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My Kid Keeps Getting Bit at Daycare!

You leave your child in the trusted hands of a daycare center so that you can work without any worry. However, what happens if your child keeps getting bit by other children? As a parent, you understand biting is a normal part of child development, but what happens when it’s a common occurrence?

It’s common to see this when toddlers are teething. Consequently, you don’t want teeth marks on your child, for any reason. So, what are you supposed to do when your kid keeps getting bitten at daycare?

Why Is a Human Bite So Dangerous?

You’re mad that a kid at daycare has hurt your child and no one stopped it. However, do you realize just how dangerous a human bite is to your kid?

A human bite is more serious than that of some wild animals? While a wild animal will almost always break the skin, humans’ teeth don’t always have that ability.

Inside the human mouth is bacteria and viruses that are lurking in the warm saliva. When a bite breaks the skin, it allows the toxins to go into the blood stream, muscles, and other tissues. Many parents don’t realize the severity of the situation. A child can get an infection and become septic from just one bite.

It’s a significant issue and one that shouldn’t be ignored. The school staff should also be serious about such matters. The law dictates that an incident report be sent home if your kid was involved in an accident on school grounds. Did you receive such a note?

Talk to the Teacher

Did the teacher report the incident to you, or did you find it when you got your child home? It would help if you asked your child how this happened, and you may get an earful.

It depends on how well your kid can communicate with you and their age. If you haven’t spoken with the teacher, then this is the next step in the process. An incident report must be filled, and you are supposed to get a copy.

If the teacher seems oblivious to what happened, then this could be a whole other issue. You want staff watching over your children to make sure they don’t get hurt. Now, keep in mind when you’re dealing with toddlers, it’s a full-time job.

Daycares must have sufficient staff and protocols in place so that no worker is overwhelmed. The state mandates a teacher-student ratio they must follow.

Go to the Administration

On the first or second bite, you can handle things with the teacher. However, when your child is continuously coming home with marks on their skin, it’s a cause for alarm. If the school has always been great, the rates are good, the location is perfect, then give them a chance. It’s not always easy to find a new childcare center that meets your criteria.

However, you can’t allow the problem to continue. If the teacher isn’t helping, then go to the administration for help. It’s possible the supervisor doesn’t know what’s going on with your child. If a kid is biting your toddler, it’s safe to say they are also biting others.

The administration needs to be involved as there could be some legal ramifications if this continues. Don’t feel bad about going over the teacher’s head when your child’s safety is in jeopardy.

Find a New School

When you don’t get the satisfaction that you need from the management, it’s time to move on. Finding a good school that fits your budget is not easy, especially in rural areas. You want your child to be safe every day when you drop them off for a day of play.

Biting is a serious issue that you cannot ignore. Don’t let someone bully your child and allow the school to ignore what’s going on. Don’t accept things like, “It’s just something toddlers do.” Someone should be watching and not making excuses for behavioral issues.

Seeking Legal Help

If your child needs to see a doctor for the bites or has an infection because of it, then make them pay. It’s the daycare’s responsibility to ensure that every child in their care is safe.

If your kid gets hurt on their property, it’s their job to take care of the bills. Perhaps paying a few medical bills of an injured child will make them realize the need for better supervision.

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