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My Kid Jumped on My Back and Stomach! Am I Safe?

    Being pregnant for the first time is easy since you are only taking care of the child in your womb. However, during the second or third pregnancy, your attention is shared by the toddler in the house and the baby in the womb. For this reason, unlike the first pregnancy, going through this one is easier said than done. Among the challenges you experience at this time is your kid jumping on your back or stomach. As a responsible mother, this makes you deeply concerned about the unborn child.

    However, most of the time, this is not a major concern that will make you visit your gynecologist. Below is what you need to know about how safe your toddler jumping on your back is and when you should be concerned.

    The Protection of the Baby in Your Womb

    Ideally, you get concerned if anything hits your pregnant belly or back and more so when you are heavily pregnant. However, the baby in your womb is highly protected and cannot be easily injured by external forces. This is why women can continue carrying on various tasks without causing any harm throughout their pregnancy. The uterus is well protected so that bouncing and jostling of the mother does not impact the baby. The layers protecting your baby when is the uterus are:

    • Skin.
    • Bones.
    • Fat.
    • Muscles.
    • Fascia (these are the tissues that hold muscles together).
    • Intestines.
    • The uterus, which is made of strong and thick muscles.
    • Amniotic fluid.

    For any force to reach your baby, it had to go through the above layers. Therefore, you do not need to be highly alarmed about minor bumps on the belly or back.

    Some of the activities that you do not need to be worried about when pregnant include:

    Hugs and Kicks from Toddlers

    Since your toddler has no idea of what is happening in your belly, they will continue hugging you as usual. Some of these hugs are sudden and unexpected. Luckily, a force of about 20 to 40 pounds is not likely to harm your baby. On the other hand, the new shape of your belly may be amusing to your baby, and they may try to kick it. This should also not be an issue of concern. However, watch out for other potential risks such as flailing arms and legs as this could cause injuries or fall.

    House Chores and Yard Work

    If there is no complication in your pregnancy, it is safe to work in the yard or handle house chores. However, as much as it is safe, overdoing it will cause more harm than good. Therefore, do not force your body to continue working when you feel that you are already exhausted. Additionally, avoid risky surfaces such as slick and uneven surfaces to minimize potential risks. Avoid heavy lifting, as it could cause repercussions on your belly.

    A Pet Jumping on Your Belly or Back

    Like in the case of a toddler, a pet is not heavy enough to harm your baby. Therefore, worry not in case they jump or flop on you even when you least expect it. As long as the pet is under 40 pounds, there are low chances of hurting your baby. In case your pet is over 40 pounds, watch out to avoid harmful jumps and lands. It is also advisable to kennel the pet when you are in the house to ensure safety.

    When to Consult a Doctor

    As mentioned above, having your kid jumping on your back is not a big deal. However, due to some complications in the body, a small bump may lead to complications. Below are signs that you need to consult a doctor:

    • If you realize that you have any vaginal bleeding.
    • There is reduced or no movement of the fetus.
    • You start having contractions, and you are not yet 37 weeks pregnant.
    • You have abdominal tightness and cramping.


    Your primary responsibility as a pregnant mother is taking care of the baby in your womb. For this reason, having your toddler jumping on your back or your stomach can make you worried and alarmed. Use the information above to help you avoid worrying every time you see your toddler jumping on you.  

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