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Ways to Handle Your Kid Breaking the TV Screen

    A broken TV screen is perhaps the most common accident that results in a teachable moment for the young one. Good television is expensive and more so are quality TV screens. Today, technology is more advanced than most models’ robustness, which means that a slight breakage can render the set useless. Right now, your mind is balancing the books to find some loose change to order a replacement, but that should be the last action you make. 

    How did your kid break the TV?

    By now, your kid feels bad about breaking the TV screen, and they are sincerely apologetic unless they did it on purpose. If your child intended to cause the damage, then you are dealing with a much bigger problem. 

    Does your kid have a temper?

    If your child intentionally broke the TV screen in the middle of an argument, both of you were having then bring in a professional. The two of you need serious family counseling because emotional distress is a symptom of depression and mental illness. 

    Do not even try to let this one slide because next time, your head might get cracked or even worse. You should only involve a psychologist in severe circumstances but remember that you also share some guilt in this scenario. 

    Is your kid spoiled?

    The only reason your kid acts like they can do whatever they want and get away with it is that you encourage their toxic habits. You need to stop and evaluate the situation before making a decision. Humans tend to make poor decisions under heightened emotions, so you need to breathe in and out and then calm down. 

    For example, if the TV screen broke in the morning, you can assume it and head out to work without saying a word to your kid. The time in-between will make the two of you fully process the events and come to a rational conclusion. 

    The silence will torment your kid into coming to terms with the consequences of their actions. And when you deliver a verdict in the evening, it will be received wholeheartedly. It would be best if you also considered that the silent treatment idea might backfire, and that your child may go on to make more irrational decisions. 

    Does your kid need to pay for the broken TV screen?

    A majority of parents will not agree on whether the kid should pay. It is possible to arrange a suitable financial penalty and impose it on your child. When you pay financially, such a decision may teach your kid about responsibility and avoid debt in life. Your goal should be to instill a moral lesson and not burden your young one with adult responsibilities. Do not cross the line to child abuse. 

    Your kid can pay back in the form of chores and other alternatives that will discourage them from ever repeating the action. Even if it was an accident, give them a task as a form of compensation. Remember that when your kid becomes an adult, society will likely severely punish them for slightly breaking the law. 

    Getting a Replacement

    It is rare for you to get insurance to cover the costs because it might not cover devices with certain glass types. Your best bet might be to pursue the warranty, and if that does not help, then purchase a cheaper TV set. Then you can use the money that is left over to install protective features on the new TV screen. 

    In case the cost of replacing it is unreasonable, then you can do without television.

    Surviving Without TV

    Multiple studies on this subject have revealed that families with no TV sets had a more fulfilled lifestyle. It is true that watching excess television negatively affects your mental health. When you decide to get rid of the TV in your home, it should not be a form of punishment but a lifestyle change. 

    To succeed at surviving without television, then you need to transition your household slowly. You can start by limiting screen time to specific days and hours. The time you have from skipping television can be filled by playing family games or reading. Restrain yourself turning the TV on today because you will be surprised by the outcome.

    Your kid is more valuable than material things such as television sets. Children are not replaceable, so your kid breaking the TV should not be a huge deal to you. Yes, when your kid breaks your TV is a moment that should be used to instill a life lesson on the young one, but it’s also an opportunity to reflect and make better life choices. 


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