Depending on the parent, jewelry can be the perfect gift for them in order to celebrate their new arrival. Adding a baby into your family is a huge milestone in life and it should be remembered in a special way. Therefore, gifting the new parents with a piece of jewelry that has your new nephews birthstone as a part of it can really top off any celebration. Giving birth is no easy task so it can often be extra special to have a constant reminder of the challenging moment in life that was conquered.

6. Baby Jewelry

Jewelry does not need to be just for the new parents. You can also purchase the perfect piece for your new nephew to keep forever. It can be a simple piece that he will be able to wear and constantly carry a symbol of your love around. Be sure to clear the purchase with the new parents, as some individuals do not want their small children to have jewelry. However, if you get the parents approval, this can be such a special gift for the little one to remember you for all of eternity. It should be noted that there are several different jewelry options for little ones so some additional research and pricing should be done before final purchase.

7. Gift a Personalized Scrapbook

This is a great gift idea because it shows you want to remember this little one for his entire life. This gift is going to allow the new parents to document every important detail of the baby’s life as he grows up. They can place information, photos, and baby memorabilia inside of the scrapbook to keep safe and look back on all of the time. Additionally, gifting the new parents with a scrapbook allows them a place where they may continue to add to the book over the years as they see fit. This gift is ideal if you are seeking out a very unique gift for your new nephew.


At the end of the day, the one important piece of information to remember when you are searching for that perfect gift is to ensure the present is personalized special for him. This is a moment in life that he should be celebrated and welcomed into the family with an abundance of love and affection. As long as the gift is meaningful, the parents are sure to love and appreciate the offering. These gift tips are just a few ideas in order to better assist you in finding that perfect gift for your new nephew.

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