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6 Tips If Your Kindergartener Hates Writing

Having a child that hates something about school is disheartening. You may expect a middle or high school student to get tired of the grind or dislike homework. You probably hoped you would make it through the early elementary years without this friction.

If your child generally enjoys school but hates some activities, such as writing, there is hope. Helping him improve those skills can put the fun back in learning. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you are not his teacher. The activities you give him should not feel like schoolwork. This will only make his aversion stronger.

A child that hates writing is often not good at it. They may struggle to write neatly and are reprimanded by their teacher. Another problem in kindergarten is writing slowly. The inability to keep up with their peers during seatwork can make your child dislike school.

The Importance of Fine Motor Skills

One common reason children hate writing is that it is hard for them. The reason it is hard is often due to poor fine motor skills. Adults often take for granted the level of control over fine motor skills it takes to write. A child that struggles with these skills will struggle with writing. Also, this struggle will lead to physical fatigue. They are working harder than you think to keep control over their pencil.

Fine motor skills develop naturally as part of the maturing process. Some conditions may impede the development of these skills. If your child has a clean bill of health from his pediatrician, he is probably just slower to develop these skills than some of his peers. Fine motor skills often develop later in boys than girls, but either sex can be affected. Overall, it is not unusual for a kindergartener to lag in this issue.

Strengthening These Skills

Your child can lag in the development of fine motor skills and still be well within the normal range. Helping him sharpen these skills will improve his handwriting. As handwriting becomes easier, he may find he doesn’t hate it.

Activities such as cutting out shapes with safety scissors, making mosaics with small items such as beans, using a spray bottle and playing with modeling clay can all help strengthen fine motor skills.

Turn Practice Into Play

Encourage your child to practice writing at home without making it seem like a chore. There are several ways you can do this. Get some sidewalk chalk and let him decorate in front of your house. Pour some sand onto a cookie sheet and encourage him to write letters, numbers, and words with his fingers.

Check What He Knows

Make sure your child is confident about the look of each letter and number. If he isn’t sure about what he is writing, he will naturally be slower and more tentative. If he is behind his peers in recognizing and writing the alphabet, help him catch-up with low-pressure, short sessions at home.

Work With the Teacher

You should let your child’s teacher know anytime something is going on. If he hates writing, she will want to know. Being aware of the problem is important. He may be keeping up well enough in class that his dislike goes unnoticed. If you let her know he is unhappy, she may have some clues as to what is going on. She may be able to adjust some assignments or include some activities to help ease his distaste for writing.

Keep Track of Progress

Become your child’s cheerleader as he works on his writing. Allow him to complain, but be quick to think of something positive that comes from writing. Sending postcards to a relative allows him to see its value. Look over the papers he brings home and be quick to notice improvements in his writing. He may never love handwriting, but with some effort on your part, he can become more comfortable with it.

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