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My Kid Wants to Start a YouTube Channel?!

YouTubing may seem like a questionable career path to parents, but to kids, it’s the dream career. The latest generation of children is growing up watching their favorite YouTubers making content for a living.

While YouTubing is a career option for some, how do you talk to your child about it?

Discussing Your Child’s YouTube Dreams With Them

It isn’t absurd for children to aspire to something their parents have never heard of. Today’s generation obsesses over social media influencing as a career. If your child wants to be a professional YouTuber, consider a careful approach when responding to them.

While you may not understand what they want to do, don’t shut them down. Figure out what your child really loves about YouTubing. Oftentimes, it’s the YouTuber’s ability to tell their story and connect with others. These types of skills are important and are easily transferable to many creative and lucrative industries.

Even if your child wants to be a YouTuber for the rest of their life, this may change eventually. Supporting your child’s YouTube dreams now may be a helpful way to encourage their entrepreneurial spirit.

Understanding Today’s Digital Culture

Parents often are uncomfortable when they learn their child hopes to become a digital content creator. However, understanding today’s digital culture is essential. Almost everything your child will do career-wise will involve digital content in some way.

Engaging in social media platforms like YouTube is unavoidable for the younger generation. While parents should exercise caution with what they allow their kids to watch online, don’t make YouTubing seem taboo.

As kids learn to navigate various social media platforms, they’ll learn important lessons on social behavior. As they navigate negative comments, growing a following, and creating a social profile, they’ll actively build a creative identity at a young age.

The Risks of Social Media

While your child wants to explore their abilities as a content creator, make sure they know all the risks as well. Cyberbullying is a big deal across most popular social media platforms. On YouTube, cyberbullying can take the form of negative comments, spam, and stalking. Parents must be ready to address these issues with their children as they use YouTube.

Parents should also closely monitor their children’s social media accounts. From reading their messages to making sure the content is age-appropriate, parents must actively shape their kids’ online habits.

Encouraging Your Child to Create Content

As your kids grow up watching videos on YouTube and similar platforms, making their own content is a natural next step. While parents may want to discourage this idea, there’s nothing wrong with getting creative.

If your child wants to have their own YouTube account, discuss it with them. While they may not be able to become a full-time YouTuber, creating content as a hobby is a good starting point.

If your child is able to commit to YouTubing, they’ll watch their account and followers grow. With a large following and exciting videos, monetizing their account isn’t far from becoming a reality. Help your child understand that while they may end up with millions of followers one day, it isn’t easy and requires persistence.

Helping Your Child Start a YouTube Account

Parents that give their child the green light to start a YouTube account should take on a supportive role. While you want to make sure they are safe, you can also provide guidelines to help them achieve their goals.

If your child plans on getting millions of followers, try to help them start for small. Work with them to set small goals and brainstorm creating unique content. If your child isn’t able to start a YouTube channel, this shouldn’t stop them from creating. Support your child’s ideas by encouraging them to make videos on their own.

Your child’s desire to create videos on Youtube can help them develop other skills. While they may not be a professional YouTuber one day, starting a channel can help them explore their creativity.

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