Did Your Kid Poop in the Pool? What to Do

Kids have a lot to learn in the early years of their lives. One of the lessons is on how to relate with people and sticking to everyday social ethics. Unfortunately, before the kid has already grasped all that they need to learn, they frequently shame you. The pool, especially the public pools, is one of the most conspicuous places where your kids are likely to embarrass you. Pooping in the pool is an embarrassing situation even when a kid does it. You will be thrown out of the pool, not to mention the walk of shame you take as you leave.  

Therefore, as a parent, you need to learn how to save your kids from the embarrassment before it affects their esteem. Here are some ways you can save your dignity and that of your kid if they pooped in the pool.

Remain as Natural as Possible

More often than not, when in a public pool, everybody is on the lookout for anyone who may poo in the pool. For this reason, if you make any exaggerations after your kid poops, everyone around will know about it, further making the situation worse. Therefore, strive to act as calm and as natural as possible. Your goal is to get out of the pool without causing any drama or attracting any attention. Please do not get mad at your child at this point, no matter how old they are. In case more training is needed on their restroom skills, do them away from the pool to avoid attracting attention.

Let the Time You Have Had Be Enough for That Day

If your kid is too young to know that they have made a mistake, they will not have a problem redoing it. On the other hand, if they are older and the pooping was by mistake, they will be embarrassed to get back in the water. Therefore, as soon as you realize that they pooped in the water, get to the bathrooms, and later go home. This is regardless of the time that you had spent in the pool before the pooping happened. Call it a day and go home for the sake of your dignity.

Scan the Water

It is not ethical to exit the deck and leave behind some ‘stuff.’ Therefore, as soon as you realize that your baby pooped, do a quick scan in the water to check whether there are any floaters. As soon as you identify it, use a towel to snatch it. Do not think about how disgusting this is but sacrifice to save your little one from embarrassment. It is also wise to privately inform the caretakers of the pool what happened. This way, you will not be an irresponsible parent whose child pooped in the pool, and they ran away from the situation.

Act Fast Afterward

Sure, the minutes that follow after your kid poops in the pool are confusing and embarrassing. However, you need to compose yourself as fast as possible and act. In case your kid is unwilling to leave, get ways to lure them out of the pool and get out of sight. For instance, you may tell them that there is a surprise waiting for them in the bathrooms. Walk fast to the bathroom and later walk away from the pool area. The faster you are, the fewer the chances of embarrassing situations.

Talk to Your Child About Pooping in Pools

The day your kid poops in the pool should not mark the end of your fun moments in that pool. However, you need to make sure that you will not be in such a situation again. Therefore, talk to the child and explain how to control themselves in the pool. In case the kid is too young to understand this, bring along swim diapers next time you are in the pool. You can also consider changing the pool where the kid pooped to avoid pointing fingers next time you are there.


Some of the most memorable moments that you will have with your kids are in the pool. However, if the kid poops in the pool, what was supposed to be a fun day ends up as a nightmare. Use the tactics above to help you avoid ruining a wonderful pool day when your baby lets poop slip in the pool.

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