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My Husband Says I Feel Different Inside While Pregnant

    There’s always excitement in the home when the wife passes her pregnancy test. The husband and his wife are both excited that in a few months, they will be parents. There’s a lot of expectations at that time.

    However, pregnancy does not come alone. Some changes follow. You lose your body shape to accommodate the child, and you also have your hormones messing up with you. You develop different tastes so that what you enjoy a few months back, you no longer relish.

    Also, during this time, you develop an urge to get intimate with your partner. However, the pregnancy also affects the size and the feel of your inside. You develop fears of not being able to satisfy your husband. To put a cap on the problem, your husband also acknowledges the change.

    It’s Not Strange

    Are you feeling somehow awkward? It’s okay to feel that way, especially when you are expectant for the first time. However, you should know that every pregnant woman shares the same experience as you are right now. The changes do not negatively influence your sexual life as a couple whatsoever. If anything, it improves your sexual drive.

    To keep you on course, we are giving you one significant change you should expect during pregnancy. Remember that the body has to make some adjustments so that you can deliver safely. Therefore the differences are pretty necessary. The changes that you are likely to experience include;

    Swelling of the Vagina

    One of the changes that you should expect is the swelling that takes place in the vagina. Yes, your vagina begins to swell during the third trimester. The swell is not a sign of something wrong.

    During the first and second trimesters, the uterus does not increase significantly in size. That is because the baby is still the size of your fist. However, in the third trimester, the baby has grown in proportions, and therefore, there is a lot of demand.

    The uterine artery is responsible for blood transportation. It pumps approximately one pint of blood per minute. Therefore, the amount of blood that flows to the uterus increases significantly. That is helpful to the child because, in the blood, there are life-giving nutrients.

    As the blood activity increases in the pelvic region, there results in inflammation of the vagina.

    What About Sex?

    Doctors recommend sex during pregnancy. As your hormones take charge and blood flows to your area, you develop the urge for sex. The sex may not be as frequent as before pregnancy because of morning sickness and other factors. However, the experience may get better.

    The only problem that you may face during sex, however, is the sex position. Every couple has a favorite sex position. However, as the baby grows, there will be some significant changes. It may take you some time before you finally get it right. Also, no position is permanent, so you will have to keep switching and experimenting till birth gives you relief.

    So you need not worry about not satisfying your husband. Your pregnancy will sort that out.

    Appreciate the Changes

    There are very many changes that will take place on your inside while you are pregnant. Some will work to your advantage, while some will work against you. However, whatever the changes, you should accept and appreciate the differences. It may get a little worse as you near delivery, but soon it will all be gone.

    So one of the things you need to do is to think positively about yourself. Self-image is vital since it will have a significant effect on your sex life during pregnancy. You should note that even when one is not pregnant, how you think about yourself can also affect you. Your mind can play tricks on you if you let it.

    What trimester are you in?

    There will be changes in the different body organs, whether you are pregnant in your first or last trimester. Your vagina is one of them. One of the significant differences that your partner may notice is the size of your vagina. It will disturb you, especially if you entertain the thought that your husband may seek pleasure elsewhere. Put in mind that sex can still be beautiful and even better when you are pregnant. All you need is a positive mind and be open about your feelings to your husband.

    Trouble in your marriage?

    This can possibly be a sign of trouble in your marriage. If your husband isn’t enjoying sex as much between you both, imagine what the quality of your marriage will be like once you have a baby here and not just growing inside of you. Sadly, many marriages end up in divorce due to problems that were only amplified after the baby was born.

    How will it be when your baby is born?

    The last thing you want is a husband who says you not only feel different inside but imagine if he also said this: “Honey, you feel different. We feel different. Everything feels different. I’m not sleeping. We need a divorce.”

    Don’t let future sleep issues escalate this even more once the baby is born.

    A lot of times sleep issues can cause marital problems. If your baby won’t sleep well, which most newborns don’t, this can take the already frustrating situation between you and your husband to an entirely new level. So, to get ahead of the game now check out this helpful article on how to not let the birth of your child impact your marriage even more.

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