Is Your Kid Blinking a Lot? When to Worry

Did you know that a baby only blinks twice in one minute, and the number goes up to a maximum of 17 times for an adult? Blinking is vital to our eyes’ health because it keeps it moist and clean, but excessive blinking is not considered normal. Before you go to an ophthalmologist for your child’s excessive blinking, consider the following:

Your Kid Has Something in Their Eye

Please bring your child closer and ask them to stay still. If they are still blinking, ask them whether something has got in. If dust got into the eyelids, most of the particles were removed by the uncontrollable blinking. 

Having a speck of dust in there is quite irritating, and one way to pluck it out is by gently holding the eyelids of your child wide open and blowing air on the eyeball. You can also ask your kid to wash their face and concentrate on the eyes. 

Your child mustn’t aggressively rub the affected eye because the particle might scrape against the delicate cornea and damage it. Damaging the surface of the eyeball this way is very rare but taking precautions is crucial.

Your Child Is Playing With You

Sometimes children want to see how their parents might react to certain things. They could pretend to swallow a coin in front of you to see your reaction or blink excessively in your presence. They do this to get your attention and maybe cheer you up if they notice that you appear gloomy. 

You should distinguish such tricks and play along because that may end up being a sentimental memory down the line. 

Their Eyes Are Exhausted

Reading for extended periods can strain the eyes, which results in excessive blinking. If your child spends a lot of time in the darkness, they will blink a lot when exposed to bright light. Even though computer screens have evolved to become eye-friendly, your child is likely to blink excessively after spending hours in front of a digital screen in a dark space.

The most effective remedy for this is to allow your child to enjoy sufficient sleep. Your kid is supposed to be sleeping in a serene space without any noise and bright lights distractions. Additionally, you will have to cut their screen time, and they should read and use computers in a well-lit environment. 

It’s a Medical Problem

In rare cases, children will blink a lot as part of an allergy reaction. This reaction will include discharge of tears around the eyes, and you should seek medical attention immediately when you notice this. Other medically related causes of excessive blinking in children include: 

  1. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is a mental illness characterized by the urge to repeat an action repeatedly. This illness can cause your kid to blink a lot.
  2. The bacterial infection blepharitis makes the eyelids look dandruff infected and itchy. The infection results from excessive bacteria forming around the eyes, and it also causes abnormal blinking. 
  3. Myopia, which is a condition where your child can see objects close by, but any further than that, the images are blurry. 

How to Prevent Your Kid’s Excessive Blinking

Medically, glasses will alleviate the problem, but in other cases, medication and therapy may be a suitable solution. For extreme diagnosis, surgery will be able to correct the vision problem. 

Is your child stressed? If so, find help for them. You can try meditation and yoga. Massaging their feet and body once a while may also help to relieve stress. It is also okay to take them to a psychologist. 

Ensure that they are eating a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water. For instance, Omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation and prevent the eyes from becoming dry. 

Whether your child is riding the bicycle or swimming, they need to wear protective gear to protect their eyes. Teach them to close their eyes in case of a whirlwind or prevailing wind. 

Kids are very determined to explore the world around them, so you have to instill the culture of always washing their hands and eyes after playing with non-hygienic objects. 

It is recommended that a child goes for an eye exam every three months, and glasses have to be replaced with each appointment. My kid blinks a lot, should not worry about you, but don’t hesitate to contact your pediatrician if you suspect that the reflex is abnormal.