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Did Your Kid Drink Bubbles? When to Worry

    Bubbles that children play with are not a health hazard, and the most damage they can do is cause a slight stomach upset. The bubbles your child consumed should be safe for children and not as concentrated as regular detergent. 

    How to know if drinking bubbles made your kid sick:

    If your kid drank the bubbles from the bottle, then expect a burning sensation in their mouth and throat. Shortly after which stomach ache will start, and in the commotion, if the mixture had reached their eyes, your child could experience a temporary loss of vision. 

    The bubbles’ soap element is enough to lead to temporary respiratory issues, not long after stomach pains set in – brace yourself for vomiting and possible diarrhea. All these are signs that will occur when your child drinks large quantities of bubbles. They may have done so after panicking on the first sip and frantically gobbled down the rest of the liquid in an attempt to alleviate the burning sensation on their throat. 

    How to give first aid after bubble drinking:

    Use running water to clean your kid, take the bubbles away from their reach if they have difficulty breathing, loosen their clothes, and relocate them to space with free-flowing fresh air. As you do this, you can call local emergency services for help and ideas. Giving your child milk could stabilize them for a while as you arrange to take them to a medical facility. 

    What to say at the hospital:

    The pediatrician will ask you a few questions at the hospital, so you need to be alert and remember the labeling on the bubbles packaging. In the first place, you should have ensured that your child is the appropriate age to be blowing around bubbles on their own. 

    If your kid emptied the whole bottle into their mouth, then you should immediately involve your local poisons center. Sometimes it is helpful for you to bring along the packaging and the bottle. This will be helping the medical personnel to determine the best course of treatment quickly.

    After the Scare

    Children rarely become critically ill from drinking bubbles. If their health deteriorates quickly, they are likely suffering from an underlying condition triggered by the dish-washing mixture. Your child will be discharged in no time because the treatment process for drinking bubbles could take a maximum of several hours. 

    This incident could have catalyzed an allergic reaction. Therefore, it is essential to beware of any bubbles ingredient that may cause an allergic reaction for your child. Every case of allergy has a specific remedy, and so as a parent, you should be able to treat this at home. 

    As your child experiences this shocking and uncomfortable medical emergency, your primary role should be to stay by their side, comforting them every step of the way. It is crucial for children when their parents and guardians are close to offering support through difficult times. 

    Did your kid drink the bubbles on purpose?

    It may seem odd, but your kid may have tried to drink the whole bubbles bottle on purpose as a cry for attention. Instead of being upset at them, you should be as calm as possible and have a heart to heart talk with your child. When you suspect that your kid will not be open with you, ask a third person, to help them loosen up. 

    Even children are known to suffer from stress and, eventually, depression. Sometimes you will be to blame for driving your child into self-destructive behavior through your parenting styles. To prevent such an outcome, you need to be actively present in your child’s life. People with a tight working schedule can pass on the responsibility to a trusted family member or friend. That way, your kid has someone they can really be open with. 

    Drinking small quantities of bubbles should not spiral into a scary medical experience, but sometimes accidents happen, and you should be prepared for the worst. No matter what happens, you have to be strong for your kid’s sake because that is all that will matter after a few minutes of burning sensation in the mouth and a short lived tummy ache. 

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