My Husband Says I Feel Loose

What happens if your spouse no longer feels the tightness in your vaginal walls? Of course, if they are frank enough, like in your case, they will air it out. Others may recline and lose all interest in sexual intercourse with you. Still, accusations of cheating may abound, not knowing that several other factors which are not necessarily of the cheating nature can cause the looseness. Mostly any reactions to this disorder depend on your relationship and how open and trusting you are with each other.

Understanding the Causes of Vaginal Looseness

Several issues may well lead to vaginal looseness. For example, your vagina can stretch immensely during childbirth. But this shouldn’t be a great concern, especially if you are still young, say in your twenties. Within six months of the delivery, the walls would have gone back to their usual pre-birth tightness, and your partner should not have a reason to complain. But suppose you had multiple births, then vaginal wall fatigue can be extreme so that the wobbly feel goes on for much longer. Again, age is a determinant factor. The later you give birth, say in your 30s or 40s, the rigors of delivery and the aging vaginal muscles can accelerate looseness.

Another common cause is fingering of the vaginal opening. As you keep inserting, you involuntarily stretch the muscles around that location. And besides the fingering, any other unnatural objects can interfere with the walls, making the natural stretchy feel to lose its power. Generally, any overuse of the area, say regular births, and bigger manhood frequently going in there can be why you are suddenly loose. And lastly, if your spouse, for some reason, is not achieving a full erection, then he can start to think you are loose, instead of him being the problem.

Is There a Quick Fix to Vaginal Looseness?

Any anatomical issues are usually delicate to handle. Most of the time, the way you go about it should consider each of your feelings. Still, the more strongly your spouse feels about things, the more you have to agree on the quickest and friendly resolution. Here is what you can do.

You Can Start with Regular Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are almost the best intervention to help tighten your vaginal muscles. Most sex therapists will often recommend this as a first step quick and cost-free resolution for your problem. The action involves the contraction of the pelvic floor muscles, strengthening them in the process. This then has an almost immediate effect on your vaginal muscles. 

The benefits of Kegels are that they are quite private and you can do the exercise from anywhere and at any time, without anyone noticing. All you have to do is squeeze and hold the vaginal function as you pass urine. You can also squeeze the sock during sex. Do these regularly for several weeks to months, and you start noticing the difference. Experts suggest that you can perform half a dozen exercises daily for the best results. Most people confess that Kegels do not just address the looseness. They also ignite more intense orgasms.

Changing Sex Positions Can Minimize the Looseness Feel

If your spouse is fond of going on top of you, no wonder they feel your walls are loose. One of the best positions to use so they do not feel like you are hollow is the rear entry. Here the vaginal opening usually feels much narrower. Even if your partner is not fully engorged, they can easily penetrate and enjoy the experience.

You Could Consult Your Gynecologist for Further Advice

Sometimes vaginal looseness may be due to a medical issue. But only a medical practitioner can determine that for sure. So, if most options are not improving the situation, you can make this crucial appointment. The good news is that your doctor will do a thorough check and treat any issues that might arise. Some of the treatment options might even include a surgical procedure depending on the diagnosis.¬†Generally, you shouldn’t despair if it is true that your vaginal muscles are loose. A few interventions here and there can help you, and your spouse can begin to enjoy sex once more.