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My Kid Makes Weird Noises!

Your kids have their own special ways of making you crazy. One of them is making weird noises. If you’re dealing with that particular habit, you’re going to need some patience.

Does it sometimes seem like your kids stay up late at night coming up with ways to confuse you and make you crazy? Don’t worry, they think you’re doing the same thing to them.

Although you know it’s not true, it can seem like your kids are determined to drive you crazy by making weird noises. These might be animal noises, car honking noises, or sounds like machinery grinding. They might be high-pitched squeaking, snorting noises, animal noises or strange singing sounds.

Many parents say boys are especially loud and noisy, but we have all known little girls who shriek, whine, babble and make other bizarre noises.

Why Do They Like Weird Noises?

For the same reason they like snot, poop, farts and other things that gross adults out but fascinate them. They’re discovering the world, and they’re discovering their own place in it. Little children learn by repeating things. They are probably repeating things they heard from an older child, an adult or a TV show.

They also like them because weird sounds get attention.

Some children love to make other people laugh. If they notice that a certain word makes everyone laugh, they’ll use that word over and over. They’re hoping to get a laugh. The same thing happens with funny sounds. They’ll keep making those sounds, hoping someone will laugh and pay attention to them.

It’s How They Bond

You’ve probably noticed the noises get more intense when there’s another child around. Making noise together is a natural bonding experience for children. They do it to support each other against the big, bad older children or the big, bad adults. It’s their way of forming their own support group. They entertain each other, laugh at each other and try to top each other in loudness and weirdness.

It Could Be Fear or Anxiety

Some children use loud or strange noises to cope with anxiety. Have you ever noticed how adults sometimes talk too much when they’re nervous? Children do the same thing. If they don’t have a full vocabulary, they fill in with noise. It’s their way of coping with a difficult or frightening situation.

If your family has recently gone through a big change like a move, a divorce or a traumatic incident, you might notice your child babbling, whining or chattering away. You can help by making it clear you’re there to comfort and support your child through this tough time.

Could It Be a Medical Problem?

Some weird noises could be symptoms of a medical problem. If your child sounds like he’s constantly grunting instead of talking, there could be a medical or psychological reason for it. If she makes a rattling or wheezing noise, there could be an underlying problem like asthma, croup or Tourette’s syndrome.

If your child seems to make these noises involuntarily, take him to a pediatrician. Rule out any medical problems before you correct their behavior.

What Can You Do to Stop the Weird Noises?

It’s not a medical problem, and it’s not related to any recent trauma. How can you get it to stop?

You really can’t. Your kid is going to keep making those noises until he tires of them or finds another way to annoy you.

How Should I Respond to My Kid’s Weird Noises?

Most kids will give up the noisemaking when they get bored with it. Until then, you need patience and a sense of humor.

The best approach is to ignore the weirdness as much as possible. It’s all right to laugh if it gets over the top. This is one of those times when you have to go with the flow.

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