My Husband Thinks Our Baby Hates Him

A child’s presence in any home brings joy to their parents. Everyone wants to bond with the kid, especially if it’s a newborn. It’s not strange seeing your husband want to participate in your child’s life to bond actively and show love. But then it is weird when your husband’s attempts are met with rebellion and sideshows. Your child refuses to spend even a minute in your hubby’s arm can worry him, especially if it’s regular. Making him think your kid hates him. 

It’s frustrating but doesn’t overthink because we have helpful tips that the dad can use to change your kid’s perception about him right here. 

Share The Bed With Your Child

Your husband finds it rough with the baby because of poor bonding between them. Help change the situation, bring your baby to your bed, and let them sleep between the dad and mom. If your baby sleeps closer to the dad the whole night, they will get used to each other. You can even allow the dad to change their nappies and feed them at night for your baby to familiarize themselves with him. Please take advantage of his presence and have enough sleep because your hubby might be going to work tomorrow, leaving you with most of the house chores.

Let Your Husband Carry the Baby More

Did you know your baby can differentiate people’s smell? Yes, babies use smell to differentiate between a stranger and a visitor. So, in this instance, your baby sees your hubby as a visitor. To change the situation, buy a baby carrier and let the dad move around with them. When in their arms, they’ll mark dad’s smell. 

If your baby is in the active stage where they want to touch everything and move all over the place, let the dad carry them facing out to enable your kid concentrate on things they see around, which will make them forget about mummy and concentrate on the game and activities they do with dad.

Why Not Let the Dad Solely Look After Your Child?

Take some time out and allow your hubby to take care of your child when you are away. You can go to a friend’s place or go for some shopping at the nearest center. When the two are alone, your baby will not have any other option but to stay calm around dad, but of course, it will be after an intense struggle. Make this regularly to help the bond grow stronger faster.  

Ensure you only get out when the baby is awake and set the time you will be away because their time alone can make the situation worse if no one wants to tolerate the other person’s nuisance.

Outdoor Adventure with Hubby and Child

Consider letting your husband go out with the baby in the fields and have fun. He can go with them to the football pitch if he’s a boy and let him watch other kids play. Your hubby can also have a ball that they can use to play in your backyard. He can also consider going out for shopping and buy them their favorite toys and food. In fact, if the outings include something good they love, they will not resist going out the next time daddy asks for it. The tours will help bring them together and identify with one another.

Your Hubby to Avoid the Serious Face 

Some men naturally have a serious face. If your hubby is one of them, tell him always to maintain regular eye contact to make your baby comfortable around them. Let him play around your baby and avoid using a commanding voice, which can scare the kid. So, your hubby should be a softy when close to the baby. Close eye contact will help your baby identify with the dad, which prevents them from seeing him as a stranger.


Typically babies spend a lot of time with their moms from conception to birth. So as they develop, they prefer moms than dad. The situation worsens if the dad spends less time with your kid daily, creating a gap between them. Poor bonding makes your baby see the dad as a stranger in the house, and anytime their dads want to bond, they will resist or protest. If this happens regularly, your husband might think your baby hates him. To help save the situation, let him follow the above tips to help their bond grow.