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My Kid Never Stops Moving

Kids naturally have tons of energy. Some are like spinning tops who keep going and going. If you have one of those, you might wonder how long the energy can keep running.

My Kid Never Stops Moving

Is your child a constant moving target? It’s more common to see this in boys, but girls can also be little dynamos.

You may be astonished at the amount of energy the typical kid has. There are many reasons for this.

Kids Have Little Stress or Anxiety

As adults, we let stress and anxiety sap a lot of our energy. Kids usually have a lot less stress in their lives. Even if they’re going through a tough time, they don’t have the additional worries of money, jobs, family, and relationships that take up our energy.

They live moment to moment and don’t let bad thoughts slow them down.

Maybe we could learn a lesson from our kids. How much more energy could we have if we didn’t let stress and worry use it up?

Kids Need Exercise

Children need a lot of physical exercises. Their little lungs and respiratory systems are brand new and at peak working condition. Children need enough physical movement to tire themselves out regularly.

They want and need exercise to get the blood flowing to their bones, muscles, and brains. Some physiologists estimate the average young child needs a minimum of two hours of hard, tiring exercise every day.

They’ll Get It Any Way They Can

If they can’t get tired themselves out through exercise or play, they’ll take it out on your house.

Are your kids bouncing on the bed? Do they tear through the house screaming at top volume? Do they wrestle with each other? Perhaps they chase the dog?

These kids need constructive exercise. Some children seem glued to indoor games and social media, but they need to put down the phones and step outside.

Get Outside and Get Green

If you live in a safe neighborhood with yards, encourage outdoor play by inviting the neighborhood kids over to play with yours. You don’t have to have a specific game in mind. Most kids make up their versions of hiding and seek and similar chasing games.

Do you like to garden? Get your kids involved. Learning to plant, weed, and dig are great experiences that will burn up energy. If you like to take walks, invite your kids along.

Sports Are Great for Kids

Sports are another outlet for all that energy. Let your child try different sports to see which ones they enjoy. Playing sports is a great exercise. It also teaches important lessons about teamwork and competition.

If your child isn’t naturally coordinated, he may be reluctant to join a sports team. Remember, some kids do better on team sports while others do better on solitary sports like tennis, swimming, or running.

Your child might prefer to try a sport that stresses individual performance over teamwork. That way, she can proceed at her own pace.

Dance classes are another great option for kids who don’t like sports.

Sports Are for Everyone

Does your child have a disability that makes sports seem impossible? Don’t give up. Little League Baseball and Pop Warner football both have “Challenger” divisions for children with disabilities. There is a Special Hockey league, too.

Upwards Sports is a Christian organization that runs baseball, football, soccer, and cheerleading programs for children of all levels and abilities. Your “uncoordinated” kid might enjoy one of their programs.

Does It Change With Age?

Many parents say the constant moving and running slow down at around age seven. Others say their kids stay highly energetic in their teen years.

If you get your kids involved in sports, dance, and outdoor activities, you’re giving them the gift of a fit, healthy life. You can put all that energy to good use.

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