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My Kid Farts a Lot!

Does your kid fart or pass gas frequently? It can be embarrassing when your child breaks wind around friends or family members? While an occasional slip-out is normal, chronic gas can be a sign of a more significant issue.

The medical term for passing gas is to flatulate. It’s a release of intestinal gas that everyone experiences from time to time. When your child farts, it’s from trapped gas in the colon, small intestines, stomach, or the rectum.

What Causes Gas to be Trapped in the Body?

How does that gas get trapped inside your body anyway? Well, there are several ways this can occur. First, you swallow air when you talk, eat, chew gum, or breathe. Second, it’s caused by the foods you eat.

Your body cannot handle large amounts of sugars and carbohydrates, and your body cannot fully digest them. Lastly, it can come from an overgrowth of bacteria inside the intestines.

When to be Concerned?

You might be alarmed if your little girl starts regularly flatulating when this is not typical behavior. However, if you have a little boy, then you might think that this conduct is expected. Parents of male children become accustomed to bodily noises and smells as kids feel tooting is a thrill.

Parents should be concerned if they find that their child is complaining of a stomachache, has diarrhea, or the flatulence is putrid. All these symptoms can point to an underlying medical condition that must be addressed.

What You Eat is Eating You

Altering your child’s diet is the first place you should start. Your kid should eat a diet full of rich vegetables, fruits, and lean meats. When they consume snack cakes, soda, chips, and other sweet treats, their body cannot digest all these sugars and carbs correctly.

Once you alter their eating habits, you should see a dramatic decrease in their flatulating. If they also have stomach pain and diarrhea, then this should stop. However, even if your child is eating a more well-balanced diet and doesn’t improve, you need medical help.

Is Celiac Disease to Blame?

One of the hallmarks of Celiac disease is digestive issues. If you’ve corrected the most obvious things and it’s not helping, you should take your child to the pediatrician. Having gas, diarrhea, and an upset stomach can be Celiac signs, which means your child has food allergens.

The allergens are from wheat and products with gluten in them, and it’s irritating the intestinal tract. A few simple tests will be conducted to see if Celiac is to blame. If the tests are negative, then the issue may be from an infection in the stomach.

Could Your Child Have Helicobacter Pylori?

Helicobacter pylori is an infection that is present in more than half the people of the world. Additionally, this infection is what causes peptic ulcers. Kids with this condition may find that they are in pain from the acid and excessive gas from this condition. The only relief they have is when their stomach is full.

To clear this infection, the pediatrician will give your child a round of antibiotics. The medication will alleviate the condition that is causing all the discomfort for your child. It’s a relatively common problem, and it’s easy to diagnose and treat.

Understanding Acid Reflux and Gastritis

Lastly, another common explanation for why your kid flatulates too much is from GERD or gastritis. Some people produce too much acid for their bodies to handle. An overproduction of acid or gas may be a system error. Thankfully, this can be addressed with a PIP or proton pump inhibitor drug.

The PIP drug shuts down some of the acid-producing pumps in the stomach. With less acid, your child’s symptoms will improve quickly. It’s strange to think of acid causing excessive gas, but it does. If your kid is burping and farting a lot, then acid reflux may be to blame.

Dealing with Common Childhood Issues

Gas and farting are pretty much commonplace in raising children. You must laugh at the folly of kids as they make funny noises with their bodies. However, you need to know when to get help.

In most cases, diet change is the answer to the problem. Thankfully, if a diet doesn’t fix things, the pediatrician can quickly diagnose and treat the underlying issue.

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