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My Kid Caught Me Smoking Weed

Parents don’t have it all figured out. While most parents try their best to keep their kids away from weed and other substances, this doesn’t always happen.

Parents that use cannabis often have a difficult time partaking without their kids finding out. If you’re an avid weed user, it may not be long before your kid catches on to your habit.

What do you do in this situation?

What do I do if my child catches me smoking weed?

Whether you’re using a vape pen or rolling up a blunt, having your child catch you using weed can be an uncomfortable experience.

In most situations, children don’t already have a preconceived idea about marijuana use. Now is the time to help them understand more about cannabis.

Just as you’d explain that children aren’t allowed to drink wine or liquor, use the same mentality for weed. Tell your child that while you use weed to wind down, your children aren’t allowed to engage in it.

How do I talk to my child about using substances?

Talking to a child about weed isn’t something most parents look forward to. Despite this, it’s still essential that you have this conversation.

Just as you can’t ignore the talk, your child isn’t going to try to ignore the fact that you use weed.

Understand that your decision to use marijuana is a personal one. Your goal in telling your child about your marijuana use is to help them understand your decision.

Experts warn parents against hiding their usage. Once your child catches you, the cat’s out of the bag. Trying to hide it or ignore it will only make your child feel more uncomfortable about weed. Avoid making this your dirty secret by explaining this to your child.

How do I explain using weed to my child?

For medicinal marijuana users, talking about marijuana can boil down to a discussion about any prescription medication. With the right conversation, children can easily understand that weed is medicine.

If you aren’t a card-carrying cannabis user, don’t worry. Since the door is already open to discuss drug use, consider talking about other substances as well. As you broach the subject, share that children shouldn’t try these substances until they reach a certain age. Many parents recommend the age of 21-years-old.

In your efforts to explain your cannabis use to your child, be sure to tell them about the side effects as well. Explain that using these substances while driving or working can be incredibly dangerous. Tell them how to use weed responsibly and warn them against trying it before they’ve reached the right age.

What do I do if my child asks about using weed?

Children are curious by nature. In all likelihood, your child may be curious about trying weed themselves.

Communicating that weed, like anything else your child isn’t able to use or eat, is off the table until adulthood. While they may be curious, explain that only responsible adults can use weed. Emphasize this point when it comes to other substances like alcohol and prescription medications.

Should I defend my right to use weed?

The bottom line of you using weed is that you’re an adult and your child is not. Though they aren’t able to use these substances, you get to make that decision for yourself.

Consider telling your child that they’ll be able to make such decisions as they get older. Regardless of what they think about using cannabis, your choices are your own. Make sure your child knows that using weed doesn’t change your ability to parent them.

Don’t be afraid to have the “talk” with your child. While it won’t be fun or easy, it will help them get a better understanding of adulthood and substance use.

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